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December 18, 2003
Do you support the "Anyone but Bush" campaign? I think it is pure silliness. Why would put just anyone in the most powerful office in the country? I cannot see that sending a good message to the next generation?

December 11, 2003
Do you think there should be guidelines issued to prevent teachers from offering their beliefs upon our children?

December 4, 2003
It was with great interest I read Bob's concern about the rise of unionism and the fall of education. Do you think the rise of contract labor will begin to push the working person back to the pre-union days? Do you think he may get the answer to his question in the near future?

November 20, 2003
Do you think that our economy is really on its way back to prosperity? The Bush Administration has lately been claiming that "all the signs" point to an economic recovery, but I don't see it that way. Can you explain some key economic indicators and what, exactly, they are indicating at the moment?

November 13, 2003
Is it really necessary for anyone who disagrees with Bush to have a whole slate of alternative strategies on hand to trot out on demand? Is it not enough to SEE that something is wrong? After all, one need not be a dietician to know that a steady diet of crap isn't good for you, and neither should he have to present an alternative diet when he points this out.

November 6, 2003
Do you think unions contributed to the decline of public education? I am a lifelong progressive Democrat. However, as a former educator, I time the decline of public education with the rise of hard-core unionism among teachers. The concept of unionism is less production for more money and this is antithetical to the concept of education - teach the student no matter what it takes. What is your opinion?

October 23, 2003
I'm a county prosecutor in Northern California. My problem is that I'm horrified by the government that I represent and the juries I have to present cases to. I really feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Any thoughts of where to go from here?

October 16, 2003
My parents don't believe in affirmative action. They always ask, "If there is a minority scholarship, why isn't there a Caucasian scholarship?" I'm a hard-core Democrat who believes that affirmative action helps, but I can never come up with convincing information to argue my case. Can you help me?

October 9, 2003
Isn't a corporation merely a tax collector as opposed to a tax payer? It seems to me that all they do is collect money from their working class consumers and transfer it over to the government. Is that really fair?

October 2, 2003
I am an operational supervisor at a large public University. I have genuine concern for the welfare and wellness of the indigent, homeless, and often addicted or mentally unstable; however many of these same people are disproportionately responsible for assaults, thefts, and other crimes against the very community in which they find themselves (and I am obligated to protect). How can I rationalize this conflict professionally and personally?

September 18, 2003
What do you think about the whole free-trade-versus-jobs argument? I personally think free trade is okay, if it does not take away jobs. But is there a way we can have both free trade AND more jobs in the US? Also, do you think NAFTA should be repealed?

September 12, 2003
Dear Readers: Two questions came in recently that provoked Auntie to thought. While my conclusions may disappoint some, I hope that you will find them as thought-provoking as I find so many of your questions!

September 4, 2003
What is the best way for Gay Americans to get the equal rights of partnership, but not be too offensive to the religious right?

August 21, 2003
I am curious about what makes a Jewish person a Jew. To me, it seems like more of a question of religion than one of race. Can an atheist still belong to the Jewish "race?" And if it really is just about religion, then how did the Holocaust happen, and what is going on in Israel?.

August 14, 2003
Auntie wishes to thank you all for the overwhelming response to last week's question. This week, she publishes your economic fixes.

August 7, 2003
What five things would Auntie Pinko do to improve the economy and increase jobs for the long term?

July 31, 2003
What happened to the Democrats? What happened to the party that represents the interests of the middle-class, the poor, the minorities? When did the Dems become pro-death penalty and pro-corporate agriculture?

July 24, 2003
I heard recently that health care is one of the most profitable industries in the country because the insurance companies take 24 cents out of every dollar that is spent, while it takes the government 3 cents out of every dollar to do the same thing with Medicare. This sounds like a pretty darn good argument against the Republican mantra that "anything government can do, corporations can do better." Is the claim true?

July 17, 2003
I am concerned about human rights situations worldwide, and I support a U.N. peacekeeping force in Liberia. But the mishandling of the invasions/occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq leave me unsure that I can trust the Bush Administration's ability to be part of such a multilateral force. Would you support the United States being part of this peacekeeping force in Liberia?

July 10, 2003
I believe prayer and creation science should be kept out of school. But my friends claim that there is nothing in the Constitution to support this and that it is freedom of religion and not freedom from religion. How do I answer his argument in a reasonable manner?

July 3, 2003
It seems to me that in the last few years, the compensations of CEOs and others working for the Fortune 500 companies have reached absurd levels. I think it would be better for shareholders and consumers to put an end to this absurd competition. Would a salary cap of $5 million per year be a terrible disincentive to executives?

June 26, 2003
It's Auntie's 100th Edition! To celebrate, we take a look back at the best of Auntie Pinko

June 19, 2003
I have witnessed many debates on the internet where the debaters are using the phrases "neoconservative" and "neoliberal". How is a neoconservative different from a conservative? How is a neoliberal different from a liberal?

June 12, 2003
I'm a little confused about Bush's faith based initiative and whether I should, as a Christian and as a liberal, be for or against it. As I understand, it is simply about allowing religious organizations to compete for tax dollars. It would be very helpful to me if you could outline the major idea behind it and some pros and cons that you see in it.

June 5, 2003
I am a 15-year-old student. I have been following the war and world events closely, and, like most sane/moral people, was opposed to the invasion of Iraq. How do I respond to the conservative kids at my school who claim that the war is somehow justified because Iraq is now "free"?

May 29, 2003
I'm glad the Democrats lost on President Bush's tax cut. I think there's a lot wrong with it, but businesses need help any way they can get it. How come liberals don't understand that without businesses and employers, the economy doesn't work for anyone?

May 22, 2003
I consider myself to be a left-wing Christian. But I often feel that my kind are not accepted in the "liberal" circuit. Do I have a place in the liberal effort or does my faith automatically make me the bad guy? Isn't there a way to make diversity in (liberal) politics a reality? Please give me some insight.

May 15, 2003
I heard recently that 40% of African-Americans who took a poll thought the Democratic Party takes them for granted. What can we do to reassure African-Americans that we take them seriously?

May 8, 2003
Could you please state your opinions regarding the 9th and 10th Amendments and how you feel our Federal Government does (or does not) abide by these?

May 1, 2003
Most of the bloggers on DU rail long and hard against large corporations. Ye tens of millions of middle-class Americans work for large companies and millions more own stock in them. Isn't it rather hypocritical for DUers to regularly assault big companies, when at the same time we're struggling to build a popular base of political support for our values?

April 24, 2003
I'm feeling conflicted about advocating for/participating in marches in New York City, because making this cash-strapped city pay police overtime to mind the march when cutbacks to after-school programs as well as emergency services and firehouses (scary for a city on permanent orange alert) seems to me to be not the best use of city funds at this time. I'm also starting to think that it doesn't really matter anyway. Bush, Rumsfeld et al are rolling ever onward and the media is simply standing there, waving flags. Thoughts on this?

April 17, 2003
I have known since I was young that having an "international" view was considered liberal. But now it seems like the liberals are in the streets protesting against "globalization."

April 10, 2003
What stand should people who were previously opposed to war take now? We seem to be damned if we do and damned if we don't. What do you think is the correct position?

April 3, 2003
I am being told that only liberals try to change policy and law through lawsuits instead of doing it through the courts. Can you give me some examples of conservatives who have done such a thing?

March 20, 2003
As a pinko liberal, social democrat, democratic socialist (take your pick, they mean the same) member of the British Labour Party, I'm confused about the progressive makeup of American political parties. How much do liberal Democrats differ in ideology or instinct from those who may be in the Social Democrats USA or DSA?

March 13, 2003
Has anyone ever considered how sports programs hamper our educational programs?

March 6, 2003
I can understand that liberals want to have their own judges considered and not want any more conservatives appointed, but is this fair? Is this a good strategy?

February 27, 2003
How can I answer the question posed to me by my right-wing brother, who asked me what the peaceful solution is to the Iraq situation?

February 20, 2003
What do you think personally about Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn and others on the "far left"? Do they and other "dissidents" help or harm the cause for change in the American political process and foreign policy?

February 13, 2003
Even if Iraq and North Korea drop their nuclear aspirations one way or another, what does Bush plan to do about Iran or any other antipathetic country with a strong drive for power? What do you think is the answer to the threat of nuclear proliferation?

January 30, 2003
I received a message the other day from a 'conservative' acquaintance of mine that I would like to be able to reply to in an intelligent and respectful manner. I was hoping you could help

January 23, 2003
What are your views on reinstating the draft?

January 16, 2003
A two part question: what is your position on the death penalty? And what do you think about a national minimum living wage and a maximum wage, with the rest going to infrastructure and social programs?

January 9, 2003
I have been trying to learn more about politics and major political issues, but my things-to-read stack is becoming taller much faster than I can make it shorter. How do I gain an initial understanding of any issue?

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