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December 19, 2002
I think that all social programs are funded based on the threat of imprisonment for nonpayment of taxes, which is to be enforced by violence. What do you think?

December 12, 2002
The Democrats say they have an economic policy, but what is it?

December 4, 2002
I've seen a lot of credible-looking information that there were lots of voting irregularities in the last election. How accurate is this information?

November 21, 2002
Why did we get our butts kicked on November 5?

November 14, 2002
I am currently going to a very Catholic school. Last week I went to school with a DFL button on and now the GOP has won the House and Senate. What should I say to them?

October 31, 2002
Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Wolfowitz are determined to play with their toys that go boom and they have picked Iraq as the place to do it. The spineless Democratic leadership went limp on us and let the warmongers roll right over the Constitution. Are our service men and women doomed? Are millions of Iraqis marked for death and destruction? Is there no way to stop this madness? The press are not covering our anti-war marches that would have been major news if 150,000 people had marched on Washington twenty years ago. Everyone I know has doubts about this war and no one in Washington is listening. What can we do?

October 24, 2002
It seems like congress hardly ever votes on anything at all, much less anything really important. Most of the legislation congress has voted on seems to be so confusing that you can't really tell what it means. I asked my Representative why he voted against a bill on an issue he had promised to support, and he said that the bill had a "poison pill" in it. What does that mean?

October 3, 2002
I keep hearing how it's important for the Democrats to win control of the House and Senate in the upcoming elections. Why is that? What can I do to help? I plan to vote in my local elections, but is there anything else I can do?

September 26, 2002
I can't understand what's going on with the Democrats in Congress who are blindly trotting along behind the War on Iraq bandwagon. I'm old enough to remember the last time we let a President tell us there were vital American interests at stake and we should just trust him to know best. Don't they remember? Why are they being such spineless wimps?

September 19, 2002
Drugs are still illegal, and conservatives seem to want to keep it that way. What does Auntie Pinko think about this?

September 12, 2002
What exactly does Big Business dream of, and what does their utopia look like?

September 5, 2002
A follow-up to last week's column about abortion

August 29, 2002
What's the deal with the 'abortion' issue? Is it a smokescreen to start controlling everyone's lives?

August 22, 2002
How does the government keep track of the unemployed? Is there a realistic method?

August 15, 2002
Auntie's Survival Manual for Protestors

August 8, 2002
I'm deeply saddened by the new welfare bill passed by the House. Does the government just not care about working families or am I missing something?

August 1, 2002
What does a precinct delegate do?

July 25, 2002
What do you think about Jesse Ventura?

July 18, 2002
If the 2004 Presidential election were held tomorrow, which Democrat do you think has the best possibility of beating Bush... and why?

July 11, 2002
What is wrong with the pledge of allegiance? Does anyone seriously think that the words "under God" actually mean anything?

June 27, 2002
What's the best concise and powerful statement that might get my Republican friend thinking?

June 20, 2002
Isn't it in our best interest to prohibit smoking in the armed forces?

June 13, 2002
How do I determine if I'm in a "safe" electoral district? I want to be able to choose to help an electoral fight there's a chance of winning.

June 6 , 2002
As individual voters, the general population can in no way compete with corporations in their ability to influence legislation. What tools do we voters have to reverse this trend?

May 23, 2002
This week, join Auntie Pinko for her first round table question-and-answer session. A must read.

May 16, 2002
Is the Bush administration neglecting peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine due to the religious right's fervent belief that a protracted war in this area will bring about the second coming of Jesus?

May 9, 2002
What are the worst aspects and best aspects of military life, or military families?

May 2, 2002
Is there anything about the Right that you find appealing, or do you think they're all just selfish fascists who brainwash people into voting for them?

April 25, 2002
George Bush called Ariel Sharon a "man of peace." Can you enlighten me about whether this represents cynically calculating Orwellian doublespeak, or is he really that obtuse?

April 11, 2002
My kids attend our state university but I don't have the $$$ for the tuition. Don't you think that the state and/or federal government should pay for all public education?

April 4, 2002
Please explain to me how the "Right" has taken Christians from the "Left".

March 28, 2002
How do we get liberals, progressives and Democrats back into the national dialogue?

March 21, 2002
Can you please explain to me the shadow government and the secret organization inside the shadow government? What I've heard has really scared me.

March 14, 2002
What do you think the Democratic Party does or should stand for?

March 7, 2002
Pat Buchanan has a new book out. Is Pat just nuts or does he really have a valid point? What is the American way of life he refers to and why do immigrants and multiculturalism threaten him so?

February 28, 2002
Why is there assumed to be a "Prime Rate"? Isn't money a product of the peoples' labor and a symbolic way to ensure the division of labor? Why do the money counters get a cut?

February 21, 2002
Auntie's Odds 'n' Ends and Auntie's Quickies.

February 7, 2002
What is tort reform and why should I be worried about it? Why shouldn't I support something that keeps sleazy lawyers from making big money on dummies who spill hot coffee on themselves?

January 31, 2002
Why does the Bush Administration, via Lynn Cheney and others, castigate college students and their professors for having the audacity to suggest that it was American foreign policy in the Middle East that created bin Laden, and by extension 9/11, when James Dobbins, Bush's own man in Afghanistan, acknowledges exactly the same thing to the rest of the world?

January 24, 2002
How can conservatives who call themselves "pro-life" support the death penalty?

January 17, 2002
How exactly does Bush's Economic Stimulus Plan intend to work, considering it is very similar to ones drafted by Reagan that failed in the 1980s?

January 11, 2002
Please clarify what the rebel flag really means to America.

January 4, 2002
What are your thoughts on Castro, and why has the United States let him run a Communist dictatorship for 40 years?

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