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Auntie's Archive (2001)

Ask Auntie Pinko

December 20, 2001
An assortment of quick questions.

December 13, 2001
Why do progressive Democrats like us stand for the government suspending the Constitution to ostensibly protect us from terrorists and wackos?

December 6, 2001
Why is the entire military right wing? I am outnumbered here 10-1. A conservative comrade of mine made a good point, "If the liberal mindset wants to change the military, why don't they join it?"

November 29, 2001
How can I get more involved in politics and the Democratic party?

November 21, 2001
Why do rich states vote for the poor man's party, and vice versa? And why are the more racially homogeneous states more liberal than the more diverse ones?

November 15, 2001
Auntie Pinko Special - two Auntie Pinkos for the price of one!

November 8, 2001
Some minorities vote Republican in the hope that adding their voices will help change Republican rhetoric. What is your take on this?

November 1, 2001
Why are American liberals opposed to gun rights?

October 25, 2001
How can we protect against "plane bombs"?

October 18, 2001
In light of the American-initiated world anti-terrorism treaties, is it not necessary for America to rid itself of its own involvement with terrorist groups in order to effectively co-operate with the rest of the world?

October 11, 2001
Is it true that all Constitutional attorneys are mentally challenged? I ask this because of recent statements by Ann "the Real Skank" Coulter and Mark "where's my hair" Levin regarding their association of the word murder with Bill Clinton and Gary Condit.

September 27, 2001
Why is there so little opposition to the erosion of the Fourth Amendment resulting from the "Drug War"? Is anyone particularly concerned about the proliferation of SWAT commando tactics against the citizenry?

September 20, 2001
In a nutshell, what the hell is going on?

September 6, 2001
Conservatives say increasing corporate taxes and marginal tax rates on the upper income bracket harms the economy and causes job loss. Is this true?

August 30, 2001
A three part question on gay issues.

August 23, 2001
When people accuse voters who support the Democratic Party of being "communists" or "socialists," are those two labels considered offensive - or complimentary - by the Democratic leadership - and why?

August 16, 2001
I come from a die-hard Republican family. However, I have come to realize that my ideals belong in the Democrat party. How do I tell my family this without them disowning me?

August 9, 2001
If the Republicans are good for business, why is my 401(k), which is 80% invested in stocks, doing so poorly?

July 26, 2001
Differences between Democrats and Republicans seem to be values-based rather than fact-based. What's the use of debating values, which seem to determine which facts are relevant?

July 19, 2001
When will all the rigmarole over granting lesbians and gays civil rights end? Will we ever be given "equal protection;" including civil protection(s)? It's almost enough to drive a queer girl straight!

July 12, 2001
When my conservative friends bring up the subject of welfare, and compare it to stealing money out of their pockets to give to someone else, how does a liberal counter this argument?

July 5, 2001
I think the Democratic Party turned liberal (I heard that it used to be anti-communist and anti-civil rights) after the antiwar protests. Please tell me if I'm correct.

June 28, 2001
Before Bush ended the Death tax I would not have owed anything. But under his new law will I have to pay capital gains tax when I sell my Microsoft stock?

June 21, 2001
Why are your fellow travelers in Congress opposing a tax cut which will benefit me and millions of other hard working Americans?

June 7, 2001
I have talked to some Republicans at my school and they don't think there should be drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Preserve. ("It's a preserve, therefore you preserve it.") Are Republicans split about this, are my peers just in the middle, or have they (mere teens) not yet been bought by big business?

May 31, 2001
I split my ticket whenever I vote. Both conservative and liberal friends are trying to reform me, and I have to hold duplicate reunion, wedding, divorce, and graduation parties because they won't talk to each other. How can I resolve this without losing half my friends or going bankrupt?

May 24, 2001
Why do you think we Americans so meekly accepted the coup that installed Bush into office?

May 17, 2001
What can Dems and other liberals do to fight right-wing tactics?

May 10, 2001
Why is it that some people think they are rich if they vote Republican?

May 3, 2001
Why is it so hard to turn knowledge into action? Did Einstein have anything to say on this?

April 26, 2001
Why are so many young Democrats breaking away from the Democratic Party and voting Green?

April 19, 2001
Why did god make most Republicans rich but selfish?

April 12, 2001
Why do you call yourself "Pinko?"

April 5, 2001
Why do liberals want to give unfair privileges to people based on their race or color?

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