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February 19, 2004

Dear Readers:

Rather than answer a question from someone this week, Auntie would like to beg your indulgence while I start something new.

Because I feel so very strongly about the issue of REGISTERING VOTERS (as you may have seen last week) I want to do something special, involving you - Democratic Underground readers!

My column last week prompted a friend to write and tell me about her recent experiences helping a voter registration drive. Here is what she wrote:

I spent this morning helping register new voters after the Naturalization Ceremony at Golden Hall. We did amazingly well - much better than the Republicans, who had a white tent hung with bunting and two big stand-ups of Bush (agh!) on the corners.

They all looked terribly well-heeled, and you could tell at a glance the difference between their well-heeled country club set volunteers, and our scruffy combination of retirees, students and me.

We had no decor, just an awning and volunteers, but I put my trade show experience to work, laying out the brochures and getting clipboards and pens together. Have already volunteered for the next one.

P.S. Thought I'd bring along some copies of Auntie Pinko's column about getting out the vote.

I don't want to become too repetitive on the topic (although I think it's the single most important and productive thing we can be doing, over the next few months, to assure a Democratic victory in November) so I'm not going to write any more columns on it (well, maybe one or two.)

But what I would like to do is ask you, Democratic Underground readers, to tell me about your experiences registering voters. And every now and then I'll take this space to share what you tell me.

If you send me an e-mail sharing your get out the vote experience, remember to provide your first name and home town.

Let me offer one more incentive: include your e-mail address, and I will put all the responses I use in a hat, and hold a drawing for a Democratic Underground T-shirt!

So get busy, dear readers, and get out that vote! I will thank you, the Democratic Party will thank you, and someday your children and grandchildren will thank you for helping to spare them another four years of Mr. Bush's misAdministration of America.

The rest of the time, I'll be back to answering reader questions, so send them along, too. And thanks for reading Auntie Pinko!

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