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APRIL 2006

Out of the Shadows: The Seattle Immigration March
April 15, 2006 · People marched because families and futures were at stake. Seattle didn't have a half million marching for immigrant rights, like Los Angeles or Dallas, or 300,000 like Chicago, But 25,000 marched for fifteen blocks through the heart of our city, packing the streets. By Paul Rogat Loeb

The Air Force Soars to the Right
April 7, 2006 · In 2005 the Air Force received numerous complaints of religious discrimination, coercion, and intolerance at the prestigious Air Force Academy, where an elite group of young cadets are trained to become officers. In response to the complaints an Air Force review board investigated the academy. The board's report maintained that although there was "no overt religious discrimination" there had been instances of "insensitivity," which was putting it mildly. By Gene C. Gerard

Rice to the Rescue
April 5, 2006 · Now that Iraq is settled business and a stable democracy, we can turn our attentions to something far more important: football. It's time to bring in a leader who not only has a great love for the game, but can think strategically, build great coalitions and is able to look beyond the wins and the losses. Now is the time for Commissioner Condoleezza Rice. By Phil Lebovits

I Remembered Tom DeLay
April 5, 2006 · When I learned Monday night that Tom DeLay was leaving office and was not seeing re-election, I went to bed a giddy and contented man. America, I thought, was beginning to wake up from the nightmare we've been enduring since early 2001. By Joseph Hughes

Robber Baron Capitalism, Outsourcing, and Rollerball
April 1, 2006 · The Auto Industry has a lot in common with the film "Rollerball." Both games are rigged, and the worst stacked deck of all is called Outsourcing. You as the Auto Worker and You as the consumer are not supposed to win. You are not supposed to get a good or even fair deal. The only rule of the game is: you lose. By Tyler Durden

MARCH 2006

Housing Cuts for the Poor, Tax Cuts for the Rich
March 29, 2006 · President Bush's 2007 budget that was released last month includes significant cuts in housing assistance. Given the number of those left homeless in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, the housing voucher cuts are particularly offensive. By Gene C. Gerard

Sorry, "Anonymous." Democratic Men Are Better in Bed. Just Ask My Wife.
March 23, 2006 · Tucker Carlson's guest was Michael Hainey, the Deputy Editor of GQ, who shared the findings of an anonymous female writer in his magazine who declared that Republican men are better than Democratic men in the sack. By David Allen (Skinner)

True to its History, the FBI is Still Violating Civil Liberties
March 22, 2006 · According to a report released last week by the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation violated procedures for wiretapping and other methods of obtaining intelligence more than 100 times in the last two years. Given the bureau's history, this shouldn't be surprising. By Gene C. Gerard

The Iraq War Reloaded
March 18, 2006 · They call it "Operation Swarmer," we call it "Spectacular!" A joint "coalition of equals" made up of 1500 highly trained American troops and about a dozen or so Free Iraqi soldiers participated in the largest military assault since the highly successful liberation of Iraq back in 2003. Satire by David Allen (Skinner)

Power and Powerlessness
March 15, 2006 · I'm power hungry. I'm not afraid to admit that. So I'll say it again: I'm power hungry. Guess what? There's nothing wrong with that. And the time has come for we progressives to recognize that fact. By Joseph Hughes

The line-item veto for George W. Bush? Honey, they're shrinking democracy
March 11, 2006 · In another chilling grab for more power, the Bush Administration is asking Congress for a line-item veto. It is hard to imagine a more dangerous outcome, giving a power-hungry Administration the ability to legislate directly from the Oval Office. By Roger Bybee and Carolyn Winter

The Do-It-Yourself Online Presidential Leadership Quiz
March 8, 2006 · Are you courageous enough? Are you smart enough? Are you decisive enough to be the President of the United States? By Mark W. Bradley

Good Neighbors
March 4, 2006 · There is a liberal agenda. The great liberal agenda, the object of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, is to make life better for every individual in this country. The Liberal Agenda is based on a truly simple concept, one that every American can understand with no interpretation whatsoever. We're good neighbors. By Katherine Brengle

March 3, 2006 · A quick glance at what has happened under President Bush reveals myriad reasons to lose hope, to despair for the future. But, if you think about it, there are as many - if not more - reasons to be hopeful for what's to come. By Joseph Hughes

The End of the Blogosphere
March 1, 2006 · No matter what topics blogs may discuss or what political leanings they may espouse, they are all under grave and immediate threat. By Mitchell Szczepanczyk


One Nation Under Psy-Ops
February 28, 2006 · When Professor Alfred McCoy saw the black-hooded figures from the Abu Ghraib photos, posed in stress positions with electrodes dangling from their fingers, he instantly recognized classic CIA technique. By Patricia Goldsmith

The World That Dick Built
February 28, 2006 · This is the guy who pulled the trigger of the gun that fired the round that hit his friend that ruined the hunt and shed some light on the world that Dick built... By Sheila Samples

Timidity of major media and top Dems combine to defuse public outrage
February 25, 2006 · By now, progressives should stop hoping that the next colossal blunder or abuse of power by the Bush administration' will finally and magically ignite the public into rejecting the Bush Administration and its reign of incompetent crony capitalism. By Roger Bybee and Carolyn Winter

It's Munich in America
February 23, 2006 · America is not a fascist country (if it was, you wouldn't be reading this), but pardon me if I don't defer to Bush defenders and ringside Democrats who consider me hysterical for worrying about the direction in which we're heading. By David Michael Green

We Beg Your Pardon
February 22, 2006 · I was struck by Harry Whittington's heartfelt apology to Dick Cheney. So I now offer the following apologies to our Dear Leaders on behalf of myself and my countrymen... By Nancy Greggs

Bush, the Gravedigger, and Cheney's Gunshot Victim
February 18, 2006 · Although he's often been present at the relevant speeches over the years, maybe Cheny wasn't listening to Bush as he hyped his "responsibility society." After days of pressure, Vice-President Dick finally fessed up in public to shooting Harry Whittington while quail hunting on a ranch in Texas. Folks outside of Texas were still asking, "Harry Who?" By Jerry Politex

Fox Killing the Story That Won't Die
February 16, 2006 · The sitting vice president shoots a 78-year-old man with a shotgun while hunting illegally. Then he avoids authorities. Then the administration actively covers up key details. Then the victim has a minor heart attack. But Bill O'Reilly doesn't think it matters. By Joseph Hughes

February 15, 2006 · Rather than asking the American people if they would approve of wiretapping in order to capture terrorists, pollsters ought to be asking if they'd approve of illegal wiretapping so that Karl Rove can have access to every electronic transaction in America. By Patricia Goldsmith

Whitewashing a Legacy
February 11, 2006 · Tuesday wasn't about a woman who kept quiet. It was about a woman who spoke truth to power. So how better to honor her legacy than by speaking some of that truth at her funeral? Republicans would be better suited listening to the messages offered Tuesday than attacking the messengers. By Joseph Hughes

Splitting the Difference
February 8, 2006 · It's the beginning of a new year, a time to reflect on the mistakes of the past and resolve to improve the future. That being said, my Fellow Citizens, I think it's time we admitted that we just can't get along anymore - it's time to think about a divorce. By Nancy Greggs

Tax Shelters Disguised as Health Care Reform
February 8, 2006 · With rising inflation the working poor and middle class are lucky enough to be able to save $100 toward the cost of their health care, let alone $10,500. The president's proposal to "strengthen health savings accounts" is nothing more than an attempt to increase tax shelters for the rich. By Gene C. Gerard

Lies That Sell, Lies That Kill
February 4, 2006 · Winfrey's and Doubleday's early willingness to shrug off Frey's trickery suggests the ways American society has become contaminated by the sludge of media hype, marketing, and public relations that now saturates so much popular discourse and culture. Even wars are launched now like new ad campaigns for SUVs. By Mark T. Harris

Trading One War for Another
February 4, 2006 · Neil Quentin Lucas told the recruiter that he could not train with weapons or carry a weapon of any kind, and the recruiter told him that there were places in the Army for conscientious objectors who wanted to serve in the armed forces in a non-combatant capacity. The recruiter did not tell Lucas that that place was prison. By Katherine Brengle

Bush Jumpstarts Alternative Energy Movement With Hot Air Demonstration
February 2, 2006 · At this year's State of the Union Address, the sycophantic U.S. press gave The Leader of the Free World the stagecrafted, self-serving free advertising to which the far right feels entitled from the "liberal media." By Daniel Patrick Welch

If This Be Treason...
February 1, 2006 · I have no doubt that the Alito vote will follow senators around, for good or for ill, for the rest of their lives, in the same way that Colin Powell's infamous powdered-sugar presentation to the U.N. will follow him to the grave - and for similar reasons. With Alito in, things are going to change. By Patricia Goldsmith

Iraqis Defy Both U.S. and Al Qaeda
February 1, 2006 · Terms like "terrorists" and "bad guys" are frequently used to paint in broad strokes the many diverse groups participating in any form of armed struggle in Iraq. But recent evidence points to a deep and violent animosity toward Al Qaeda within major sections of the Iraqi resistance. By Shane Brinton


When Will It Stop?
January 31, 2006 · It's rather convenient, really. I can set my watch by it. About once a month, sometimes more, an angry right-winger will steal the spotlight and say something so vile, so offensive, that I'm left to wonder when people will stop taking them seriously. By Joseph Hughes

Who Will Tell The People?
January 28, 2006 · Mike Malloy is the canary in the political coal mine -- the bane of the Bush administration and of hypocrites of all stripes. He is a liberal gadfly whose light shines so brightly on the truth that even Air America struggles to keep him hidden under its late-night barrel. By Sheila Samples

Sounds Like...
January 25, 2006 · Countless American citizens did not spend three days in September of 2001 sitting stunned in front of the television because someone was uttering criticisms of George W. Bush. We were horrified and enraged by a crime that left some three thousand people dead. By Pamela Troy

A Manipulation of Biblical Proportions
January 25, 2006 · If we are going to continue to deny homosexuals equality because they break one of God's laws, then it is only fair that we ponder legislation that will deny the same rights to all other individuals who have broken one of God's laws. By John Grevstad

Bush Doesn't Play Fair at Recess
January 21, 2006 · In a sense, Mr. Bush’s use of recess appointments is nothing new. However, what is unique is that Mr. Bush is making recess appointments at a time when his own party controls the Senate. And he is making appointments at a pace much greater than that of recent presidents. By Gene C. Gerard

Scandalology 101
January 18, 2006 · If the media have the power to manufacture a crisis, as with the Clinton impeachment, conversely, "if the media learn of a transgression and fail to react, there is no scandal." In a very real sense, our mass media establish the rules governing public and political decency. By Patricia Goldsmith

King's Lessons Lost
January 18, 2006 · While everyone would agree that it is important to commemorate a leader like Martin Luther King, what's more important is remembering his lessons long after the ceremonies have ended. By Joseph Hughes

Pants on Fire: The Liars of the Bush Administration will take the world down in flames if we let them
January 14, 2006 · Sam Alito is merely the latest liar on the block for Bush's full spectrum dominance agenda. But the show-trial hearings on whether this proto-fascist ideologue should be allowed to shape US social and political development for a generation provide some nuggets of insight into how the corrupt junta's pathological liars actually work. By Daniel Patrick Welch

Deja Vu at the Judiciary Committee
January 11, 2006 · All nominees who appear before the Judiciary Committee can promise to follow the law; there is nothing unique in Judge Alito's statement. The real question is how they will decide hard cases. By Chris Edelson

Abramoff: The Deeper Scandal Within
January 11, 2006 · Dig beneath the surface of the Abramoff affair and you find the deeper scandal within: the systematic corruption by wealthy corporate interests of a once principled conservative movement. By Allan Lichtman

Land of the Surveilled, Home of the Complacent
January 7, 2006 · The Bush administration and its apologists insist that the domestic spying program is both legal and necessary. Legal because it was authorized by Congress. Necessary because, as we have been constantly reminded, everything changed after 9/11. Neither claim holds water. By Ken Sanders

Extraordinary Circumstances Indeed
January 4, 2006 · It's precisely because Alito's presence on the Court is so potentially damaging that Democrats and moderate Republicans have a responsibility to challenge his nomination through every possible mechanism, including the filibuster. By Paul Rogat Loeb

Go to the Light!
January 4, 2006 · The shock of 9-11 thrust the people of this country into a depressing twilight zone, a "loyalty-oath" atmosphere where they stumble around in the dark, afraid to speak - afraid to think. By Sheila Samples


Trifler, Fibber, Sophist, Spy: How Bush Abolished the Constitution
December 21, 2005 · The Oath of Office says nothing about abrogating all other constitutional powers in deference to the presidency, no matter what the circumstances. President Bush is confusing protecting his power and self-fulfilling prerogatives with protecting and defending the Constitution. By Pierre Tristam

No More Excuses
December 21, 2005 · Over the past five years, we have heard Republicans make excuse after excuse for this president, as he has violated, again and again, the very ideals he has sworn to preserve. By Nancy Greggs

I Was Right
December 17, 2005 · Before the war when it mattered I documented the Bush team's "techniques of deceit," but the major media weren't interested. By Dennis Hans

The Froomkin Effect
December 14, 2005 · For those men and women who are charged with reporting on the moguls and solons who roam the halls of our hallowed democracy, life is a massive dinner party that never ends, unless of course some fool happens to spoil the fun with an impertinent question, or worse yet, an inconvenient fact. By Adam Short

A Pacifist's First Day in Shooting Class
December 14, 2005 · I'm a pacifist, but, recently, I've been thinking about getting a concealed weapons permit. I want to be able to call myself "The Packing Pacifist." It would go over well with my conservative relatives. Also, it could be fun to show people my permit and my psychiatric records at the same time. By Aubrey Ellen Shomo

New Bush Counter-Terrorism Plan Unveiled: President Will Stand in Front of Soldiers, Repeat Words "Victory" and "Freedom"
December 10, 2005 · As storm clouds gather around the White House, and as public doubts grow with each new casualty report, President Bush's staff revealed today that he will aggressively and personally take his case for invading Iraq to the American people by making speeches in front of carefully screened military audiences. Satire by David Albrecht

Katrina's Victims Deserve More
December 9, 2005 · For Katrina evacuees, the nightmare has shifted from the hurricane's aftermath to the government's neglect. It is almost four months since the storm; the tragic stories have been off the news media's radar, and there has been no Hollywood ending. By Tommy Ates

Running Out the Clock on the Ticking Time Bomb
December 8, 2005 · There seems to be a nexus between Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the CIA leak and Lawrence Franklin who is currently being prosecuted on an espionage charge. By Mollie Bradley-Martin

How DeLay and the Corporations Bought Our Government
December 7, 2005 · As the expert witness upon whose testimony the career lawyers extensively based their findings, I have long maintained that the real story about Tom DeLay's recent indictment in Texas goes far beyond the corrupt acts of a single individual. By Allan Lichtman

It's About Competence, Not Ideology
December 7, 2005 · The Republicans have given Democrats a tremendous opportunity by failing to deliver the two things voters want most results and the truth. Democrats can best seize this opportunity not through emphasizing the "old fashion values" of competence, accountability, and respect for the truth. By Bennet G. Kelley

A Splash of Cold Water
December 3, 2005 · Familiar words have been cropping up in the blogosphere and even in the mainstream news in connection with the Bush administration. "Implode." "Free Fall." "Melt down." Joe the conservative barber/neighbor/farmer/brother-in-law has again told a few delighted bloggers that he no longer likes our current President. By Pamela Troy


Revisiting History
November 30, 2005 · The administration is finally being challenged on their decision to invade Iraq, and they have started their standard "noise and outrage" response to confuse the public. But a lot happened in the lead up to the invasion, and a review of the chronology makes their current denials look feeble. By John Lovchik

No Easy Exit
November 23, 2005 · Congressman Murtha provided a blueprint for what needs to be done in Iraq. Having the troops languish in Iraq as a target for the insurgents does no good, and the men and women of the U.S. military have done all they can in Iraq - their mission has been completed. By Neil Snyder

An Orchard Full of Bad Apples
November 23, 2005 · Corruption has always been part of our political system - the money, access and power attainable through shady deals and pay-to-play schemes is often too enticing to resist. But the culture of corruption that swept into Washington with the appointment of George W. Bush is a sight to behold. By Mollie Bradley-Martin

Bobcats in a Brave New World
November 19, 2005 · Since defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and vice president Dick Cheney teamed up to lead the charge to create a New World Order, the whole universe has become untidy. Very untidy. My friend Bernie says Dick and Rummy's big plan to take over the world by waging continuous war is kinda like baptizing a bobcat -- ain't gonna happen. By Sheila Samples

In Lawsuit, Team Bush Swore Saddam Was Behind 9/11
November 17, 2005 · A lawsuit filed by two families on behalf of the estates of 9/11 victims represents the one and only time that the truth or falsity of the Saddam-9/11 connection has ever been tested - and the testimonies of top administration officials managed to convince the judge. By Evelyn Pringle

The Blame Game
November 17, 2005 · The argument that the Bush administration did not polish that's the nicest word I could think of the intelligence concerning Iraq's capabilities in the weeks and months leading to the onset of hostilities is preposterous. By Michael Shannon

Good Reason to Worry
November 16, 2005 · In its systematic and concerted effort to portray a link between Saddam and bin Laden, the White House propaganda team was so successful that a poll conducted in late 2002 showed that over half of the people polled believed that Saddam was connected to 9/11. By Evelyn Pringle

The Magic Words
November 16, 2005 · In an article discussing last Tuesday's election, I finally heard the magic words I've been waiting years to hear: "It's not just that they lost these elections," said Democratic pollster Geoffrey Garin, "but that none of their old tricks worked that they've relied on to give them the edge in close contests." By Patricia Goldsmith

Believe What We Say, Not What We Do
November 12, 2005 · The Bush administration thinks we are all a bunch of idiots, too stupid to know the difference between truth and lies. Bush & Co. seem to think that, regardless of what the facts are, they can get us to believe the opposite. If its day, theyll convince us its night. Black, white. You know the drill. By Ken Sanders

The Tragedy of Paris
November 10, 2005 · The revolution that is sweeping across one of the oldest democracies in the world is not a bolt from the blue - it was predictable, and was predicted. By Jonathan Muggleston

Bush's War on Veterans
November 9, 2005 · About one-fourth of all homeless Americans are veterans. According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, nearly 200,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Two percent of them are female. This is how our government treats those who have so bravely fought for their country. By Mary Shaw

1918 All Over Again?
November 9, 2005 · The influenza pandemic of 1918 is a model for what we are likely to face with the bird flu. And unless the Bush administration responds more boldly we will relive the 1918 pandemic, only this time it will be worse. By Gene C. Gerard

A Discussion with Mark Crispin Miller
November 5, 2005 · On November 3-4, 2005, Mark Crispin Miller, author of Fooled Again, took part in an online discussion at DU, answering questions from members of our message board.

The Republicans' Gathering Storm
November 3, 2005 · In 1994, Democrats were hit with the political equivalent of "the perfect storm." For today's beleaguered Republicans watching the gathering clouds anxiously, the good news is that the forecast does not call for another perfect storm in 2006. The bad news is that, instead, they face something much worse. By Bennet G. Kelley

A Message from Tom DeLay
November 2, 2005 · Dear Valued Friend, I want to personally thank you for all your support in the wake of the recent news of my "indictment" on conspiracy charges. I assure you that I and my wife Nancy, our children George Walker and Laura, and of course our rottweiler "Gipper" have gained much pleasure and comfort from your many messages of love and kindness. Satire by Trevor Siegler