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December 21, 2005
By Nancy Greggs

Twice in the past five years, George W. Bush, a self-proclaimed devout Christian, placed his hand on the Holy Bible and swore, in front of his countrymen and in front of the world, to uphold and protect the Constitution of the Unites States of America, so help him God.

On December 16, 2005, George W. Bush admitted, arrogantly and with a sense of entitlement, that he had violated that solemn oath. As an American citizen, I hereby demand his immediate resignation.

In the past five years, we, as a nation, have watched the ideals of our beloved country turned upside down. We have seen citizen turned against citizen, a division encouraged by the very person who swore to lead all Americans, not the chosen few.

We have witnessed torture at the hands of our own countrymen; we have watched helplessly as our fellow citizens suffered the effects of Hurricane Katrina, abandoned and without hope of any meaningful assistance.

We are now having to fight for the reinstitution of fair elections and transparency of government, things that are our birthright as citizens of a democracy. We have seen the gutting of the social safety-nets that have long been in place to keep the poorer among us secure. We have watched as our jobs are outsourced to markets where slave labor is the norm. We have lost the friendship and respect of our global neighbours, and gained the enmity of many peoples around the world.

While these have been devastating events - causing, in many cases, irreparable harm - they pale in comparison to what we have seen and heard in the past few days. The President of the United States stood up, looked his fellow citizens in the eye and said, brazenly and without hesitation, "I am above the law."

This cannot stand.

The partisan bickering that has been rife during this Administration has exceeded all bounds of good statesmanship, good government, and good taste. And the voters have, in poll after poll, made their disgust abundantly clear.

Now is the time for all good men to come not to the aid of their party, but to the aid of their country. If you don't, American democracy will hereafter be spoken about in the past tense. Now is the time for all elected representatives, from both sides of the aisle, to stand up for the one concept that surely both parties must agree on: that preserving our great nation takes precedence over all else.

We stand on the brink of disaster, and it only takes a few good men and women to save our country from faltering at this moment in our history. Will we choose to continue as a democracy, or will we simply stand idly by and watch one single arrogant man make a mockery of everything we have stood for over the last two centuries? This is the decision we, as a nation, face; this is the decision that you, as our electorate, must act upon.

Over the past five years, we have heard Republicans make excuse after excuse for this president, as he has violated, again and again, the very ideals he has sworn to preserve. Too many truly good people have chosen the path of least resistance, and have contented themselves with remaining silent as this Admistration has lied to the citizenry and waged war on all who would criticize or take a stand against them. The time for standing by is over, for as it has long been said, evil also flourishes when good men stand by and do nothing.

The president's behavior, especially recently, has demonstrated that he is not fit for office. He has single-handedly ruined our economy, plunged the country into unconscionable debt, and is waging war on the poor and middle class with every policy he endorses. His handling of the war in Iraq has, from the beginning, been convoluted and ill-conceived, and the death toll among our own soldiers and the innocent people of Iraq is a testament to his ineptitude.

But surely he has now gone too far for excuses to be proferred, for leeway to be given, for eyes to be averted in the hope that others, too, will look the other way.

There is no need for impeachment hearings, for witnesses to be called, for triers of fact to be summoned. George W. Bush has broken the laws of our country, and has openly admitted doing so. It is time for him to step down from his post.

I would strongly urge all elected representatives to stand together and do what must be done. Our embattled democracy has already suffered far too much, and for far too long. They must beseech the president, in the strongest language possible, to do what is best for all of us: he must resign.

I remember the day Richard Nixon boarded Air Force One for the last time, a man broken by his own ambition, his own arrogance, his own delusions of being a citizen beyond questioning or reproach. As much as most people wanted to see him out of office, there were no parades, no celebrations; it was a sad day for all Americans. And even in the face of his own public humiliation, Nixon finally chose to do the honorable thing; rather than put the country through the disgrace that would accompany the impeachment process: he resigned.

In the face of what George W. Bush has done, and has admitted to doing, there is no room for negotiations, for compromise, for discussion.

There will be no other time, no other opportunity to right this wrong. The time is now. And all it will take is a few good women, a few good men.

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