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Name Your Daughters "Rosa"
October 29, 2005 · The death of Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks sparked a flurry of insightful, moving tributes to a woman who proved that history isn't really made by dashing figures on exquisite horses, but by ordinary people whose daily lives collide with remarkable circumstances that command their consciences to take charge. By Dennis Rahkonen

Why 2K?
October 26, 2005 · The U.S. death toll in Iraq has hit 2,000. While the cost of our invasion of Iraq is far greater than numbers quoted in a news report, we must take the time to reflect on what has happened, what has got us to this point and what to do from here. By Joseph Hughes

The True Meaning of Fitzmas
October 26, 2005 · While we wait for Patrick Fitzgerald to fill our stockings with indictments, let's take a moment to remember the true meaning of Fitzmas: the Valerie Plame leak is a direct result of a media increasingly dominated by right-wing operatives. By Jon Maxson

Setting the Bar Higher
October 22, 2005 · Thereís a storm on the horizon of our school districts, and its name isnít Katrina or Rita, but Intelligent Design ("ID" for short). As you read this, the ID tempest is raging across ill-informed parts of the country, taking in misguided school boards and spitting out undereducated youngsters. By Tom Fairlie

Fox News Smackdown!
October 19, 2005 · Ultimately, the World Wrestling Federation, under pressure from the World Wildlife Fund (also WWF), but also to a certain extent in acknowledgement of the scripted nature of their business, changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment. No one should hold his or her breath waiting for Fox News to change its name to Fox Entertainment, but it would not be entirely inappropriate. By Darryl Cramer

VA Seeks to Punish Iraq War Veterans
October 19, 2005 · The Veterans Affairs Department is reviewing approximately one-third of the cases of veterans who are receiving disability benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder. By Gene C. Gerard

Try and Catch the Wind
October 15, 2005 · To understand fully the nature of the American dilemma, one has only to view it from slightly outside the bubble. My wife and I have been restricted from foreign travel for various reasons; but our sanity depends on hundreds of connections around the globe for perspective and comfort. By Daniel Patrick Welch

October 12, 2005 · It's only been a little over a month since Hurricane Katrina hit, but already it is clear that the disaster was a bonanza for those who are in the self-declared business of bending the world to their reality. By Patricia Goldsmith

Bush's Torture Scapegoat
October 12, 2005 · The Bush administration continues to blame torture and abuse on "a few bad apples." But as low-level offenders are sent to jail, the architects of the policies that gave the green light to torture are rewarded with promotions. By Mary Shaw

Imperialists in Democratic Clothing
October 8, 2005 · With his ratings in the tank and desperately in need of a boost, not to mention a distraction from the sudden impotence of his administration, this week President Bush fell back on what worked so successfully for him in the past. By Ken Sanders

With Sincere Regrets: An Open Letter to Our Conservative Leadership
October 5, 2005 · This country's "leadership" has co-opted ideals, concepts and institutions that many of us believe belong to all Americans, not just conservatives. So with sincerest regrets, we'd like to take them back for all Americans to share. By Jim Chandler

Bush Administration Intends to Use Soldiers as Police Officers
October 5, 2005 · President Bush has called on Congress to consider amending the law so that the military could assume greater responsibility immediately following a natural disaster. But asking the military to serve as a police force is dangerous in many respects. By Gene C. Gerard

October 1, 2005 · Just packing up and leaving after making one wrong (particularly an extremely egregious wrong) won't make things right. In this regard, Bush and his accomplices are right - we can't simply cut and run. Indeed, we must pay reparations. By Ken Sanders


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