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Republicans Require Health Insurance for Immigrants Only
September 28, 2005 · Next month, Congress will consider an immigration reform bill introduced by Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ). A component of the bill would require employers to provide health insurance to all workers who are registered immigrants. By Gene C. Gerard

The Enemy Within
September 24, 2005 · The Bush Administration response to the attacks of September 11 and now Hurricane Katrina can be understood if we follow the same unimpeachable logic GM usedójust think in dollars and cents; ask yourself who benefits. By Patricia Goldsmith

Pandora's Box
September 22, 2005 · You have to hand it to the Bush administration. No matter how bad things might be in Iraq, and no matter how dim the prospects are for Iraq's future, Bush & Co. still manage to look the public straight in the eye, smirk, and insist that the decision to invade Iraq was a good one. By Ken Sanders

Dear Elected Democrats...
September 21, 2005 · There is no doubt in my mind that the vast majority of you are decent, well-meaning people with the best of intentions at heart. But intentions without words are meaningless, and words without action are without consequence. By Nancy Greggs

Poverty Increases as Incomes Decline Under Bush
September 21, 2005 · Although we haven't heard President Bush say it much lately, he came into office as a self-professed "compassionate conservative." But as the report by the Census Bureau suggests, which was sadly symbolized by the plight of many poor residents of New Orleans, the country hasn't seen much of that compassion in the last five years. By Gene C. Gerard

On The Coming Revolution
September 17, 2005 · There are still places where we can make choices, take alternate routes, save ourselves the pain and risk, but as we gather momentum from day to day, our choices are narrowing and the options are diminishing. By TygrBright

What a Competent Government Would Have Done
September 10, 2005 · Rex Responsible, Director of the U.S. Dept. of Domestic Security, is working at his desk reviewing Readiness Inspection Reports when the call comes in: "Chief, it's confirmed. Heavy probability Katrina's going to nail the Gulf, probably New Orleans, and she's not losing any steam..." By TygrBright

We Know What You Did This Summer
September 7, 2005 · In this past week of tragedy, anguish and death, Bush & Co. couldn't care less about the people who were living in hell. But this week, there was a more than obvious difference to their indifference. In a definite departure from the norm, they didn't even bother to fake it. By Nancy Greggs

For Want of a Nail
September 3, 2005 · FEMA is not operating as it might because it, like other parts of government under Bush, is designed not to work properly. The intent is to make the government not work on behalf of the public. This seeming incompetence is designed into the government Bush built. By punpirate

Where Have All the Soldiers Gone?
September 3, 2005 · Is this why we have the largest federal budget in history - so that busted cities, whose water systems, roads, and bridges are literally crumbling under the weight of federal neglect, can take up the task of doing the federal government's job? By Daniel Patrick Welch


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