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Halliburton Contracts Illegal - But Bush Busts the Whistleblower
August 31, 2005 · In 2004 a top military official responsible for making sure the Army Corps of Engineers complies with contracting rules revealed that top Pentagon officials showed improper favoritism to Halliburton when awarding military contracts. Less than a year after she made her report, Bush decided to bust the whistleblower. By Evelyn Pringle

Earth to Dubya, Come in Dubya

August 31, 2005 · Whether it's the cries of a grieving mother camped at his front gate, or the burgeoning anti-war movement she inspires, or the snafu he unleashed in Iraq for no legitimate reason, Bush is utterly out of touch with the real world. By Ken Sanders

United States Grammar School Second Term Report to Parents
August 27, 2005 · We have repeatedly attempted to reach you in order to discuss your son, Georgie, and his failing second term with us, and are still awaiting an appropriate response. We are experiencing more than the usual problems with your sonís behaviour, and we really don't believe that scribbling "Love It or Leave It" on our previous letters to you serves any productive purpose. Satire by Nancy Greggs

Cindy Sheehan and the Silent Majority
August 26, 2005 · After five years of lies about Iraq, tax cuts and everything else, the American people are waking up - but both Washington and the media refuse to acknowledge this silent majority. By Bennet G. Kelley

There's a War in Afghanistan?
August 25, 2005 · While Bush tries to sell us more death and destruction in Iraq, another, older war continues. It has so far claimed the lives of 228 U.S. troops and innumerable civilians. By Ken Sanders

Those Who Harbor Terrorists
August 25, 2005 · For all we know, Pat Robertson could be harboring WMDs right now. You can be damn sure he's not gonna allow any U.N. weapons inspectors onto his 700 Club compound. And just because there's no evidence that Robertson has an active weapons program, doesn't mean you can prove he hasn't got them. By Bucky Rea

Suddenly, This Summer...
August 24, 2005 · Thanks to Bush's callousness and cruelty, the "one-question" meeting with Cindy Sheehan that he could have resolved in less than an hour while racking up some badly needed positive PR evolved instead into a national movement that is gaining both attention and velocity. By Sheila Samples

Government by Dirty Tricks
August 24, 2005 · This past week George W. Bush stood on the lawn of his ranch and declared that he supported Cindy Sheehan's constitutional right to her strong opinion against the war in Iraq. And the minute he was on the record as backing her First Amendment rights, the attack dogs went off the leash. By Patricia Goldsmith

Running On Fumes: A Journey To The End Of Empire
August 20, 2005 · The rising price of gasoline troubles Americans, because it threatens our sustaining, cultural illusion of our freedom of mobility -- a commercial con job that, over time, has served to transform us from the citizens of a sprawling republic into de facto slaves of the corporate classes. By Phil Rockstroh

What Now, Mr. Bush?
August 17, 2005 · If it is indeed true that Bush and his henchmen recognized the very real possibility that the Iraqi constitution would not be drafted on schedule, an interesting question arises: why didn't Bush, so highly touted as a straight shooter, prepare the American public for this contingency? By Ken Sanders

40 Acres and a College Degree
August 17, 2005 · We need to shift higher education from a luxury to a right, and it needs to be done at a time when government spending is not only ignoring this urgent plea for investment in our future, but straddling our future generations with the burden of a huge debt. By David Michael Rothschild

Mr. Bush, Time for a Reality Check
August 13, 2005 · Speaking to reporters in Crawford, Texas on August 11, President Bush once again insisted that the Iraqis finish cobbling together their constitution by August 15. Notably, however, Bush ignored a reporter's question of what would happen if the Iraqis missed their deadline. By Ken Sanders

The Age of Innocence
August 12, 2005 · While our fearless leader hides in his spider-hole (aka Crawford Ranch), Cindy Sheehan is, we are told, presenting a threat to our National Security. She is peaceable, she is unarmed, and she has made no threats. Her only request is a simple one: give me a few minutes of your time, sir. By Nancy Greggs

Playing Dress-Up
August 11, 2005 · Fighter pilot. Major League pitcher. Race-car driver. Cowboy. What's all this? A reunion of the Village People? No, sorry to disappoint you. It's just George W. Bush, playing dress-up. By Sharon L. Jansen

C'mon Dubya, Talk to the Lady
August 10, 2005 · Is there any remaining doubt that Bush is not only a coward, but that he doesn't give two shakes about the thousands of men and women he has sent off to die, be mutilated, or be psychologically traumatized? Any such questions should be put firmly to rest by the story of Cindy Sheehan. By Ken Sanders

Peter Jennings: The End of an Era
August 10, 2005 · The media world is coming to grips with the recent news that longtime ABC News anchor Peter Jennings has died of lung cancer at 67. With his passing, we mark not only the loss of one of the giants of field, but also the end of an era in journalism. By Joseph Hughes

Consumer Confidence Decline Surprises Only the Bush Administration
August 6, 2005 · The Bush administration responded to the decline in consumer confidence by fawning surprise. However, itís hard to believe that anyone else was caught off guard. By Gene C. Gerard

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy
August 3, 2005 · Why is Cheney so angry at Iran? Part of his anger stems from something that he should have copped to long, long ago. In the shadowy world of espionage and geopolitical power politics, Mr. Cheney is coming to realize that he and his fellow PNAC-ers have been played for saps by the Iranians. By Bucky Rea

U.N. Credentials Committee Can Reject Bolton
August 3, 2005 · The U.N. doesn't have to accept John Bolton's credentials. This may come as a rude surprise to George W. Bush, who Monday morning appointed Bolton U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, despite his rejection several weeks ago by the Senate. By Mark G. Levey


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