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JULY 2005

Bush Administration Policies Hinder Global Effort to Fight AIDS
July 30, 2005 · Last month, the Bush administration put further impediments in the way of effectively treating the global AIDS crises. The administration is now requiring American organizations that receive federal funding to sign an agreement pledging their opposition to prostitution. By Gene C. Gerard

Time to Enlist in the Culture War
July 27, 2005 · The continuing intense polarization of our country is a direct result of the dominant Republican Party's refusal to fragment. This unity is made possible, no doubt, by corporate ownership of the media, but it is driven by a wartime mindset - and I don't mean Iraq. By Patricia Goldsmith

July 27, 2005 · Americans have been praising Alan Greenspan's economics wizardry for most of a generation. But, will America's next generation hold him, and his balsamic economic theory, in comparable high esteem? By Ben Tanosborn

The Conservative Record of Judge John Roberts
July 23, 2005 · Many people hoped that Mr. Bush would appoint a moderate Republican in the mold of Justice O’Connor. Unfortunately, Judge Roberts is a solid conservative. While his legal record will be reviewed intently over the course of the next few months, his role in the following cases will likely take center stage. By Gene C. Gerard

Restoring Dignity?
July 20, 2005 · Born-again and sober as a judge, Bush promised to deliver us from Clinton's legacy of sin and debauchery. But recent events compel one to wonder - again - if Bush has restored, or is even capable of restoring, dignity to the office of president. By Ken Sanders

Gay Marriage Critics Are Misguided
July 16, 2005 · Contrary to the arguments put forward by Mr. Dobson and others, the divorce rate is not increasing due to the demand by gays and lesbians for marital rights. The culprit appears to be far less sinister, and much more pervasive. By Gene C. Gerard

Rove's Trove of Trouble
July 14, 2005 · If someone didn't have the goods on Rove, you can rest assured that the White House would still be arrogantly brushing aside any and all questions about his role in outing Plame. For Rove, the jig is up, and the White House knows it. By Ken Sanders

The Enemy of My Enemy May Still Be the Enemy of Democracy
July 14, 2005 · As right-wing religious leaders attack Alberto Gonzales for being insufficiently doctrinaire, it's tempting to accept him as the best we can get for the Supreme Court. Don't be fooled. By Paul Rogat Loeb

Democrats Can Succeed Without the Filibuster
July 13, 2005 · While conventional wisdom holds that the nomination of Robert Bork in 1987 was the first politically contentious Supreme Court nomination, this distinction is actually held by John Parker's nomination in 1930. By Gene C. Gerard

London and Terror
July 12, 2005 · We cannot win a war through might alone when the application of that might actually causes the number of our enemies to multiply. By Aden Nak

Condemned to Relive the Past
July 9, 2005 · From the point of view of the U.S. government, Americans' ignorance and disinterest in their nation's history of "counter-terror assistance" to countries like Guatemala is a real boon. It makes it that much easier for the U.S. to fund, train, and equip nearly identical death squads in Iraq. By Ken Sanders

No Mouth, No Guts
July 5, 2005 · Farewell, GOP, you proud and patriotic Republicans of old, you party of Lincoln. We disagreed with you, argued with you, fought with you; but that was back in the days when you were a worthy opponent. By Nancy Greggs

Father Knows Best
July 2, 2005 · Some people have compared what is happening in America right now to Nazi Germany. This may sound idiotic. Part of the problem with comparing history to current events is that nothing is ever a direct fit, which is one of the reasons why history is so easily repeated. By Max Gordon


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