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JUNE 2005

Count the Lies
June 30, 2005 · On Tuesday night, and there's no really delicate way to put this, it was stunning to see the extent to which Bush flat out lied his ass off. Apparently the disaster that Bush has created in Iraq is now the justification for having created it. By David Swanson

The Land of the Bubble People
June 29, 2005 · Indulged and protected by wealth and privilege, Bush has lived a life devoid of the depth and compassion gained by the interplay of experience and introspection. Insulated from reality and in the thrall of obsessive self-regard and overweening pride, he has never been tempered by the consequences of his actions. By Phil Rockstroh

Hillary: First Lady, Senator, Lesbian?
June 29, 2005 · A strange phenomenon in nature is occurring, akin to seas boiling and dogs talking: conservatives are rushing to the defense of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yes, that Hillary, the Senator (D-NY), first lady from Hell, Queen Of The Damned. By Jim David

Rove Has Me Figured Alright
June 25, 2005 · Computers are smart in their own mindless way, but I don't expect them to write political commentary. Yet while I was browsing the front page of Yahoo News, mine did. Rove: Dems Didn't Get 9/11 Consequences. CIA: Iraq is now a terrorist training ground. By Tom Rinaldo

Nationalism is Unpatriotic
June 23, 2005 · Patriots feel the way they do because they love America and they hope for its success. Nationalists, on the other hand, feel the way they do because they love America, but they fear for its failure. By Joseph Hughes

Remember When Bush's Lies Weren't "Old News"?
June 22, 2005 · The most repeated excuse by U.S. media outlets for not covering the Downing Street Minutes and related documents is that they tell us nothing new, that they're old news. This conflicts, of course, with the second most common excuse, which is that they are false. If they're false, they can't be news at all, much less old news. By David Swanson

Violations of Civil Liberties are an American Tradition
June 18, 2005 · It's not surprising that the federal government is attempting to strip people of their fundamental rights and freedoms. During the last two centuries, this has been a common occurrence in America during a time of war. By Gene C. Gerard

One Nation, Under Experiment
June 17, 2005 · Neither the FDA nor the EPA is particularly concerned about the public. Rather, they see us as test subjects, lab rats, to be exploited for experimentation by or on behalf of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. By Ken Sanders

Fighting Back
June 15, 2005 · America is under attack. It's time to pull our collective heads out of the sand and realize the nature of the political battle that rational, constitutionally-minded Americans now face. We are, to borrow a phrase from Bill Moyers, in the fight for our lives. By Andrew M. Gracy

The Economy Turned the Corner and Is Headed in the Wrong Direction
June 11, 2005 · Throughout the presidential campaign last fall, one of Mr. Bush’s favorite stump lines was “The economy has turned the corner.” Presumably, this was the best (and, no doubt, the simplest) line that Karl Rove and Karen Hughes could craft for the president to reassure the nation that our economic woes were behind us. By Gene C. Gerard

The Line of Denial
June 8, 2005 · While Bush is busy ignoring and denying war crimes, American troops have been learning, first-hand, what causes a soldier to cross the line and go "from duty to brutality." But I can't live in George Bush's denial. I can't embrace his lies. You see, my husband is a soldier. He spent a year in Iraq. By Solly Mack

Waging Peace for Humanity
June 8, 2005 · The Bush administration recognized Amnesty's authority on the matter of human rights abuse when it suited their purposes. Now that Amnesty has trained their cross-hairs on them, they are lashing out like cornered animals. By Jason S. Miller

Spaced Cowboy's Space Cowboys
June 4, 2005 · It's never a bad idea to regularly revisit the document that enumerates the core principles by which the American government operates. By Mark Drolette

Bush Administration Promotes Global Conflicts by Rewarding Allies
June 3, 2005 · In 2003, the Bush administration transferred weapons to 18 of the 25 nations engaged in active conflicts. 13 of those 25 nations - which received over $2.7 billion in U.S. weapons - were classified by the U.S. State Department as "undemocratic." And 20 of those 25 nations were defined by the State Department as having poor human rights records or serious patterns of abuse. By Gene C. Gerard

Torture: Knowing/Not Knowing
June 2, 2005 · The recent Newsweek imbroglio illustrates "knowing/not knowing" - the art of making reality seem elastic. In the government version, news coverage of torture is reckless gossip. In the other version, where evidence and human rights are still important, we know that the U.S. has tortured and killed prisoners. By Patricia Goldsmith

A Conflicted Veteran on Memorial Day
June 1, 2005 · Seeing people die under fire is an ugly thing and, as I quietly reflect on those people, I know in a very personal way that the men and women we have lost in Iraq mean so much more than the macabre tote board published daily on the Defense Department web site. By Bob Geiger


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