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MAY 2005

The Wall Street Journal: Purveyor of Moral Relativism?
May 31, 2005 · The Wall Street Journal either naively or falsely defends the innocence of Bush & Co. in the systemic use of torture and abuse by the U.S. at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram, and elsewhere. By Ken Sanders

Bush's Military Madness
May 26, 2005 · Of all the inexplicable ways in which George Bush has somehow managed to project an image in direct contradiction to his true persona, none is more harmful nor more baffling than that of an effective and capable commander-in-chief. By Michael Shannon

In Memoriam: the Television News Media (1950 - 2005)
May 25, 2005 · After a lengthy illness, the Television News Media (TNM) finally succumbed to a combination of lapses in professionalism and ethics, complicated by an obvious loss of the will to live. Born in the early Fifties, the TNM grew from its infancy and developed as a strong, easily accessible news source for a constantly growing number of viewers, supported by the talents of informed investigative journalists. Obituary by Nancy Greggs

The Fifth Column
May 25, 2005 · We now join an intrepid group of patriots in a church basement. The year: 2010. Satire by Eddie Ruff

Is Fascism Really All That Bad?
May 21, 2005 · Amidst all that’s been written about Newsweak’s agreement to now let the Bushies vet its reporting in the wake of the magazine’s article about Guantanamo Bay interrogators’ rather rude treatment of the Quran, a particular article about the whole unholy affair caught my widened orb. By Mark Drolette

Bad Faith
May 19, 2005 · George W. Bush's brutality abroad is matched only by the coy brutality of his culture war here at home. The judiciary is the current target, and it is here that bad faith politics and the bad faith of churches in politics converge. By Patricia Goldmsith

Touching Evil: Holding Hands with Uzbekistan
May 18, 2005 · The U.S. has brokered a deal with the devil in its alliance with Uzbekistan. In exchange for military bases and torture facilities, the U.S. looks the other way as Karimov violently oppresses and kills the Uzbek people. By Ken Sanders

Bush's Responsibility Society
May 18, 2005 · It is a sad irony that the administration, which came into power stressing that "the grown ups" were back in charge, has abandoned any notion of responsibility in favor of a childlike "I, me, mine" philosophy. By Bennet G. Kelley

Life Among the Elephants
May 13, 2005 · It must be hard being gay in today’s Republican party. Working side by side with raging homophobes with toupees and beehives can’t be easy. I know many gay conservatives and they all have the same refrain. By Jim David

Kansas Outlaws Dinosaur-Themed Toys, Cartoons
May 13, 2005 · TOPEKA, KS - Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline stunned many Kansans yesterday by announcing that books, toys and cartoons depicting or featuring dinosaurs were now illegal across the state. Satire by David Albrecht

Iraq in Miniature
May 12, 2005 · Spring has arrived in Afghanistan and after the coldest winter in a decade, the sun is shining, the poppies are blooming, and the casualties are mounting. By Ken Sanders

We Are Very Good Drivers
May 11, 2005 · Bush and his unnamed intelligence officials, with the help of a complicit media, are buying time with the American people. When the proletariat gets restless they are thrown the red meat of another Abu-al-somebody and the danger of being exposed subsides - for a time. By Sheila Samples

Bush on Iraq: All Wrong, All the Time
May 11, 2005 · An analyisis of Bush & Co's statements in the early days of the Iraq occupation compared with the actual situation on the ground today demonstrates the administration's remarkable departure from reality. By Fred Polvere

Darwin's Lament
May 7, 2005 · Today, Darwin is once again on trial. Who cares if the human genome project has shown that humans and chimpanzees have 98.4% of their genes in common? Who cares if increasingly accurate radiological dating techniques put the age of the earth at about 4.5 billion years old? Who cares? The true believers. By punpirate

Liberating the Liberal Media
May 6, 2005 · The Fourth Estate is in a tumultous state of evolution. The public's trust in the integrity of the mainstream media has become severely tainted over the last several years, and justifiably so. By Jason Miller

Why FDR Would Spit In Bush's Eye
May 5, 2005 · FDR the politician did his level-best to get along with both sides of the aisle - but the historian in me has little doubt that Roosevelt the man would spit a big loogie right in Bush's eye if he had a chance. By Slappy Jackson

What the Pre-War Intelligence Reports Won't Tell You About Iraq's Nukes
May 4, 2005 · Long before David Kay and Charles Duelfer confirmed what many of us already suspected, Bush knew there wouldn't be mushroom clouds in Manhattan if Iraq weren't invaded. By Ken Sanders

Appeals Court Nominee Janice Rogers Brown Merits the Filibuster
May 4, 2005 · Unless Republicans elect to carry out the so-called "nuclear option" of abolishing the filibuster, Democrats will almost certainly block the nomination of Justice Janice Rogers Brown again. And for good reasons. By Gene C. Gerard


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