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APRIL 2005

In Iraq, the Center Cannot Hold
April 30, 2005 · Immediately following Iraq's elections in January, the Bush administration and its apologists declared that the "successful" elections in Iraq delivered a "body blow" to the insurgency. At first, it appeared that Bush & Co. might actually have been correct. Appearances, however, are often deceiving. By Ken Sanders

Reviving a Progressive Agenda in America by Achieving Gender Balance in Politics
April 29, 2005 · Women ought to be represented in elected office in proportion to their numbers in the population on the local, state and national levels. By Karyn Strickler

Central American Sequel to NAFTA a Hit with Execs, a Bomb to Working Americans
April 28, 2005 · In terms of every promise made by its proponents, NAFTA has failed. But none of this matters to the elite corporate and political officials who are planning a sequel to NAFTA: the Central American Free Trade Agreement. By Roger Bybee

Chief Justice Cheney?
April 27, 2005 · The popular media portray the Nuclear Option as a mere Senate rule change, albeit a radical one. It is likely, however, that the Senate's actions would have implications far beyond the Senate's internal procedures and could mark the beginning of a long period of constitutional crisis. By Edward B. Grebenstein, Jr.

DeLay Apologizes for Call to "Disembowel and Guillotine" Federal Judges, Democrats
April 27, 2005 · WASHINGTON (AP) - House Majority Leader Tom DeLay faced new criticism on his return to the capital after a controversial appearance at a Columbia, SC church. Satire by David Albrecht

The Turning Tide
April 23, 2005 · Were Benedict XVI's election the only strange blip on the sociopolitical radar, I would think nothing of it. But all across the conservative landscape there are rumblings of unrest. By A. P. Short

Building the Progressive Culture of Life
April 21, 2005 · We must provide education, options, and support for American women and girls. By Katherine Brengle

A Tyranny of Misperceptions
April 20, 2005 · The United States of America is ruled by a tyrannical force, and I do not mean the Republican Congress, the conservative Supreme Court, or even George W. Bush. There is a stronger force behind them - behind all of America - and it is the tyranny of misperceptions. By Gregory R. Pratt

A Pornographic Celebration of Death
April 16, 2005 · Scribes heralded the rapid ascension of John Paul to a saintly throne, while the gang of international Pharisees, led by George Bush, sat shoulder-to-shoulder in ring-side seats beside those whom they planned to kill as soon as the show was over. By Sheila Samples

King of Crooks
April 15, 2005 · Tom DeLay has never pretended to be anything other than a nakedly partisan political animal. It's the rest of the Republican party whose hypocrisy is on display. The GOP, with all high-minded talk of civic duty and its flimsy talk show patriotism, is being exposed for what it is - the refuge of crooks, thieves and con men, with Tom Delay their beloved but disgraced King. By A. P. Short

Culture of Life: A Platform for Progressive Values
April 15, 2005 · For those listening closely, President Bush's statement on Terri Schiavo's death was truly breathtaking: "The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak." By Carolyn Winter and Roger Bybee

The Radical Approach
April 13, 2005 · One of the key justifications that American supporters of our imperialistic policies in the Middle East employ is that Islamic theocracies pose a threat to American security because of their radical nature. Yet we have our own religious fundamentalists who are clamoring to form a theocracy here in the United States. By Jason Miller

Mind Control and the American Media
April 12, 2005 · The media must remember that their purpose is to inform the public, not to protect or placate the powers that be. By Mary Shaw

Behind Closed Doors at the Wal-Mart Media Conference
April 9, 2005 · They wouldn't let broadcasters in the door at the Embassy Suites in Rogers, Arkansas on Tuesday. However, through a combination of complaints and my role as a writer for three local publications, I got signed up at the last possible minute. By Don Elkins

A Unifying Message for the Democratic Party
April 9, 2005 · I have a few suggestions that may help the Democratic Party develop a message that resonates with very diverse people from coast-to-coast. I do not offer these ideas as cure-alls, but maybe someone within the Party will find my thoughts worthwhile and maybe even use some of them. By Paul S. Hardersen

Suffer the Children
April 8, 2005 · Bush and his cronies rhapsodize about liberating the Iraqi people and freeing them from the wanton cruelty of a tyrannical despot. However, as evidenced by its callous disregard for the well-being of the Iraqi people, particularly Iraqi children, the U.S. government's intentions in Iraq are not and never were altruistic. By Ken Sanders

The Death of Curiosity
April 8, 2005 · Do we still read newspapers for anything other than the daily crossword puzzle? Do we listen to the radio for anything other than the latest Maroon 5 single or football game? Do we surf the Internet for anything other than buying clothes, forming social networks, or watching Paris Hilton have sex? I'm starting to doubt it. By Joseph Hughes

Zimbabwe's Very American Election
April 7, 2005 · The Bush administration, and indeed many Americans, love to hold up America as a beacon to the rest of the world. They insist that we are the ultimate democracy to which totalitarian governments, third-world nations, and banana republics should attempt to emulate. If that's the case, Zimbabwe is already very American. By Gene C. Gerard

They Want War
April 6, 2005 · The DLC wants to fight a war with the activists and the progressives for the soul of the party. These men have decided now that we, the roots of the tree, should go back underground where we belong, and let them get on with their important business. I say "Bring 'Em On." By A. P. Short

Super Duper George Bush
April 6, 2005 · Zack says he'll give me $100 if I can write a piece on George W. Bush extolling a single aspect of his personality; if I can cite just one credible attribute of his character or discuss even one good point about Bush. I accept the challenge. By Sheila Samples

The Rejection of the Eggheads
April 5, 2005 · The last thing conservatives want is our nation's acknowledged, highly-respected collegiate experts mucking around in their administration's policy-making. By E. P. Harmon

A Clear Choice: Coming of Voting Age in America
April 2, 2005 · On Friday, April 8th, I will turn eighteen years old. In doing so, I will be eligible to register to vote under the party of my choosing. I would like to share with you why I feel that there is only one party that best represents me, and all Americans. By Bryan M. Russell

The Starving of the Five (Hundred) Thousand
April 1, 2005 · The pious and the holy did not protest the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children at the hands of the U.S. through its deliberate and calculated denial of food and water. The already staggering rates of child malnutrition and child mortality have doubled and tripled, respectively, since the invasion. By Ken Sanders

Fristian Fables: The Ant and the Grasshopper Revisisted
April 1, 2005 · One afternoon in late autumn, a grasshopper sat in the shade of a crabapple tree, stuffing his face with cracked wheat and watching in amusement as a tiny ant labored diligently to transport a sizable stash of grain, one kernel at a time, past the grasshopper's place of repose. By Mark W. Bradley


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