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MARCH 2005

Appeals Court Nominee Thomas B. Griffith is a Poor Choice
March 31, 2005 · In February President Bush re-nominated Thomas B. Griffith to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Court of Appeals. Senate Democrats were correct in not furthering his previous nomination. By Gene C. Gerard

The Nuclear Option
March 30, 2005 · While Frist's "nuclear option" sounds very political and complicated and irrelevant to the lives of everyday Americans, it is not. Adoption of the nuclear option has, potentially, very far reaching consequences. By Katherine Brengle

Individualized Laws - The Next Wave
March 30, 2005 · In its infinite wisdom, Congress has passed a law for one person and one person only. Of course this will open a Pandora's Box because every political move, no matter how crass, how egregious or how ridiculous will shortly be outdone. By Fred Polvere

Waiting for the Sky Taxi
March 26, 2005 · If, as Bill Moyers believes, it is a matter of urgency to keep the nihilistic fury of the Rapture-maniacs from irrevocably damaging the Earth's habitability through war and ecological destruction, we must turn our attention to the issues of what makes Rapture-mania, and how it can be unmade. By TygrBright

Republicans' Schiavo Scheme Flopping, But Dangers to Democracy Remain
March 25, 2005 · The Republicans' continuing campaign to construct a one-party state - with only a façade of democracy - is by far the most troubling political aspect of the Schiavo drama. By Carolyn Winters and Roger Bybee

My Living Will (An Alternative)
March 25, 2005 · To tell you the truth I think that the House, the Senate, and President Bush are all in a persistent vegetative state themselves. And we shouldn't keep tube feeding them with our votes. By James Boyne

The Bush Doctorin'
March 23, 2005 · It was quite a show, wasn't it? An entire weekend devoted to saving the life of Terri Schiavo, fought bravely by Republicans who left their white chargers at the door and stayed up way past their bedtimes to do the right thing – as long as the TV cameras were rolling, and there was political hay to be made. By Nancy Greggs

The Onslaught
March 23, 2005 · How many times a day are we bombarded by outrageous media coverage of a domestic or international event? And then, if we are not totally foaming at the mouth from the media coverage, we are thoroughly outraged by the feeble or non-existent response by the Democratic Party. By Carolyn Winters and Roger Bybee

Feeding Tubes for the Third World
March 23, 2005 · In an attempt to call the attention of the United States Congress to the plight of poorer countries, a coalition of anti-poverty organizations has launched a new campaign called "Feeding Tubes for the Third World" (FTTW). Satire by David Swanson

No Mercy
March 18, 2005 · During his first term, Mr. Bush issued a mere 31 pardons and sentence commutations. This is less than any modern president. In fact, you have to go back to Zachary Taylor, twelfth president of the United States, to find a similar number. By Gene C. Gerard

Argle Bargles (And Other Beasts)
March 17, 2005 · Trolls have lurked in the online world for ever, but have in the past couple years gained enough strength to break out and stalk the halls of Fox and CNN, and the pages of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. This is an attempt to impose a little sanity by at least categorizing some of the forms taken in this war against reason. By Pamela Troy

Mocking Democracy
March 16, 2005 · Sadly, not only do we not have a clue about our government's actions, our government is systematically deeming more and more information about its activities improper for public consumption. By Ken Sanders

More Assaults on Working Americans
March 16, 2005 · In light of Congress' recent actions we have to ask ourselves, when do the legislative and economic assaults on working Americans stop? After World War II, the American middle class was the envy of the rest of the world. Now too many families are one paycheck away from poverty and debt. By Val

My Eyes Are Wide Open
March 14, 2005 · The deceptive beauty of Grape Day Park in Escondido camouflaged only for a moment the trepidation that enveloped me as I approached 1,514 pairs of boots on the ground. By Patricia Mack Newton

The Plank In Our Eye
March 14, 2005 · We are waging a war with real American blood, and real American dollars, allegedly in the interest of "spreading freedom and liberty." Before we waste our valuable resources, we need to get our own house in order. By Jason Miller

E.P.A. Nominee Supports Testing of Pesticides on Human Subjects
March 12, 2005 · Stephen L. Johnson's record as the Assistant Administrator for Toxic Substances casts serious doubt on whether he is suited to lead the E.P.A. By Gene C. Gerard

Kansas, Conviction, and the Future of the Dems
March 11, 2005 · When the Democrats speak with moral clarity and act with unity, they can ignite an overwhelming popular response. But this is only the first stage in reshaping the party into an entity that clearly fights injustice and empire with conviction and tenacity. By Roger Bybee

Butt Prints in the Sand
March 10, 2005 · It's time. Before this obscene, gaping hole gets any deeper, it's time we convinced the media to stop digging. By Sheila Samples

Tackling the Tyranny of Wal-Mart
March 9, 2005 · Some say Americans have a love-hate relationship with Wal-Mart. Maybe - but the more you know, the more you hate. Some bargains are not what they seem to be. By Joel S. Hirschhorn

The Bankruptcy Bill and Indentured Servitude
March 9, 2005 · You really have got to hand it to the credit card companies, Republicans and a handful of Democrats. They have accomplished something in the new bankruptcy bill rarely seen in legislation – they have turned bankruptcy laws on their head and staged a successful double whammy on the Constitution. By Dan Gougherty

Military Policy on Gays is Costly and Dangerous
March 5, 2005 · The military spent over $200 million to recruit and train personnel to replace service members discharged over the last decade for being openly gay, according to a Congressional report that was just released. By Gene C. Gerard

Max Boot is Barking Mad
March 4, 2005 · The neoconservative polemicist, long an outspoken fan of a new American imperialism, is calling upon our country to embark upon a dramatic reenactment of the final volumes of Edward Gibbon's masterpiece The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. By Weldon Berger

Basic Income Guarantee vs. The Corporate Media
March 3, 2005 · The basic income guarantee, or BIG, is a "government ensured guarantee that no one's income will fall below the level necessary to meet their most basic needs for any reason." By David Swanson

Bush's Weird Tour: A Letter to European Friends
March 2, 2005 · Believe me, we Americans - at least half of our population, and, in the post-election period, probably more - understand why you in Europe are so upset. We have to live each day with these guys, their bullyboy tactics, their mendacity, and the ramifications of their reckless policies. By Bernard Weiner

Teaching Science in the Anti-Empirical Empire
March 2, 2005 · Were we wrong to spend so much time studying all those discredited theories like Darwinism, Humanism and Dialectical Materialism? Satire by Mark W. Bradley

Bush Administration AIDS Policies Continue to Fall Short
March 1, 2005 · In the 2005 State of the Union address Mr. Bush pledged again to fight the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. But his 2006 budget painted a very different picture. By Gene C. Gerard

Bloggers' Uncover Helen Thomas's Prostitution Ring
March 1, 2005 · Bloggers yesterday announced that they have uncovered a prostitution ring operated by renowned White House correspondent Helen Thomas. Satire by Karen Spurr