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Contempt for the Truth
February 26, 2005 · President Bush and his administration are not the first to lie and manipulate information. Bush & Co. are, however, taking the practice of information manipulation to new heights. By Ken Sanders

Amoral Majority
February 25, 2005 · Culture spoke louder than politics even in the Reagan Era, with its failed promise to roll back counter-cultural contaminations. By Travis Charbeneau

When Ordinary is Not Enough
February 24, 2005 · By abandoning the pursuit of truth in favor of a form of stenography, our national media have allowed lies to go unchallenged and the power of the press to be transformed into a propaganda vehicle for the Bush administration and its corporate buddies. By Pamela Troy

"Shallow Throat": Slime Report from the Bush World
February 23, 2005 · "Shallow Throat" had not contacted me since months before the November 2004 election. I figured that the high-level GOP mole, who formerly had worked at the White House before moving to another agency, was bummed out and needed time to reflect. By Bernard Weiner

A Kick in the Pants
February 23, 2005 · It's unfortunate that Bush doesn't understand what is happening in the world he so arrogantly believes he owns. The European trip he's on now is a barely concealed attempt to strong-arm support for his upcoming invasion of Iran. By Sheila Samples

The Trouble With Creationism
February 21, 2005 · Those who espouse Creationism want the rest of us to respect their belief in the inerrancy of scripture. I'm perfectly willing to do this, if they are willing to respect my belief that using the Bible as a science textbook is blasphemy. By Glenn M. Edwards

Pizza, Ice Cream, and the First Amendment
February 21, 2005 · I got lucky the other day. I met a couple of real-life patriots: Stephen and Virginia Pearcy. By Mark Drolette

Postcards from Plankton
February 18, 2005 · If SpongeBob's arch-enemy Plankton wants to devote most of his time to stealing the secret formula to the Krabby Patty sandwich, that's his business. But when he flaunts his bizarre lifestyle in front of America's children, that's our business. Satire by Dennis Hans

Conspiracy Theories
February 17, 2005 · Within the past four years, checkbook journalism has metastasized to include payments that essentially rig the punditocracy in favor of the administration, through cash disbursements. But I want to consider the opposite problem. Killing stories is, to me, an even darker art. By Patricia Goldsmith

The Right-Wing Agenda and The Liberal Resurgence
February 16, 2005 · Neither of these documents, apparently written in late-2004 or early-2005, has been authenticated - even its authors are unknown. But they do seem to provide a valuable glimpse into politics in America shortly before and following the turn of the 21st Century. By Bernard Weiner

The Other Iraqi Conflict
February 15, 2005 · Flying well below the radar of the mainstream media is a conflict brewing in Iraq. It is not the conflict that so dominates our TV screens with endless tape loops of death and destruction. It is taking place in northern Iraq, in the Kurdish autonomous zone known as Kurdistan, and revolves around the future of Iraq's Kurdish population. By Ken Sanders

Fool Us Once: Bush and the Hard Sell on Social Security
February 12, 2005 · I am reminded of my neighbor by George Bush's campaign to privatize Social Security. The President has been at this, fitfully, ever since the very fledging beginnings of his political career, making the same specious arguments designed to disguise the same ideological assumptions that drive his efforts today. By Rich Broderick

The Exorbitant Price of George Bush's Lies
February 11, 2005 · The price we pay for such monumental deceit goes well beyond immediate death or traumatic, bodily and emotional injury. The resulting cost can be measured in everything from public schools and community health-care facilities forced to close for lack of funding, to potholes in residential streets that are simply left to deepen. By Dennis Rahkonen

Cause for Alarm: Regime Change Redux
February 11, 2005 · Having declared the elections in Iraq a resounding success, it now appears that the Administration's focus is increasingly honing in on Iran. The hairs on America's collective neck should be standing on end. By Ken Sanders

Bush's Social Security Scheme Demands Focused Response
February 10, 2005 · We must clearly make our demand that there be no cuts in Social Security because working people deserve to retire with dignity. By Carolyn Winter and Roger Bybee

Taking On the American Taliban
February 9, 2005 · We don't force women into burkas, we don't stone adulterers, we don't beat non-bearded men on the street. But we do permit our "mullahs" to set the social agenda and restrict our political freedoms. By Bernard Weiner

Iraq's Election Will Not Guarantee Democracy
February 9, 2005 · The Bush administration was understandably happy with the Iraqi election. However, a quick glance at recent history easily dispels the myth that elections lead to democracy and freedom. By Gene C. Gerard

That's Entertainment: Oprah, Eminem, and Homophobic Representations in American Media
February 8, 2005 · Media images, some more noxious than others, are evidence in a lifetime criminal case against me as a gay man. By Max Gordon

Oh Lord, It Ain't Hard...
February 8, 2005 · Bush is flying by the seat of his pants, unperturbed by the destruction he leaves in his wake or by the bags stuffed with American bodies that continue to pile up around him. By Sheila Samples

America's Seniors Are Not Cowards
February 5, 2005 · They have walked through the fire and survived. They have saved the world for democracy. They are empowered and they know it, and their energies are channeled toward leaving our country and the world a better place. By Mary Pitt

Democracy in America Today
February 4, 2005 · We have serious economic issues and disturbing socio-economic plans being presented as conclusions rather than proposals. We must re-harness the power of democracy in America before we are thrown back into a two-class society, where most of us may become the nameless, faceless, voiceless and poor. By Leah Allen

The U.S. Supreme Court is AWOL on Iraq
February 1, 2005 · In December, the Supreme Court opted not to hear a civil suit which alleges that the president violated American law by invading Iraq. By Gene C. Gerard

Democrats Finally Got Some Bark, Now They Need Some Bite
February 1, 2005 · The time has come for the Democratic wing of the Democratic party to loudly and clearly voice the principles we hold dear. We cannot let Bush's conservative cabal trample over everything we stand for. By Dan Gougherty