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Who's Paying for all this Freedom?
January 29, 2005 · If the war is worth fighting, should not every last person on the home front be obliged to forego at least some comforts while our brave youth are spilling his or her blood? Modern American warfare would seem to indicate that this is, in fact, not the case. By Darryl Cramer

Pentagon Says Veterans' Benefits "Hurtful" to National Security
January 28, 2005 · The Wall Street Journal describes the pittance set aside for veteran's benefits as "Congress' generosity," even as the Republican-controlled Congress and Bush Pentagon get set to slash billions more from Veterans Administration's programs. By Joel Wendland

Torture is a Problem, Not a Solution
January 27, 2005 · In this post-9/11 world, gaining information from prisoners is certainly of critical importance. But torture, aside from being unethical, is also unreliable and counterproductive. By using torture in the interrogation of terror suspects the U.S. risks alienating its allies whose support in the "war on terror" is now more critical than ever. By Mary Shaw

Be Not Misled by the Blue and the Red
January 27, 2005 · If George has figured all Americans into his bogus "mandate" as he begins to govern in his second term, that phony cowboy is in for a real rough ride when the Americans who voted against him unite. By Karyn Strickler

Did the "Liberal Media" Get the 2004 Election All Wrong?
January 25, 2005 · It's true, the Democrats lost four Senate seats and a small handful of seats in the House of Representatives. But they maintained the balance of power in many states, and even gained control in others. So why has the "Liberal Media" reported the death of the Democratic Party? By Gene C. Gerard

SpongeBob: Unsafe at Any Depth?
January 25, 2005 · Is SpongeBob SquarePants gay? It's all so confusing. My kids are too young to have to contend with the sexual orientation of the people on TV, let alone the cartoons. By Joy-Ann Reid

Post-Inaugural Crimes and the Progressive Posse
January 25, 2005 · The reality we progressives have to face is that Bush & Co., with a compliant mainstream media in their pocket, are moving their political juggernaut full-steam ahead, not disguising in the least their reckless, rapacious agenda. By Bernard Weiner

Right-Wing Fantasies and Iraq
January 25, 2005 · While most of us are sleeping soundly, the far right gathers to rewrite history. By Bennet G. Kelley

Why It Matters
January 21, 2005 · If the Bush administration
is willing to invade sovereign nations that have not been developing
WMD programs, what incentive is there for any nation to disarm their
current arsenals? By Aden Nak

Martha X: The Radicalization of Martha Stewart
January 19, 2005 · White women like Martha Stewart don't go to prison in America; they don't even know what a prison looks like from the outside. Yet Martha Stewart is very much a woman, very much white, and she is, at the time of this writing, very much in prison. How did it happen? By Max Gordon

Bush's Inaugural Address - After a Spritz of "B.S. Away!"
January 19, 2005 · Somehow my friend gained access and applied "B.S. Away!" spray to the lecturn from which Bush will deliver his Inaugural Address. This is what the nation will hear Bush say after he's sworn in for his second term... By Bernard Weiner

America: Land of the Free? Not if You're a Muslim
January 18, 2005 · A recent Cornell University survey found that almost half of all Americans believe that the U.S. government should restrict the civil liberties of Muslim Americans. By Mary Shaw

Giving Bigotry the Stamp of Approval
January 15, 2005 · On Monday January 10, 2005 the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) refused to hear an appeal to the Florida ban on gay adoptions.One cannot help but draw the conclusion that the Justices are either cowards, bigots or both. By Thomas Crews

Presumed Guilty
January 15, 2005 · News reports suggest that the Bush administration is seeking to extend indefinitely its misguided policies regarding the illegal detention and ill-treatment of terror suspects. This must not be tolerated. By Mary Shaw

The Religious Wrong
January 14, 2005 · Religion should support the best in man, not the worst. It should help us to adhere to the highest principles, to be as good as imperfect human beings can be. By Sharon Isikoff

Is the U.S. Above the Law?
January 13, 2005 · U.S. Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales's discounting of the Geneva Conventions and the Bush administration's opposition to other international laws and treaties suggest that the U.S. government has embarked on a dangerous course of pursuing its own interests with impunity at the expense of international justice. By Mary Shaw

Something's Gotta Give
January 12, 2005 · The Bush administration has set the United States upon a course which, if it continues, is almost certain to lead to a radical transformation of American society. By Ernest Partridge

A Quagmire Primer: The Vietnam and Iraq Debacles
January 12, 2005 · Let us not forget the lessons of Vietnam; compounding a monstrous policy mistake by making even larger policy mistakes. Real peoples' lives are involved here, our national interests are at issue, our country's economy and social institutions are at risk. By Bernard Weiner

Bush's "Piratization" of Social Security
January 10, 2005 · Bush and other Republicans are being profoundly dishonest when they claim Social Security is going broke. By Vermeer

The War Hits Home
January 10, 2005 · My dear friend's nephew will soon ship out to Iraq; she shared her thoughts with me regarding his impending deployment. By Mary Shaw

The Big Gap in Social Security Privatization
January 8, 2005 · There is at least one little "chink" in the plan of the Bush administration to "privatize" Social Security that may not sound important to those who are young, able-bodied, and convinced of their indestructibility and their prospects of growing very rich before becoming old and ill. By Mary Pitt

When was the last time you heard about the 'medical malpractice crisis' at a bar?
January 8, 2005 · I have heard arguments about everything from sports to exstitentialism, but I swear on a case of Stroh's Bohemian, I have never heard any self-respecting lounge lizard talk about the threat of frivolous lawsuits. By Dan Gougherty

Why Are We In Iraq?
January 7, 2005 · The Bush Administration has all but admitted the justification for war in Iraq was based on inaccurate intelligence, yet no-one has called for an investigation. By John R. Cobarruvias

Bringing Down the Hope
January 6, 2005 · Our victory lies in not just seeing any black face in power, or any woman, but in the knowledge that as people of color, as gays, as women, we aren't enabling greater crimes against those we represent, that our faces aren't used to promote a war or to reassure, to anesthetize or disempower, to exploit or enslave. By Max Gordon

Corporatizing Social Security
January 5, 2005 · The proposed changes to Social Security are not about privatization and private ownership of wealth. They are about corporatization and giving large corporations power over vast sums of taxpayer money. By Patricia Goldsmith

Lift the Media Blackout
January 5, 2005 · As long as Bush's mandated media blackout of injured and dead American soldiers is allowed to remain in place, his self-serving wars will continue non-stop. Without media attention, there will be no cause and effect, no sense of loss, and therefore no public backlash for accountability. By Vincent L. Guarisco

The Hell That is South Asia
January 4, 2005 · The Asia quake/tsunami disaster hit too close to home: My wife had been in southern Thailand, at the beaches, only a week before the disaster struck; I had been in Southeast Asia a week before that. Watching the horrific images on CNN and the other news channels had put me in a state of shock. By Bernard Weiner

It's Time to Support the Troops
January 4, 2005 · The price we are paying for national greed and lust for power is too high. American servicemembers are not a ghostly, faceless mass of "troops." They are flesh-and-blood individuals. They are America's children - her present, her future. By Sheila Samples