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A Great Year in 2005?
December 16, 2004 · It's good to think about the future, but we don't have to wait that long for a success that will help build our side's morale and show the pundits that we can win. We have a big opportunity only one year away - the odd-year election of 2005. By Tony Porco

The Rumbling at Our Feet
December 15, 2004 · Rational debate has become all but impossible as language is twisted to defend what was not so long ago regarded as indefensible by everyone but the most wild-eyed neo-fascist. By Pamela Troy

A Southeast Asia Diary: Post-Election Travels
December 15, 2004 · In the weeks after November 2, I needed desperately to turn off the political TV that had been my brain for many months, so off I headed to Southeast Asia for some R&R. By Bernard Weiner

Formula for a Democratic Miracle
December 14, 2004 · I think the Miracle on Ice - that larger-than-life event in sports history - provides some answers to many of the questions surrounding what the Democratic Party must do to again become the majority national party. By Ron Bilancia

Purging the Doves
December 14, 2004 · The goal is to cleanse the Democratic party of any smirch of anti-war sentiment, thus giving the American people only a choice between two different war policies. I find it hard to list the number of ways this is wrong. By John Emerson

"Mr. President" de la Mancha
December 11, 2004 · Like Quixote, it matters not a whit to Bush that he is perceived as crude and uncouth, or that his actions are condemned by thinking people throughout the world. What, after all, can they do to him? As "Mr. President," Bush revels in being master of the universe -- incapable of making mistakes -- scorning those who would hold him accountable. By Sheila Samples

Carlson, Coulter, and Canada
December 10, 2004 · The fact that some Canadians had the audacity to protest during President Bush's visit to their country last week made it open season for right-wing pundits to bash the other French-speaking country they love to hate. By Bennet G. Kelley

I Subscribe to the Homosexual Agenda
December 9, 2004 · I also subscribe to Newsweek and Spin, for what it's worth. Seriously, though, I am so tired of hearing bigotry masquerade as "values," hatred as "compassion." By Joseph Hughes

The Indelible Evil of this War
December 8, 2004 · One hundred thousand dead, two thousand more in Falluja, "the city of mosques." One-hundred and fifty thousand American soldiers wrenched from their families and their careers, ordered to become instruments of this atrocity. And for what? By Ernest Partridge

The American Take
December 8, 2004 · We have had our entire federal government and many state and local governments taken away from us by a radical conservative movement that is selling out America to corporate interests. By Jason Bradfield

December 6, 2004 · If Jesus is with us, I think he stands beside the black man who faces the lynch mob, the midwife accused of witchcraft, or the bewildered prisoner cowering against his cell wall in Abu Ghraib. He knows what it's like to be innocent, to be violated and murdered for telling the truth, and to face the mob alone. By Max Gordon

Life in the Age of Lowered Expectations
December 4, 2004 · Bush's ownership society will free the government from providing services that benefit Americans. Instead the burden will be squarely put on the shoulders of Americans, many of whom have trouble making ends meet. The beneficiaries will be wealthy individuals. By Dan Gougherty

How to Talk to a Bush Voter
December 4, 2004 · We need to show how the progressive vision addresses conservative concerns and how conservative policies undermine the values of middle America. By Jason Bradfield

A Benefit for Whom?
December 3, 2004 · My father served his country, my mother volunteered countless hours to help others. Now nobody's giving them a break. Instead, drug companies, exempted from the many of the pressures of price competition that other industries face, can simply demand more cash from those who have the least. By Patricia Isaacs

A Question of Moral Values
December 3, 2004 · I'm a born-again Christian, but the Religious Right does not speak for me. By Gerry Watkins

Why We Must Not "Get Over It"
December 2, 2004 · Perhaps this election was scrupulously honest. Perhaps George Bush in fact received 59 million authentic votes, and 51% of the popular vote. But dare we accept this on faith, without reflection, without careful examination of the abundant evidence to the contrary? By Ernest Partridge

Cheer Up, Liberals
December 1, 2004 · I am here to bring you hope. I am here to tell you that the cultural Cold War now wracking America will be won by the liberals, by the forces who want to take this country forward into the 21st century, not backward into the 12th. How can I say this with such certainity? Because liberalism always wins. By Ted McClelland