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Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
November 30, 2004 · After the presidential election, pundits used the official results to challenge the accuracy of the exit polls. But in light of the historical accuracy of exit polls and the scientific legitimacy of the Berkeley study, one can with equal justification cast doubt on the accuracy of the machines. By Bruce W. Fraser

Stinky and the Vulcans
November 30, 2004 · Later, some will say, "If only the media had told us - had shown us what was going on - we would have done something to stop it." But they will know in their hearts that the time to have stopped it was before it started. By Sheila Samples

Bush Heads for the Bunker
November 23, 2004 · Any hope that Bush might tack toward the center is gone. All signs points to more extremism in policy, more police-state tactics at home, more death and destruction abroad. By Bernard Weiner

The New Civil War
November 23, 2004 · A hundred and forty years after the last Civil War ended, a new one is brewing, at least in the minds of Yankees on the losing end of this month's presidential vote. By Ted McClelland

The Impossible Will Take a Little While: Hope in a Time of Fear
November 20, 2004 · The antidote to fear and silence is hope: defiant, resilient, persistent hope, of the kind that Tutu embodies. We act no matter what the seeming odds, both to be true to our deepest moral values, and to open up new possibilities. By Paul Rogat Loeb

Frat Spankings and Bush Followers: The Theory of "Cognitive Dissonance"
November 20, 2004 · George W.'s continued popularity, although at an all-time low, continues to mystify. His lies, venality, hypocrisy, and incompetence are so manifest, we cry, that even mouth-breathing Limbaugh listeners must recognize them. By Brad Radcliffe

Inside the Mind of a Bush Voter
November 19, 2004 · As a proud and passionate liberal I initially had a hard time believing so many people would vote for Bush. However, this should not have been hard for me to understand - because I voted for Bush the first time around. By Jason Bradfield

To European Friends: Explaining the 2004 Election Disaster
November 19, 2004 · I know that our election and our vote-counting process do not make sense to you citizens of Europe. But I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can - it's not easy, since the situation is confusing on this end as well. By Bernard Weiner

November 18, 2004 · Let's face it. The Bible, and those who profess a belief in it, are never going to see eye to eye on the issue of gay marriage with those of us who believe that everyone, gay or straight, has the same rights when it comes to their partners. By Michael Shannon

The Winning Label
November 17, 2004 · Despite the fact that George W. Bush may be the most radical Republican since Goldwater, you would never have known it listening to the Kerry campaign. Under these conditions, Republicans will win Red America every time by default. By Bennet Kelley

Republican Tug-of-War
November 16, 2004 · The Republican party has seized majority control of both houses of Congress through a coalition of multi-national industrialists and "born-again" Christians. Now these factions will exert pressure on President Bush to concentrate on their agendas, and may become militant in the process. By Mary Pitt

Vortex of Paradox
November 16, 2004 · The post-election period of introspection continues, and will last for some time. I have wandered the Internet desert, and tumbled through a vortex of paradox. I have not found peace or useful answers. But I have realized something. It might be important, though I have no idea yet what to do with it. By John Steinberg

A Time For Renewal
November 15, 2004 · Liberals and progressives have before us two tasks. The first is a long-term project to rebuild the voter base and the public climate that the New Deal created and held for four decades. The second is a rear-guard action to preserve all of the progressive public policy that we can while the rebuilding is underway. By Buzz Harris

Stop the Wedding! I Think the Groom is Gay!
November 15, 2004 · I'm confused. Haven't the last four years been a crusade against religious fundamentalism? By Brian Gougherty

All Is Not Lost
November 13, 2004 · If this election taught the Democratic party anything, its that there are more of us than we thought and in four years, we'll right this country again. We owe nothing less to ourselves and each other. By Steve Ayers

Myths and Heroes
November 11, 2004 · We need heroes more now than we ever have. More than under Reagan. More than under Nixon. More than ever. And we need to make it very clear to the Democratic party that we will accept nothing less. By Aden Nak

Do We Still Have a Democracy?
November 10, 2004 · We do not know if Election 2004 was fraudulent. But equally important, the paperless machines have made it impossible to verify that it was not fraudulent. It is the right of a free people that their franchise be fair, accurate, and verifiable. By Ernest Partridge

An Oppositional Strategy
November 9, 2004 · If we get discouraged, the crooks will have won. Democracy is not a one-shot affair every four years; as with marriage, you have to constantly work at it, refresh it, shore up the weak spots. By Bernard Weiner

Redefining "Values"
November 9, 2004 · Born-again Christians had a deciding role in electing George Bush to a second term. But this is the United States of America, and its values were established by the great men who founded this progressive nation. America was not founded on born-again Christian values - it was founded on American Values. By Tim Keane