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"Just Win, Baby": Sporting insights into the character of George W. Bush
October 30, 2004 · In an effort to bridge the gap between those who regard President George W. Bush as a "liar" and those who regard him as a mere "exaggerator," I would like to suggest a term that perhaps we all can agree on: "cheater." By Dennis Hans

A Final Plea to Nader Supporters
October 30, 2004 · If Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Barbara Ehrenreich, Jim Hightower, and Ralph Nader's former running mate Winona LaDuke haven't convinced you that voting for Nader is too great a risk this election, maybe nothing will. But the stakes are high enough to try. By Paul Rogat Loeb

Cheney Wants Corporate Regulation... of Citizens
October 29, 2004 · The Bush team's attack on trial lawyers is part of a long-term assault on the rights of citizens and small business owners to hold corporations accountable via the courts. By Jeff Milchen

No More Bambino = No More Bush?
October 29, 2004 · The Curse of the Bambino has been broken forever. Hopefully next Tuesday, the curse of the Bush Administration will also be lifted. By Bob Calhoun

Ben Franklin Weighs In On George W. Bush
October 26, 2004 · In the annals of sales and salesmen, perhaps the most effective sales closing technique ever devised is the "Ben Franklin" close, also known as the "Balance Sheet" close. So if you have any undecided friends or relatives, try it on them. By Jack Walters

Pre-emptive Pie-hole Policy Not an Option
October 26, 2004 · Although denial after denial of a future draft come blaring out of Bush's pie-hole, those who haven't been infused with ideological stupidity know differently. By Sheila Samples

White House Website Scrubbing: Far-Reaching, Systematic, in Violation of 'The Rule of Law'
October 26, 2004 · The unavoidable perception is that of arrogant attempts at deception, displayed by a willful manipulation of the publicly-funded and historically-relevant records of the White House website. By Brad Friedman

Seismic Shifts
October 26, 2004 · Regardless of who wins on November 2, there will be a seismic shakeup of both major political parties, maybe even of the entire party system. By Bernard Weiner

Without a Doubt
October 23, 2004 · While we have been distracted by cheap and easy, we have forgotten what it means to be free. By Bridget Gibson

So Many Herrings, So Little Time
October 22, 2004 · To devote an entire piece on the GOP's faux indignation over Kerry merely restating what is already known about Ms. Cheney would be to hand Rove another winner. By Mark Drolette

Mission Accomplished: George Bush's Endless War
October 21, 2004 · The lesson George W. Bush learned from his father's experience is now obvious: the mistake was not in ending Operation Desert Storm too soon: it was in letting the war end at all. By John Steinberg

How Many More Tax Cuts Will Corporations and Rich People Get Before I Go Under?
October 21, 2004 · How is it that the care and feeding of corporations and the wealthy became more important than the welfare of people like me in 2004 America? By The Average Guy Bush Cares Nothing About

George W. Bush: The September 10th President
October 19, 2004 · George W. Bush likes to say that you can't be a September 10th President in a September 11th world. Well I submit to you all that Bush is a September 10th President to the very core. By Aden Nak

Reflections on Loss: My Mom, My Country's Soul
October 19, 2004 · My mother would have warned me to keep my mouth shut. But I love my country and its institutions too much for that. By Bernard Weiner

Sock Puppet Politics
October 19, 2004 · George W. Bush's political style most resembles the once ubiquitous Sock Puppet. By Bennet Kelley

George Bush's Gut
October 13, 2004 · George W. Bush's is proud to go with his gut feelings - that's why he never admits a mistake. But what's frightening about Bush is that he lacks the fund of experience and knowledge that enhances the value of the gut feeling. By Ernest Partridge

Freedom to Fascism - A Bumpy Ride
October 13, 2004 · What is the matter with the Republican Party? As one whose entire family remains staunchly, even militantly conservative, I think I have earned the right to ask that question. By Sheila Samples

Primer for the Undecideds: Why It's Kerry
October 13, 2004 · Those who are still undecided about their presidential vote are not alone. Many are uncertain which way to go, and are looking for some answers. By Bernard Weiner

Did "Anonymous" Condi Join the Neocons and Cheney in Pushing the Saddam-9/11 Connection?
October 12, 2004 · I don't believe Condoleezza Rice had a reputation pre-2001 for repeatedly saying things she knew or strongly suspected were false. It's possible that, for Rice, going to work for George W. Bush "changed everything." By Dennis Hans

Eight Talking Points for Voter Persuasion
October 12, 2004 · Do you have a not-so-bright cousin or uncle or friend who intends to vote for George W. Bush? By Jeff Rosenzweig

Drawing His Line in the Sand
October 9, 2004 · While it’s perfectly fine to be “resolute” with our children — that’s how we set expectations in order to teach them discipline and moral character — stubbornness is not a perfectly fine approach to carrying out foreign policy. By Phyllis Teague

Terrorism - A Tool For Whose Agenda?
October 9, 2004 · Because of the Bush administration's conscious decision to use terrorism as a tool for their agenda, bin Laden and al Qaeda were successful in their attack on the U.S. By John Lovchik

Stern Goes to Sirius, Free Speech Loses
October 8, 2004 · Although Stern will be able to freely peddle his raunchy content, his personal victory is actually a defeat and a setback for free speech. Despite a huge national following and the ability to generate tons of cash, Stern was still stifled by an ever-obedient Clear Channel. By Dan Gougherty

Cheney on Trial
October 7, 2004 · Last Thursday John Kerry showed America that the Great and Powerful Bush is nothing but an illusion, and on Tuesday John Edwards showed America that the man behind the curtain ain't such hot stuff either. By Dave Allsopp

It's the Stupidity, Stupid
October 7, 2004 · When the President of the United States is placed out of reach of his stage handlers and asked to think on his feet, what you get isn't a performance. What you get is reality. By John Steinberg

A Question of Loyalty
October 6, 2004 · We are at a crossroads. One road leads to disaster and the other to restoration and renewal. But neither road is defined by political differences between the two major parties. By Ernest Partridge

The Whirling Dervishes of the RNC
October 5, 2004 · Watch them spin and spin. Aren't they mesmerizing? Gaze upon the mysterious powers of the Whirling Dervishes of the RNC and forget what you saw in the debates. By Steven Vincent

Confessions of a Former Naderhead
October 2, 2004 · Okay, I admit it, I voted for Nader in 2000 - but I'm not going to make that mistake again this year. This year the Democrats and Republicans have managed to put up two of the most dissimilar candidates in recent memory. By Chris Honeycutt

The Choice Should be Clear
October 2, 2004 · Mr. Kerry definitely won the first debate. It'll be a miracle if Mr. Bush shows for the next two. After Thursday's debate, the choice for President of the United States couldn't be any clearer to anyone who truly cares about this country. By Matt Hagin

Rah Rah Bush!
October 1, 2004 · It is the job of a cheerleader to look at the bright side, even when his team is on the wrong end of a 45-0 score. The job of the cheerleader is not to accurately reflect, in voice and body language, the debacle unfolding on the playing field. By Dennis Hans

Stockton, USA
October 1, 2004 · I live in a horrible dichotomy. Most of my life I have been stuck in a conservative city in what is supposed to be one of the most liberal states in the nation. By Val