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The Choice Should be Clear

October 2, 2004
By Matt Hagin

Mr. Kerry definitely won the first debate. It'll be a miracle if Mr. Bush shows for the next two. After Thursday's debate, the choice for President of the United States couldn't be any clearer to anyone who truly cares about this country.

Because of the rules of the debate, Mr. Kerry was merely using a popgun - and Mr. Bush folded like a cheap lawn chair. If Mr. Kerry would've been able to ask direct questions and have direct rebuttal, Mr. Bush would've had a nervous breakdown. There's no way he could handle it. There is no way Mr. Bush could stand up to anyone to negotiate peace, security, and cooperation with any credibility. He presented no defensible reason why we hit Iraq - repeating his lame message over and over again even though Mr. Kerry cited the 9/11 commission finding that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. No wonder Mr. Bush gives millions of people further reason to hate America - and fear it.

We need someone tough to negotiate our country out of this mess - not a weakling. We need truly democratic and wise leadership at all levels of government, or we will cease to exist as a nation. Why? Because we are at our most divided and our leadership is the weakest in history. We do not need a bunch of yes-men saying 'Good Job Mr. President'. We need big-picture people. Right now.

Anybody who thinks Mr. Bush won it either didn't see the debate (and may be relying on corporate media or right wing friends to tell them about it), or they actually saw it and they're lying. Perhaps they are as ignorant as Mr. Bush, influenced by a family member, delusional, or scared. Or maybe they've been misled into thinking that he is some kind of God-inspired patriot.

But that's still no excuse. Perhaps they simply do not care enough about this country to make the sacrifices needed to get us back on track. One of those sacrifices is admitting they have followed the wrong leader for four years - a leader who simply does not believe in doing the right thing.

Another sacrifice is making the time available to fully research and evaluate everything the Bush Administration has stood for. To remain ignorant of what they have done to harm our world reputation, quality of life, and security is true dereliction of duty. If Mr. Bush's supporters would only get off their duffs and look about themselves - they would find out who the real flip-flopper is. They would honestly find George W. Bush not fit to be our leader and vote accordingly.

Can America be saved? Yes.

Think for yourself. Vote for your Life this election. Make the Right Choice.

Choose John Kerry for President.

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