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Substance Over Style
September 30, 2004 · The Bush campaign is shamelessly trying to lower debate expectations - again - even though Bush has served as President the past four years. After four years in office shouldn't the standard be higher than "I'm still not as dumb as you think?" By Bennet G. Kelley

Victims of a Lie
September 30, 2004 · We who know the horror of a war based on a lie must do everything in our power to stop this madness. By Thomas M. Braun

George W. Bush's Iraq
September 29, 2004 · Iraq is in utter chaos right now. What progress is Bush pleased with? The non-stop fighting in Fallujah? The near-daily deaths of American troops? By Scott C. Smith

Bush Rehearses for Debate: The Mysterious Transcript
September 29, 2004 · Nobody knows how the young girl mysteriously got backstage at George W. Bush's practice session for the first presidential debate. Perhaps she's the one who planted the bottles of Evian water, the ones with "EM KNIRD" written in reverse letters at the bottom. In any event, Bush and his assistants apparently all drank from the bottles, and behaved most irregularly. Satire by Bernard Weiner

Billionaires for Bush
September 29, 2004 · While Bush claims to lower Americans' taxes, he is really shifting the burden to state and local governments, which usually have tax policies that hurt the middle class more. By Jackson Thoreau

Bush's Last Stand
September 28, 2004 · George W. Bush likes to compare himself to historical figures, his favorite is Winston Churchill. Personally I think he is much more like a famous American military leader - General George Armstrong Custer. By Steven Vincent

To Influence Swing Voters, Act Locally
September 28, 2004 · Even in this age of 24 hour cable news and instant news on the Internet, people still look to the local paper for news that pertains to their day to day life. By Dan Gougherty

Like Dogs in the Night
September 25, 2004 · Karl Rove is out of control. He has gone beyond the pale and, quite possibly, beyond the law in leaks and attacks on those perceived to be a threat to the current regime. It's time for Americans -- both Democrat and Republican -- to wake up and face the truth -- we are struggling under the heel of a morally bankrupt, rabid right-wing pre-World War II Germany facist cult. By Sheila Samples

How is it That...?
September 25, 2004 · How is that George Bush can go to the United Nations and ask the international community to contribute more troops, materials and monies to the stabilization of Iraq and he is lauded as being "Presidential," and yet when John Kerry makes the same requests he is deemed as being delusional? By Michael Shannon

Symbionts and Parasites
September 24, 2004 · With the rise of so-called "neo-conservatism," the investing class has transformed itself from a symbiont - prospering conjointly with its producer-partner, into a parasite - impoverishing its host, the workers, and thus, eventually, itself. By Ernest Partridge

Fool Me Twice - Shame on Me!
September 24, 2004 · Bush and his cadre of cheerleaders attempt to convince us that progress is being made in Iraq. I can only wonder what episode of Fantasy Island they are talking about. By Jack Dalton

A Fresh Start
September 23, 2004 · Thirty-five years ago, John Kerry was on the right side of the debate over the most disastrous war of choice in U.S. history. If there is to be a fresh start for us, in Iraq or anywhere, it will not come with George W. Bush in the White House. By Raul Groom

Which Was Worse?
September 22, 2004 · It is a good thing the forged TANG documents did not have more far reaching consequences for this country. Imagine if our President did something like this. By Steven Vincent

Le Monde a L'Envers
September 22, 2004 · Day after day, the Bush administration is leading this country to certain disaster. By David P. Leaf

How to Beat Karl Rove on Election Day
September 21, 2004 · The Rove-led forces have proved time and time again that they are expert at pulling off electoral scams and criminal slimes, and there is every reason to believe that they'll do whatever it takes to keep themselves in power for at least another four years. By Bernard Weiner

Young Goodman Bush
September 21, 2004 · On a fair November morn, Young Goodman Bush bid adieu to his child bride, Laura, for the day. She knew nothing of his business in the woods, but she begged him to be careful and return safely to their cozy little cottage in the Texan wilderness. Satire by Trevor Seigler

Open Secret—Utter Failure
September 18, 2004 · Rove keeps throwing lies-encrusted bones toward the John Kerry campaign to see if the Kerryites will go fetch , thus keeping them from retrieving the one, big, juicy, chew toy that holds the key to Kerry’s success: Bush’s file, stamped in big red letters, “OPEN SECRET—UTTER FAILURE.” By Mark Drolette

My Letter On behalf of Mrs. Niederer
September 18, 2004 · I had the misfortune of witnessing on network television the arrest of a Mrs. Sue Niederer for speaking out during a speech by the First Lady. It made me so angry I was compelled to write a letter to the president. By sffreeways

John Kerry's Moral Advantage on Iraq
September 17, 2004 · John Kerry's heroic service in Vietnam and courageous opposition upon his return from war empower him to say with authority that sacrificing more young Americans will not honor those already fallen in Bush's costly misadventure. By Doug Snider

The Courage to Change One's Mind
September 17, 2004 · Bush's rigidity over the quickly deteriorating situation in Iraq is resulting in the continued deaths of American servicemen and innocent Iraqi civilians. Perhaps if Bush and the neo-cons had not been so resolute in their unilateral approach to diplomacy we could get help from some of our friends, if we have any left. By Dan Gougherty

Smashing the Filter
September 16, 2004 · The right-wing have one tactic left - end the election before it occurs. Demoralize Kerry's supporters into thinking that victory is impossible. Keep turnout low, and keep the masses uneducated and uninformed. By PermanentRevolution

September 16, 2004 · Bush has marketed himself as the Hollywood image of a true Texan without having any idea what true Texans go through, all while mocking Hollywood's political influences. By Rush Roberts

Ignorance In Action
September 15, 2004 · If history has taught us anything, it is that any and all attempts at reform will be met with bitter opposition from society's conservatives - although they never admit to it in retrospect. By John A. Olmsted

The Great Pall and its Fall: A Not-So-Grim Tale
September 14, 2004 · Once upon a time, seemingly out of nowhere, a Great Pall settled over the world. Marauding religious fanatics tried to force their rule on their citizens and neighbors. Scientific thinking and logic were regarded with suspicion. Greed held sway. By Bernard Weiner

Bush and My Old Man
September 14, 2004 · Bush reminds me of my old man. I've never met George Bush, but then, I never met my father. You don't have to shake hands with a hurricane to understand disaster. By John Cory

1000 Points of Light
September 11, 2004 · George H. W. Bush put forward an idea in 1988, based on the phrase "a thousand points of light." Sixteen years later we have another Bush in the White House who has contributed another 1000 points of light. By Steven Vincent

The Many Fascists of Evil
September 11, 2004 · I recently spent some rare quality time with my partner in our kitchen on a humid, hazy Boston afternoon. While we waited for dinner to cook, the conversation veered toward domestic politics. By William Harris

Who Will Save the Children?
September 10, 2004 · The Bush Administration has systematically left millions of children behind through their uneven and flat out uncaring policies. By Mark Sullivan

When the Fiends Cry "Kill!"
September 10, 2004 · Bush is emboldened by the fact that the media will accept, even promote, his lies while parsing and twisting every word uttered by his opponent. By Sheila Samples

A Gleeful Shallow Throat Reveals "Rehnquist's Defeat-Bush Memo"
September 10, 2004 · I hadn't heard from Shallow Throat in nearly three months. The high-ranking mole in the Bush Administration contacted me last week... By Bernard Weiner

Pravda on the Potomac
September 9, 2004 · George W. Bush's administration, arguably the most incompetent and corrupt in US history, is given a free pass by the media. Had the current management of the Washington Post been in charge during the Watergate burglary, Richard Nixon would no doubt have finished his term, unexposed and unpunished. By Ernest Partridge

Four More Years
September 8, 2004 · Zell Miller has convinced me. It is wrong to challenge a sitting president during a war. We should all accept that George W Bush is our Commander-in-Chief and follow his example and trust him to lead us to victory. By TICAP

Purple Hearts and Bandages
September 7, 2004 · What have the chickenhawks been teaching you about honor and sacrifice, Pat Peale? Nothing, from what I can see. By punpirate

Hey, Swing Voters! Truth Is NOT "Relative"
September 7, 2004 · This surrender to relativism and supposed subjectivity permits patently absurd notions to masquerade as a legitimate "points of view." It is, frankly, how right-wing nut jobs like the Swift Boat people can legitimize their baseless nonsense. By Thomas P. Straw

It's Hard to Be a Democrat
September 3, 2004 · We Democrats are fighting to restore our democracy on a field that is rigged against us. By Todd Smyth

Republicans - the Party of Inclusion?
September 3, 2004 · Now that I know the Republican party is one of loving acceptance and non-judgemental support, I feel foolish for all of my pre-conceived prejudices. By Steven Vincent

A Letter to Ed Gillespie
September 3, 2004 · Dear Ed: Thanks for sending me a signed photograph of the President with your letter requesting a donation to the RNC to help re-elect Mr. Bush. By Gilbert Johnston

A True American Story
September 2, 2004 · It is a very real problem in this country when people are being conditioned to support those who would spit on them. It needs to stop. By Mark Sullivan

Pardon Me: The "Get Out of Jail Free" Game
September 2, 2004 · The current Bush administration seems likely to make its historical debut as the most secretive and corrupt administration since the turn of the last century. By Weldon Berger

Concerning Vietnam
September 1, 2004 · I'm glad that the Swift Boat Veterans came forward, because although their intention was to tarnish John Kerry's military record, what they've done is shine a spotlight on it. By Aden Nak

The End of History?
September 1, 2004 · I continue to be amazed, baffled, and saddened by the utter ignorance of people who still plan to vote for George W. Bush in the coming election. By Jim Wilkeson