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Fool Me Twice - Shame on Me!

September 24, 2004
By Jack Dalton

George W. Bush tells us that freedom and democracy are on the way in Iraq, with the upcoming elections offered as proof positive of future success.

This is, of course, according to Bush and the spin provided by his teams of "perception managers." Listening to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their cadre of cheerleaders attempt to convince us - the American public, the voting public - that progress is being made in Iraq, I can only wonder what episode of Fantasy Island they are talking about.

They sure are not describing the reality on the ground in Iraq, at least not according to what I have been reading - and not according to the letters I've received from veterans of this war in Iraq. They tell a story of chaos, instability, death and destruction, and a lack of everything from equipment to food and water.

I remember years ago when Nixon, Gen. Westmoreland and the rest of their "marvelous mob" kept telling the American public how well things were going in Vietnam. That, yes, there were a lot of people being killed, but we must not let that deter us from achieving victory. After all, better to fight the Vietnamese there than let them come here to the U.S. to wage war.

Sound familiar? Different war of choice, but the same deceptive language is being employed.

The truth of what is happening on the ground in Iraq, and here in the U.S. as a result of this Bush/Cheney war of choice, is in direct contradiction to their badly written Fantasy Island episode. People are dying and being killed in wholesale numbers and all Bush does is to pontificate on how we must "stay the course."

Over 1,037 dead U.S. troops - 60 dead so far this month alone, with the month not over yet - how many more? The wounded and those medically evacuated out of Iraq are over 24,000 - how many more?

Bush has yet to show any loyalty or respect to those he sent off to die in Iraq; while he talks about honoring the troops, he still refuses to attend even so much as one funeral for those that have been killed in his war of choice in Iraq.

This war has turned Iraq into what it was not, ground zero for fools and fanatics - theirs and ours. This war is rapidly becoming a meat grinder for all that are there, and is driving Iraq closer and closer to breaking into three very distinct and separate regions, areas, states, or whatever you what to label them.

In the meantime tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, over half of whom are women and children, are paying the ultimate price - their lives.

But, Bush tells all how freedom and democracy are on the march in Iraq. Oh really? At the rate people are being killed, Iraq will soon become free - free of all human life.

All of this death is a direct result of an invasion/war that was based on lies and deception. No WMDs, no Saddam-9/11 connection, no nothing - just a continuous stream of "trust and obey" from Bush and company.

40 years ago this nation was deceived into the Vietnam War. We now know, thanks to the Pentagon Papers, how bad and deep the deception was. Even after the expose it still took another 2-3 years before it was finally over - with more than 58,000 dead Americans and over 2 million Vietnamese dead as a result of that bogus war.

Now, today, we hear all the same catchphrases from the Vietnam war days being repeated by Bush and company: "better to fight them there than here," "we must stay the course," "our safety depends on it," "promote freedom and democracy," "if we cut and run our credibility will be at stake," "winning the hearts and minds," - the list is seemingly endless.

In the meantime the bodies are piling up like cordwood - like some kind of grotesque monument to the Bush war of choice in Iraq. Will we sit back in silence as another 58,000 names are written on another wall?

Bush refused to listen to anyone prior to the Iraq invasion. Many attempted to explain that invading Iraq would open a Pandora's Box of insurgency and urban warfare; it would in effect destabilize the region. Bush would not listen and now Iraq is an unmitigated disaster. He still refuses to listen and continues his pontificating on how "progress" is being made. Bush is either brain dead, on drugs, or both if he really believes that progress is being made in Iraq.

The Iraqi people are being decimated, as are the U.S. troops that Bush sent to Iraq. Bush and company do not care how many die. All they care about are Iraq with its oil and gas and the bases the U.S. will have there so as to better control the entire region, with the aid of Israel. Look out Iran.

This war has become more a war on poor people by the rich power-brokers than a war for freedom and democracy, and in the process Bush is bankrupting our national treasury.

Wake up America! The barbarians are no longer at the gate - they've taken over the house.

Jack Dalton is a disabled Vietnam veteran and freelance writer that lives in Portland, Oregon. He can be reached thru his web site at He also has a blog thru Raw Story at He welcomes all comments, good, bad or ugly. While not all are answered, all are read. His email address is

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