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JUNE 2004

The Grand Inquisitor Revisited
June 29, 2004 · Surely, the President hardly could have expected to be called upon personally to lie so often and so frequently. But with recent events in Iraq demanding press conferences, an annoying job requirement that in the past he had so religiously avoided, the weight of the deception is clearly pressing down on George W's shoulders. By D. A. Blyler

Cheney's Colorful Comment
June 29, 2004 · An adult understands that the purpose of civility is to maintain an environment that allows for communication, compromise, cooperation and reconciliation between people who are currently at odds with each other. Such an environment is an assumed pre-condition for our system of government. Deliberative government is impossible in the absence of this environment. It seems to me it would be important that the Vice President of the United States understand this. By Max Udargo

Truth and Freedom, Slip-Sliding Away
June 29, 2004 · It is a fallacy that the American people don't like to be lied to by their leaders. We love it. Thrive on it. Die for it. Remember Poppy's 1991 incubator babies - Iraqi troops amassed on the Saudi border? Remember the millions who died, not just during the war, but as a result of relentless bombing and cruel sanctions for 12 long years until Junior could get back in there and finish the job? Remember who was secretary of defense back then? By Sheila Samples

Iraqi Sovereignty Doesn't Pass the Duck Test
June 29, 2004 · There is a saying that if something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. This is sometimes called the duck test. Monday, two days ahead of schedule, Iraq was declared a sovereign state. It doesn't pass the duck test. By Jack Rabbit

Unravel This!
June 29, 2004 · It's certainly no secret that the radical right was on the rise for years before it finally found its way into the White House. Those who are dismayed to watch what's happening now also tend to find it baffling: "How do they think they can get away with that - what can they possibly be thinking?" By Terry Dyke

The Essence of Addiction
June 26, 2004 · Americans have a problem when it comes to oil. We seem to think that fossil fuel consumption is our God given substance and we show no signs of trying to deal with our addiction to it. By David Leaf

The Worst is Yet to Come
June 25, 2004 · The problems of veterans who have been released from the military after wartime service does not get much attention. Now we have a new generation of soldiers who will have to deal with reality upon their return. By David Leaf

Shallow Throat to Dems: Don't Torture Bush, Just Abuse Him
June 25, 2004 · Dems need to stop gloating over Bush's scandals and the deteriorating situation in Iraq dragging down his numbers, and to quit thinking it's going to be easy to win a landslide. We need to work our butts off between now and November, and be willing to spend the necessary money to do so, if we want to send this vicious crowd packing. By Bernard Weiner

New York Times and Cheney Once Were Sweethearts
June 24, 2004 · How our newspaper of record and the vice president, with an assist from NBC's Tim Russert, teamed up to spread the myth of the Iraqi connection to 9-11. By Dennis Hans

Declaring Victory Does Not Make It So
June 24, 2004 · We all know the one that says, "victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan." Well that old saw remains true as far as it goes but - if you will pardon the familial pun - we seem to have forgotten that before defeat can truly become an orphan somebody on the losing side has to cry, "Uncle." By Michael Shannon

Bill O'Reilly's Final Solution
June 23, 2004 · Bill O'Reilly is openly advocating for genocidal tactics to be used against civilians - proposals that would kill millions of civilians if they were carried out. By Thomas Wheeler

For the Love of Freedom
June 22, 2004 · Bush's "good vs. evil" rhetoric serves to cover up the ugly truth - that while the citizenry of America is generally in favor of truth and justice, our government has been betraying us abroad for many, many years. This is a hard fact for many people to fully come to terms with. And when the alternative of, "We're good and they're evil!" is presented, it's very tempting to take that quick and easy route to absolution. By Aden Nak

Control Room: Adding Fairness and Balance to the US Media's portayal of the 'War on Terror'
June 22, 2004 · The revelations in the new documentary "Control Room" are, to say the very least, quite surprising. The tortured consciences and difficult dilemmas of the staff of Al Jazeera are shown - at least in this film - to be a great deal more thoughtful than the "vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable... mouthpiece of Osama bin Laden" that Donald Rumsfeld and other US officials have painted them to be. By Brad Friedman

Moving America Backwards: Censoring Michael Moore
June 19, 2004 · If the group Move America Forward has its way, come June 25th you will not be able to see Michael Moore's new film, Fahrenheit 9/11. Why? Well, the main reason seems to be that they do not like what Michael Moore has to say about America, and being freedom-loving Americans, they want to pressure movie theater chains not to screen the film. By Scott C. Smith

The Bush Administration Makes Another Mistake
June 19, 2004 · If the Pentagon's drastically flawed Patterns of Global Terrorism Report was evidence that the actions of the Bush administration are winning the "war on terror," does that mean that the correct data shows that we are actually losing the "war on terror" and that the actions of the Bush administration are resulting in more terrorist attacks around the world? By Keith Vance

Connect the Dots Between Iraq and America Through Halliburton
June 18, 2004 · To fully understand Cheney's role in the administration's war profiteering scheme, all we have to do is follow the money and connect the dots. By Evelyn Pringle

Reagan on Mount Rushmore? Not Good Enough, I Say!
June 18, 2004 · Ronald Reagan on Mount Rushmore? The twenty dollar bill? It demeans the greatness of the man to merely offer him the slot on the twenty. Ronald Reagan should be on the hundred dollar bill and the fifty dollar bill to boot! But not on anything smaller than the ten, because that's just chump change. By Bucky Rea

No Other Way to Say This: Torture Memos Reveal Fascist Mentality
June 17, 2004 · Conveniently buried in the all-Reagan-all-the-time news coverage last week was the smoking-gun revelation, in the so-called torture-memos, that the Bush Administration was actively engaged in setting up a governmental system where Bush becomes the sole law of the land. In this set-up, no court, no legislature, nobody can touch him. He is to be the Supreme Leader. By Bernard Weiner

Reagan, Bush, and the "Evil Other"
June 16, 2004 · Though many people like to say "Bush is no Reagan" (and he isn't), the similarities between them are so significant that they define an entire strategy for moving the country farther and farther right. Like Reagan, Bush has sprayed the air with enough testosterone to affect the national neurology, and the results, though ugly, are not nearly as damning of Reagan and Bush as they are of the national character. By Diane E. Dees

Politics: We Ain't Playin'
June 16, 2004 · The reason that politics is rearing its ugly head in the national security issue is precisely because we think that mistakes have been made and that someone needs to pay the price. By Dennis Jones

The Last Casualty
June 15, 2004 · The notion of empire is still as misguided today as it was when the legions of Rome were marching the earth. America and Great Britain, however, have always been able to rationalize our presence in foreign lands with intellectual constructs. We were wrong, of course, and the deadly lesson, whether it was learned by Her Majesty's armies in Africa or American troops in Vietnam, is that the occupied never want to be occupied. By James C. Moore

No Backing Down
June 15, 2004 · While many may disagree with Moore's politics and style, he has a right to be heard and now it is great that he has a chance to screen the film. However, it is unconscionable that at every turn, attempts are made to silence him and I feel that this administration has fomented this culture. By James C. Moore

Henry and George
June 12, 2004 · Ever since George Bush led us into this dreadful war, we've heard occasional references to Shakespeare's Henry V  from the punditocracy. Like the unpromising wastrel Prince Hal, Chris Matthews told us, the shallow frat-boy, George, had been transformed into a great and inspiring leader. Which is simply not true. By Ernest Partridge

Moral Relativism: It's not just for liberals anymore
June 12, 2004 · Moral relativism is a concept that right-wingers frequently accuse liberals of. Basically it's living life not governed by the rules of morality; making up the rules as you go along. Conservatives seem to think that only they live their lives based on a strict code of morals and ethics. By Scott C. Smith

News Dispatch from 2032
June 11, 2004 · An abnormality in the sun's gravitational field Thursday resulted in a small portion of an American news program from the future to be received by several television sets in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico and Del Rio, Texas. The program appears to originate from the year 2032. The following is a transcript... Satire by Ian Watson

Everything Old is New Again
June 11, 2004 · The current attempts by government to restrict individual rights are in line with the aims of HUAC and the fascists who supported that committee. The rightist aims of the Bush administration are not new or unique to our times - they're actually as old as the desires of the robber barons of the Gilded Age. By punpirate

Meet Cathy Diebold
June 11, 2004 · Georgia's Secretary of State, Cathy Cox, could easily be considered the official Poster Girl for Diebold Election Systems, Inc. She is defending the statewide implementation of Direct Record Electronic (DRE) voting machines, more commonly known as touch screen voting, in the face of overwhelming evidence of security flaws and unreliable performance. By Denis Wright

He Was a Hack
June 10, 2004 · While the official particulars of Tenet's resignation have yet to be established, the ignominy of his exit is not in doubt. Kennedy once said of Nixon, "He went out like he came in. No class." It could just as easily be said of Tenet that he went out like he came in - a useless tub of guts whose only real talent was deflecting political heat, however temporarily, from the man at whose pleasure he served. By Raul Groom

Crossing the Line
June 10, 2004 · Without boundaries, and without meaning, the marvelous human mind is reduced to the dysfunctional output of a sophisticated animal brain. And there is no animal more dangerous - to itself and to others - than a dysfunctional human being. By Violet Lake

Bush Scandals 2004
June 9, 2004 · There are so many Bush Administration scandals and so little time to figure them all out. So here are some succinct questions with clear answers to explain them. By Bernard Weiner

Class Warfare
June 9, 2004 · You have to admire the Republican Party's flexibility. No matter what kind of person the Democrats nominate as their presidential candidate, that kind of person is bad. Hardscrabble background in Arkansas? No class. Wealthy Bostonian? Aristocrat who thinks his you-know-what doesn't stink. By Woody Mena

Fox News Presents: Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004
June 8, 2004 · Ronald Reagan, the greatest president in the history of the Republic, was taken bodily into Heaven on Saturday at the age of 93. Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois, in 1911. The first 30 years of his life, like the first 30 years of Jesus, are largely shrouded in mystery. Satire by James A. Bartlett

Reagan Redux
June 8, 2004 · We have forgotten Reagan's birth and will soon forget his death as well. He will become an eternal brave and smiling president: dentures and a cowboy hat hovering over the Potomac like a Cheshire cat. By David Swanson

Mourning in America
June 8, 2004 · Undoubtedly the desperate Right will twist history any way they can to draw some kind of inevitable tortured positive comparison between Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. But I think the trick is now unlikely to gain much traction. The vast differences between the real McCoy and the boy Pretender are now simply all too clear. By Brad Friedman

Counting On The Fear Premium
June 5, 2004 · Although we are now being told that Iraq's oil output is higher than the prewar levels, one might logically ask where is the dividend to the American people, especially given the fact that oil prices were lower in April 2003 than they are now? By Richard A. Stitt

Calling Iraq the center of the War on Terrorism does not make it so
June 5, 2004 · We were making progress on the War on Terrorism. But, in the middle of the War on Terrorism, we invaded Iraq. Why? It seems that there were individuals within the Adminsitration, and Bush himself, that had planned on getting Saddam Hussein before they ever came into office. By kentuck

The Evil of Banality
June 4, 2004 · "Get over it" means "Get used to it." While they work hard to intimidate those who dissent, the current administration is also going to try, once the initial shock has passed, to convince everyone that only the most irrational crackpot could object to the seismic changes they are making in our country. By Pamela Troy

The Other War - The War on Poverty
June 4, 2004 · Our leading export under Bush is a flawed form of democracy coupled with a perverted version of a free market economy to a people unwilling to import these western concepts. The cost of this activity is robbing the programs that aid the American poor until our priorities are defined otherwise hopefully in November. By Bob Volpitto

Shortchanging our Nation's Brave: Bush's Empty Handshake to Veterans for Services Rendered
June 3, 2004 · On Memorial Day, I flipped on the TV just in time to catch President George Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield bellying up to the podium to give their speeches at the beautiful and somber Arlington National Cemetery. For the first time in my life, I watched a Memorial Day service with a growing sense of anger - even outrage. By Vincent L. Guarisco

"Cannot Tell a Lie" vs. "Cannot Tell the Truth"
June 3, 2004 · George W. Bush's deceit goes beyond a few simple misstatements or stretching the truth done by most politicians. With Bush and other administration officials, lying has become a long-documented pattern, a policy as sure as tax cuts for the rich, blood for oil, and world domination. By Kevin L. Shay

Quicker Than Vietnam, and "Worse Than Watergate"
June 2, 2004 · The speed with which the anti-war forces have coalesced and influenced the general mood of the country about Iraq has amazed the peace-movement. "Amazed" because it took years and years for those of us active in the anti-Vietnam War period to educate the general public to the point where they could even consider that their leaders might have lied to them and led the country into an unwinnable war. By Bernard Weiner

The Art of Denial
June 2, 2004 · Since the launch of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" fourteen months ago, over 800 American troops have been killed and thousands more injured. Not that you'd know it from the conservative pundits and politicians. By Scott C. Smith

Win-Win Spin-Spin
June 1, 2004 · The GOP Win-Win Spin-Spin: The same set of plans no matter what the circumstances. They want what they want, and it has nothing to do with you or me, or the "problem" they claim to be trying to solve. By Brad Friedman

When Will Grandpa Come Home?
June 1, 2004 · Reaching deep into the undermanned, under-trained, under-equipped and aging military reserves, Bush is faced with the Hobson's choice of sending more troops to Iraq or abandoning and failing that country by leaving it to the Shiite and Sunni clerics whose goal has always been to establish a theocracy based upon oppressive Islamic orthodoxy. By Richard A. Stitt

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