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MAY 2004

The Strange Case of Dr. Ahmed Chalabi
May 28, 2004 · And so, in the midst of a half dozen or so other calamities that made its final whimper almost inaudible, the maniacal neoconservative bid to take over the world crashed into the dust. By Raul Groom

The America I Know
May 28, 2004 · Considering the lofty nature of America's assignment, it should come as no surprise that some of her citizens interpret their good fortune as a divine mandate to rule other peoples. They represent the regressive forces of civilization, whose discredited ideologies are clearly at odds with America's natural calling. By Violet Lake

The Story Judith Miller Got Right
May 28, 2004 · The New York Times has finally acknowledged the serious flaws in many of the stories written by Judith Miller and other staff reporters about Iraq's alleged WMD programs. If that had been all that Miller wrote about in recent years, her career would be in jeopardy. But within the time frame of her WMD coverage she penned several solid stories for the sports department. One is regarded as the greatest scoop in the history of Times sports. Satire by Dennis Hans

Oil Wars
May 27, 2004 · During campaign 2000, Bush promised Americans an energy plan that would reduce prices at the pumps. But here we are four years later, saddled with the highest gas prices in US history. Bush's failed energy policies have already cost the average household $500 a year. And even though higher oil prices pose a serious threat to America's overall prosperity, Bush has not lifted one finger to stop the escalating costs. By Evelyn Pringle

The Leadership of George W. Bush
May 27, 2004 · George W. Bush's re-election campaign is underway, and the Bush camp has but one platform to run on: Bush's supposed leadership in the war on terror, and his leadership as the President of the United States. Yet George W. Bush's concept of leadership is to delegate everything, spend a lot of time napping, and then blame someone else when something horrible happens. By Scott C. Smith

Bush Has a Plan - Really
May 26, 2004 · So Bush has a "war aftermath plan." He only waited until more than a year after "major combat" was supposedly over to fill in Americans about his plan. Could it be because his approval rating is fast approaching single digits? By Kismet Oz

If You Can't Say Something Nice...
May 25, 2004 · In keeping with our national zeitgeist of misdirected rage and futile political gesticulation, I offer a proposition: a Constitutional amendment that would make Ann Coulter the official spokesperson for the Republican Party. By Michael Haddock

United States Grammar School Interim Report to Parents
May 25, 2004 · Dear Mr. and Mrs. G.H.W. Bush, once again, it is that time of year when we update the parents of our students on their child's progress, and we regret to inform you that your son, Georgie, is not doing as well as we'd hoped and expected when he embarked on his four-year program at our school. By Nancy Gregg

Morality Play
May 22, 2004 · The curtain rises. A man in a white Stetson calls out a skulking varmint in a black beret. They square off on a dusty road near a Basra waterhole, and draw. The bad guy topples, the locals cheer, and the man in the Stetson vanishes into an aircraft carrier, mission accomplished. The curtain falls. By grl2watch

How to lie, cheat, steal, torture, and murder your way to the pinnacle of the moral high ground
May 22, 2004 · All the time that the right was trash-talking about their opponents, they were triumphing their own great moral strength and character. They knew right from wrong. The President knows "Just where I want to lead this country". By virtue of their moral superiority, they were above the mistakes of lesser, failed people. By Kevin Cloyd

Voting is for Young People
May 21, 2004 · The votes of a lot of young people could achieve regime change in the presidential election on November 2nd. Voting is one small step in the larger effort to bring about the massive social change that we need. This year young people have a greater incentive to vote and work for change than at any time in decades. Old people are now implementing policies that will have big effects far into the future. By Randy Schutt

The Half-Assed Fascists
May 21, 2004 · I've come to the conclusion that Bush just isn't much of a fascist. No, really, don't laugh. Many of my leftist friends think Bush is Hitler arisen, but really, let's get serious. These incompetent idiots make Mussolini look like Alexander the Great. By The Watcher

Dick Cheney: Soft on Defense
May 20, 2004 · The Bush campaign has accused John Kerry of voting for proposals to cut defense programs. Never mind that the cuts were presented to Kerry back in 1991 by Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, and Colin Powell. By Evelyn Pringle

Alleged War Crimes in Falluja
May 20, 2004 · Media outlets around the world are filled with stories about the war crimes perpetrated in Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad by US forces, but it's abundantly clear a new war crime investigation will have to be initiated soon: allegations on the slaughter of Iraqi civilians during the siege of Falluja. By Joseph Arrieta

Playing the CYA Game
May 19, 2004 · Seymour Hersh didn't suddenly appear fullblown on the war-on-terror horizon. Even though Richard Perle labeled him as "the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist," Hersh is quite simply the most respected investigative journalist in America, if not the world, today. Hersh has forced Team Bush to huddle and look at their game plan - which didn't take long, since there are only three rules in their "Cover-Your-Ass" game. By Sheila Samples

Escaping the Maelstrom
May 19, 2004 · Don't know about you, but for me the political events of the past several weeks have been a kind of nightmare experience. It's like we're in a vortex of violence and cruelty, a maelstrom where our leaders' mendacity and bungling behavior drag us down in a terrible, dangerous swirl. By Bernard Weiner

The Dupe of Oil
May 19, 2004 · According to recent statistics in the daily business news, the increase in energy prices will cost consumers a minimum of $50 billion before the end of this year. That is $50 billion less that customers will have to spend in Wal Mart and other stores on consumer products. By Richard A. Stitt

Can We Endure Four More Years of Misery?
May 18, 2004 · For over three years, all we've heard about is tax cuts, tax cuts, and more tax cuts. When is Bush going to admit that his tax cuts have done nothing to stimulate the economy or produce job growth and come up with a plan B? By Evelyn Pringle

Labor Media May Be Our Best Hope Against the Corporate Version
May 18, 2004 · The labor media may be the secret weapon that our other "alternative" media, as well as activist organizations whose work is ignored, need if they are to become more than alternative. The potential reaches beyond what we can reasonably expect to achieve through current media reform efforts, and does so by truly allowing working Americans to become the media. By David Swanson

Inhofe Already!
May 15, 2004 · Of all possible reactions to the news of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse and the uproar it has caused, Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe's outrage is perhaps the most shocking, not because the Republican Senator has expressed outrage at the atrocities that were committed by American soldiers, but because he had the unbelievable gall to take umbrage at those who have responded to these incidents with horror and dismay. By Alex Hacker

The Bush Campaign's Attack Dog in Chief
May 15, 2004 · Cheney, who's only experience with military service comes from sending other people's children off to die, has the gall to question Kerry's ability to handle matters of defense and national security, and his suitability to be commander-in-chief during a time of war. By Evelyn Pringle

How to Beat a Fixed Election
May 14, 2004 · John Kerry and his Democratic Party may have the votes, but the other side has the machines that record and count the votes. How can the Democrats win? A win over the Bushevik regime is not impossible, but it will be difficult and it will require considerable persistence and initiative. Here are a few suggestions. By Ernest Partridge

Democracy Muffled
May 14, 2004 · Even before the prison scandal, the nation's international credibility was at an all-time low due to its flagrantly dishonest presentation of its case for war against Saddam Hussein. Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, the Bush White House is neither listened to nor trusted in many areas around the world. By Nancy Waterman

Stand By Your Man
May 14, 2004 · If Rumsfeld were a man of honor, he'd step down. Unfortunately, many in Bush's cabinet are far too arrogant to do anything like take responsibility for abhorrent behavior committed by people under them. By Scott C. Smith

The Ballad of Lynndie England
May 13, 2004 · Once upon a time the king came down to the village and told the villagers that there was a monster living across the sea. The king said that an army had to be assembled, to bring across the sea to kill the monster. By Joshua Shelov

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Democrats?
May 13, 2004 · Conservatives, clearly an important pillar of Bush support if he is to still have a chance of winning in November, seem to be going rather wobbly on the old boy. I'm talking about real conservatives here, not the Hannitys, Limbaughs and other ersatz armchair faux "conservatives" who wouldn't know real conservatism if it came up and bit them on their Goldwaters. By Brad Friedman

The Problem of the Military Mindset
May 12, 2004 · We have taught the soldiers, as we do in every war, that the enemy is not human... and then put the same soldiers in charge of the prison camps. This is why combat troops make lousy policemen. By Hawker Hurricane

How the Mighty Have Fallen
May 12, 2004 · I have long been personally aware of the "damned if we do and damned if we don't" position in which Bush has put the loyal opposition. Due to the fact that the stakes are so high - environmentally, economically, fiscally and of course, in regards to foreign affairs and national defense - as a patriot it was impossible for me to wish him to fail. That he would fail was never in question. By Michael Shannon

Car Keys or Underwear?
May 12, 2004 · So there I was looking for some of my missing freedoms and wondering if they were going to wind up like my car keys, which I always end up finding, or my underwear, which get lost in some as yet unexplained black hole. Satire by Joe Fields

Who is Responsible?
May 11, 2004 · No matter how one felt about the wisdom and morality of invading Iraq, the barbarism that took place in Abu Ghraib cannot be defended. This is an affair that brings dishonor and disgrace to Americans. By Jack Rabbit

It's Not Too Late
May 11, 2004 · The expanded executive and judicial powers contained in the USA Patriot Act and its companion, Patriot Act II, must be rejected. The only way they can and should be rejected is to jettison the entire arrogant and dictatorial Bush/Cheney anti-Constitutional government. By Richard A. Stitt

The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Killed
May 11, 2004 · The Iraq war has cost upward of $120 billion so far, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Every month, Bush's war costs our future children and grandchildren an additional $4.7 billion. That's more than $100,000 per minute, 24 hours a day, until we are finally able to leave Iraq years or decades down the road. By Padraigh18

Who's Sorry Now?
May 11, 2004 · When a few soldiers discovered Saddam Hussein, it wasn't spoken of as "the actions of a few soldiers." Nope, their Commander in Chief was right there accepting kudos. When a few soldiers rough up Iraqi POWs, however, it's nothing more than the actions of a few soldiers. By Kevin Dawson

Horrid Thoughts about Horrid Leaders
May 8, 2004 · Once Bush&Co. make up their minds, it's full speed ahead. It they run into a brick wall, they'll back and fill and try to go around another way, but the ultimate goal remains to get to where they wanted to get to originally and, by golly, they will get there - even if it requires them, stealthlike, to pretend for a while that they're changing their destination. By Bernard Weiner

The Children's Crusade
May 8, 2004 · We have sent our children on a crusade of dubious value and purpose. We instructed them in who to kill and gave them reasons to do so, specious as those reasons may have been. We encouraged them to devalue the lives of others for purely political purposes. We helped teach them how to do these things of which we are now so ashamed and paid for those miseries with our taxes. By punpirate

Continuing to Kill the Messenger
May 8, 2004 · If the right hopes to remain anywhere within the American mainstream after all of this nonsense eases up, they would be wise to re-examine their own self-proclaimed set of "American values" as they continue to perpetrate reprehensible attacks on the messenger instead of the message. By Brad Friedman

The New Guy Line
May 8, 2004 · The NRA crowd, who constantly tell us that you won't make guns disappear by criminalizing them, that they may indeed become less safe, should realize that the same holds true of abortions. By Kevin Dawson

Every Picture Tells a Story
May 7, 2004 · Let's not kid ourselves. If there had been no photographs, if all it had been was words on paper or the recorded testimony of witnesses and victims, there would be barely a ripple in the public consciousness. This outcry over Abu Ghraib is not about compassion, it's about our own embarrassment. By Pamela Troy

Our Last Chance to Get it Right?
May 7, 2004 · Make no mistake: we have lost whatever moral authority we once had in Iraq. This is what, the fourth or fifth major, mission-threatening screwup that occurred simply because our top people are disinterested in unpleasant, unglorious details? By W.V. Micko

Militarism, Fear, and the New Communism
May 7, 2004 · Even though almost three years have passed since the horrendous crime of September 11, we still seem to be focusing so much on investigating how it happened, that we've carefully avoided any real examination of why it happened. By Bret T. Saalwaechter

When John Negroponte was Mullah Omar
May 6, 2004 · It turns out that Mullah Omar has much in common with - may even have patterned his career after - John Negroponte, the veteran U.S. diplomat who's about to be confirmed as our Ambassador to Iraq, where he'll oversee the largest embassy and CIA station in the world. By Dennis Hans

It Ain't Over But It's Lost
May 6, 2004 · Oh what a difference a year makes. On May 1, 2003 George Bush pulled off one of the most audacious, over-the-top stunts in the sordid history of political grandstanding. On May 1, 2004, Mr. Bush announced to a decidedly less receptive audience that the United States and its coalition allies are "implementing a clear strategy in Iraq." By Michael Shannon

2004 National Republican Convention Schedule
May 6, 2004 · It's the 2004 National Republican Convention Schedule! By Pat Henry

Kerry vs. Bush: More Than a Dime's Worth of Difference
May 5, 2004 · It is a mistake to assess a politician solely on his record, and still worse to condemn him on the basis of a "cherry-picked" list of his worse legislative errors. Far more important, though impossible to quantify, is the measure of the person himself: the intellectual and moral qualities that he might bring to the office. And by these criteria, there is simply no comparison between the candidates. By Ernest Partridge

Taking Secrecy One Step Too Far
May 5, 2004 · As with the presidency itself, in the right hands the role of National Archivist is an honored and noble position. But if the person holding that position has some other agenda, then the potential damage is frightening indeed. By Tab Julius

Kerry Trumps Bush's Shortsighted Energy Policy
May 4, 2004 · While the Bush team is busy running silly Keystone Cops-style commercials which completely mischaracterize Kerry's positions, the Senator from Massachussetts has laid out a thoughtful plan that not only will meet our energy needs of the future, but will eliminate our ties to Mideast oil. By Joe Fields

Bill O'Reilly, Conservatives, and the Culture War
May 4, 2004 · Bill O'Reilly is really offended by the runaway secularists that have, I guess, taken over the world. O'Reilly frequently refers to the culture war. Actually I think it's more accurate to say that Bill O'Reilly whines about the culture wars. All the time, it seems. By Scott C. Smith

Who's French Now, Karen?
May 4, 2004 · Seeing how integral a component Karen Hughes is to the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign, one would expect Hughes to at least, you know, not have been born in France. But she was, as Senator John Kerry was wise to point out. By Robert Furs

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