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Bush Spends Millions to Lie to America
April 24, 2004
By Todd Smyth

Because his own record is such a disaster, George Bush has spent over $50 million dollars to spread lies about John Kerry. One commercial distorts John Kerry's vote on the second appropriations bill for the war in Iraq, accusing Kerry of voting against the troops. When the bill included an amendment to pay for the cost, Senator Kerry voted for it. When the Republicans blocked the first vote, removed the amendment and charged the $87 billion dollar cost to our children, John Kerry voted against the bill. The ad also implies the bill had a line item vote, which it did not. Next time you see the commercial notice how they leave out the sweetheart no-bid contracts for Halliburton.

Another political ad accuses Kerry of voting for a 50 cent gas tax increase, even though no such vote took place in the Senate. Over 10 years ago, when gas prices were much lower, John Kerry was asked by a reporter if he would consider supporting a tax that would reduce our dependence on foreign oil by using the money to invest in alternative energy. John Kerry said he would consider it. Ten years later, with high rising gas prices, John Kerry does not support an increase in the gas tax. This commercial is such an incredible distortion it defies common decency but reveals the bottomless pit of lies George Bush will use to get re-elected.

George Bush has never supported a reduction in the current gas tax and his own foreign policies and methods for going to war in Iraq have caused the increasing price of oil. And yet, Bush is spending millions of dollars to distract the American people from his own failing record.

Bush has made every effort to benefit his richest campaign contributors and then lie and distort to pacify the rest of us. Bush has paid for a phony economic recovery by strapping us with the highest all-time crushing national debt (over $7 trillion dollars). The result of his tax cuts and economic policy is the wholesale give away of our middle-class job market. His "Trickle-down" or "supply-side economic policy" is no longer a viable option in a modern global economy because most of the money and jobs trickle overseas.

Throughout his life, George Bush has used his privilege and family connections to take advantage of other people and get away with it. From his seven month disappearance during his military service, to a flagrant insider trading deal when he was with Harken Energy, George Bush has avoided accountability for his actions. In Bob Woodward's book "Plan of Attack" Woodward asks Bush how history will judge him. Bush responded "History, we don't know. We'll all be dead."

Bob Woodward's recent book is only one of an unprecedented number, written by well known and trusted journalists and former Bush employees who are trying to warn us about what a disaster the Bush administration is. It's hard to understand how thinking, caring people are still supporting what he is doing to our country and the world.

George Bush used the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to go to war in Iraq. He lied about the connection between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. They are actually mortal enemies. At best, he mislead and exaggerated the threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction, using statements like "mushroom cloud" to scare us into an unnecessary war. Iraq was already falling apart from 12 years of sanctions. They had no WMD and were no immediate threat to America. George Bush illegally diverted funds from the war against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to start the war in Iraq. At the same time he lied to congress when he promised to exhaust all diplomatic solutions to prevent a war and in the event of war, create a true international coalition before attacking Iraq. Over 80% of the soldiers in Iraq are US military.

After receiving the now famous August, 6 2001 PDB, "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US." George Bush remained on vacation for 22 more days leading up to the 9/11 attacks. Now we're bogged down in Iraq where only George Bush the "uniter" could have brought together ancient mortal enemies like the Sunnis and Shiites to create a national uprising against US occupation. Osama bin Laden is still free while hatred for America grows around the world. George Bush is cutting the pay and benefits of US soldiers while over extending their commitment in battle, while he continues to spend more than 4 out of 10 days on vacation.

George Bush lied about the cost of his new Medicare bill (off by more than 100 billion dollars). He lied about his budget projections (off by more than 6 trillion dollars). He lied about funding No Child Left Behind. He has promised to create more than 4 million jobs over the past four years. He has delivered a negative 2.3 million jobs. George Bush is narrow minded, reckless, arrogant, secretive and unwilling to admit mistakes. His stubborn "with us or against us" attitude has wasted billions of dollars and thousands of lives. We have to put a stop to it.

John Kerry has dedicated his life to serving his country and fighting for what he believes in. He repeatedly risked his own life to save others while fighting in Vietnam. When he returned home, he fought the Nixon establishment, protested and testified before congress to end the failing war policy in Vietnam. As a top prosecutor in New England, Kerry fought organized crime, putting the number two mob boss behind bars. As a 20 year US senator, John Kerry consistently fought to hold the political system accountable while helping Bill Clinton produce the greatest economic growth in US history, creating 22 million new jobs.

Now John Kerry has a plan to stop the damage caused by George Bush, so we can repair our middle-class and rebuild our rapidly declining status in the world. Don't let George Bush's lies go unanswered. Get involved, join the campaign, contribute your time and resources to stop the lies and fix the problems that face us all. For more detail, go here and join today:

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