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MARCH 2004

Lights... Camera... Regime Change!
March 31, 2004 · Whether it's covering "Made in China" labels with fake boxes marked "Made in U.S.A." for a speech backdrop, forcing people at a Bush rally to take off their ties to look more like common folk, or spicing up the set of Iraq War Central Command headquarters in Qatar, Karl Rove Productions knows that image is everything. By Ian Watson

White House Goes on Offensive Against Jesus
March 30, 2004 · Washington, DC. - The White House, still reeling from this week's surprise return of Jesus Christ and His condemnation of the Bush administration's war in Iraq, has gone on the offensive. An administration aide admitted to growing White House frustration that staffers had been "caught napping," not only by Mr. Christ's unexpected return, which the aide likened to "a thief in the night," but especially by His strongly worded condemnation of Bush's foreign policy. Satire by Daniel Welch

Deceit Then, Deceit Now
March 30, 2004 · In late 1975, a small group of conservatives across the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. government were convinced that America's military strength was falling behind the Soviet war machine. As we witness the same old cold warriors regurgitate the same old insanities, we can take heart: true power always remains with the people willing to exercise it, and ordinary people have beaten back powerful barbarians in the past. By Joseph P. Firmage

The Pre-9/11 Bush Administration
March 27, 2004 · If the White House was so focused on fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda before September 11, 2001, wouldnĺt there be evidence to that fact? Wouldnĺt, for example, Department of Defense policy reflect that fact? Wouldnĺt the State Department have identified terrorist groups as among the leading threats to this country? By Michael Coblenz

An Overview of American Conservatism
March 27, 2004 · Ideologically, there seems to be no principle that binds the various conservative groups together. If not ideology, then what is it that unites and drives them? The answer can be summed up in one word: liberals. By Violet Lake

The Patriot Card™
March 26, 2004 · Dear Mr. Bush I need a favor. It seems that in my patriotic enthusiasm to support our failing economy in the days following Saddam's attack on the World Trade Center I, well, I overspent a little. I was just doing my part for the war effort... Satire by Dave Firmage

Welcome to "Whitewasher"
March 26, 2004 · George W. Bush has a lifelong pattern of cover-up and deceit in his private and public life. Now it looks like the 9/11 commission may be the latest victim of Bush's spin machine. By Joe Fields

The Teflon President
March 26, 2004 · If you listen to Dubya and his henchmen long enough, you get a sense that they have an almost manical distance from the reality of the times. They don't allow the fact that they could be wrong (or violating the law) to enter their thinking. If it is in line with their preconcieved notions, nothing can sway them. By Trevor Seigler

The Poisoned Well
March 25, 2004 · Credibility is the wellspring from which flows all the weight and substance of political persuasion. If that well is corrupted, the prospects of the party and of the candidate drawing from that well will be seriously, and perhaps fatally, damaged. Bush and the GOP propaganda machine have polluted that well, and thus have given Kerry and the Democrats an outstanding opportunity that they must not fail to use. By Ernest Partridge

Being John Kerry
March 24, 2004 · The "pioneering" Internet "journalist" Matt Drudge seems to have a sacred mission in life: report something negative about John Kerry every day, no matter how inconsequential. By Scott C. Smith

Marching for Peace is Good, Getting Rid of Bush is Better
March 23, 2004 · Make no mistake about it: The next six months leading up to the November election are going to be the most important in our civic and personal life. Let's mount up, friends, and join the growing movement for peace and justice. We need to light the torches of hope and righteousness, and send the shadow forces represented by Bush & Co. back into the dank caves from whence they came. By Bernard Weiner

It Takes a Nitwit
March 23, 2004 · Bush just keeps making the pie of lies higher and higher, trusting the evil machinations of Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove, the legions of pundits marching in lockstep to media assignments from within the network of right-wing think tanks, and his buddies in the corporate media to clean it all up for him. By Sheila Samples

Ending the Endless War
March 20, 2004 · The war on terrorism is being lost. Al Qaida is no less able to inflict harm with a dramatic attack where and when it desires today than it was on September 11, 2001. The responsibility for this failure can be placed squarely at the feet of the Bush administration. By Jack Rabbit

Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and Compassionate Conservatives
March 20, 2004 · In having a conversation with one of my co-workers the other day about the upcoming Easter holiday, I offhandedly mentioned that my wife and I allow our five-year old to know that there is no Easter bunny. By N. O'Neal

The Calculus of a Bombing
March 19, 2004 · For American voters, there is a question that must be faced: wasn't the invasion of Iraq supposed to make the world a safer place? Since the fall of Baghdad, there have been any number of bombings in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq itself and now Spain. By Y. A. Espinoza

The NeoCon Standard
March 19, 2004 · Key to the neocons' utter disdain for any and all governmental social initiatives is the absolutist terms in which they have defined success, terms under which no other public or private program in the history of mankind could be ruled a success. We have allowed them to describe all social initiatives as "failures" based upon the single fact that the problems addressed by those programs continue to exist. By Greg Whitaker

Just Plain Liars
March 18, 2004 · It is a repetitive theme in the alternative press that the Bush administration collectively seems to be the largest complement of liars ever to have inhabited Washington, DC. The continuing mystery is why the public hasn't risen up and ripped out all their tongues. By punpirate

The Sins of the Bush Administration
March 17, 2004 · Since Bush fancies himself a Christian, and is taking stances on many subjects that match those of his pro-Christian conservative base (e.g.: anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-stem cell research), we can conclude that if our current government is becoming more religious, then the religion it is embracing is Christianity. If so, we are now within our rights to ask the question: Has our Government sinned? By Tab Julius

Bush Wants Us To "Move On" - So Why Don't We Take Him Up On It?
March 16, 2004 · As we all know, Bush&Co. act forcefully, aggressively, arrogantly, in both the domestic and foreign arenas. They don't seem to care if what they do is based on lies, or immorality, or illegalities. Once the deed has been done, the Bushies say it's senseless to look back and examine how those decisions were made. That's old history, it's time to "move on." By Bernard Weiner

The Politics of Inexperience
March 16, 2004 · Politics is a strange business because it's one of the few professions where no experience is required for the job. In fact, it's considered a plus to not have any political experience. By Scott C. Smith

It's the Trifecta, Stupid!
March 13, 2004 · Bush's ads exploiting 9/11 show how much we've come to tolerate. You know he didn't apologize for the failures that allowed it. You know he didn't assist the investigation. Now you know he didn't respect the privacy of the victims. But did you know he thought it was funny? By Jack MacMillan

A Long and Bloody History
March 12, 2004 · The list of victims is long, the pattern unmistakable. Despite conventional wisdom, propped up by propaganda and a complicit press, the motivation of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean is anything but well-intentioned. By Suspicious

From Right to Left: the Adventures of a Liberal Veteran
March 12, 2004 · I wasn't any more politically savvy in the 1990s than I was in the 1980s. But the Internet changed that, when I first had access to it in 1995, and discovered the world of Usenet. In between arguments over which Enterprise captain was better, Kirk or Picard, I started to develop an interest in political discussions. And, of course, easy access to porn. By Scott C. Smith

The Real Deal
March 11, 2004 · John Kerry's Real Deal will not only save us from George Bush's Raw Deal, but will give us a renewed faith in America's ability to deliver for its citizens and serve as a beacon for the world. By David Michael Rothschild

Why Torture Doesn't Work: A Critique of Alan Dershowitz' Case for Torture
March 11, 2004 ·Alan Dershowitz, the renowned legal scholar and civil libertarian, has stirred up a small hornets nest since the September 11 attacks by talking openly about the possibilities of sanctioning torture in America. Dershowitz feels it is incumbent on him to lead a discussion on a choice he feels is unpleasant but necessary. By Jack Rabbit

Powell the Star of Bush's "Fašade Corps"
March 10, 2004 · The most successful department in the Bush administration is, without question, the Fašade Corps. This little-known operation is headquartered in the White House basement, but its personnel are scattered throughout the bureaucracies. The Fašade Corps functions, in effect, as a theatre company. By Dennis Hans

Bush Uses Word "Terror" in Dramatic Campaign Speech
March 10, 2004 · In a nationally televised campaign speech, President George W. Bush wowed audience members and the press corps through his use of the word "terror". By David Albrecht

Decisive or Divisive?
March 10, 2004 · It's easy to appear decisive when you think everyone is with you or against you. You can't have second thoughts when you never have the first one. It's hard to have conflicting views when you don't ask questions or even listen to your own cabinet members. By Todd Smyth

Gore vs. Bush - A Lesson for John Kerry
March 9, 2004 · A look back at the 2000 presidential debates reveals that Bush beat Gore because Bush ran on his record - and Gore let him get away with it, acting as if Bush's record in Texas had nothing worthy of criticism and the man was a bipartisan statesman. Let's not make the same mistake twice. By Brad Peachy

The 28th Amendment
March 9, 2004 · Apparently Bush and his cohorts on the radical right are blinded by the difficulties to amend the 200-year-old document that has been modified a scant 27 times since adoption. No doubt the ghost of the late Senator Sam Ervin, once America's greatest Constitutional scholar, is having a good laugh at Bush's expense. By Bob Volpitto

No Hay Banda
March 6, 2004 · No hay Banda - there is no band. I have written in the past of the need to wake up from that singular American illusion that all is well in the world. The clock is ticking on that awakening, Dear Reader, and when George W. Bush and his illegitimate administration overthrew the same legitimate government that had been toppled by his father before him, our time grew shorter, and shorter still. By Raul Groom

Legal Discrimination
March 6, 2004 · Nowhere in the Constitution does it grant rights to Americans and states "with exception to homosexuals." Nowhere. So how come two people of the same sex cannot get married? Are gays not capable of loving or being loved? By Dylan Walker

Laughter of the Gods
March 5, 2004 · The more I look at the chaotic mess George W. Bush is making in every blessed corner of the world, the more I am inclined to take a closer look at the God in whose name he claims to be making it. By Sheila Samples

A Jobs Program for Iraq
March 5, 2004 · The awarding of no-bid contracts to U.S. corporations, along with rules issued by Paul Bremer, the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, that allow foreign investors to buy control of Iraqi-owned enterprises, reinforce the perception among some Iraqis that the war was really about the economic plundering of their country. By Brian Youngblood

The America I Live In: Notes for the Campaign
March 3, 2004 · Our country finds itself in one of those periods when the shadow forces have emerged to take us back to darker, more authoritarian and rigid times. But shafts of light are beginning to pour through more and more cracks in the Bush&Co. edifice. By Bernard Weiner

The Uncultured War
March 3, 2004 · One might say that the entire brief history of our country has been one long culture war. Come to think of it, our country's history seems to focus mainly on wars, with culture finishing a distant second. By Rush Roberts

The Splintering of the Right
March 2, 2004 · The latest salvoes being fired across the bow of both neo-conservatism and the Republican establishment indicate that this may be the beginning of the end for unified American conservatism. By Rick Freedman

The Next Time is the Last Time
March 2, 2004 · The act of voting is a serious and personal matter, and no one can tell you how to use your most fundamental Democratic possession. But the crucial test for any action which we might hope to call "moral" is the question that is so seldom asked - what is the likely outcome of this action, in the near term and in the long run as well? By Raul Groom

Atheists Pack Theaters For Controversial Movie About Execution of Renaissance

March 2, 2004 · Theaters across America were packed on Wednesday for the long-anticipated release of "Giordano Bruno", the controversial movie about the life of the Italian scientist and philosopher executed by the Inquisition in 1600. Satire by David Albrecht

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