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Legal Discrimination
March 6, 2004
By Dylan Walker

Give me one really good reason why gay people aren't entitled to the same rights and privileges as straight people. Just one. One really good one.

Is it not true that some Americans are homosexual? And is it not also true that the Constitution clearly states that all Americans are entitled to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"? Nowhere in the Constitution does it grant rights to Americans and states "with exception to homosexuals." Nowhere. So how come two people of the same sex cannot get married? Are gays not capable of loving or being loved?

So why is it gays shouldn't be allowed to marry? Beause God said so? Which god are we talking about? The Christian god? The Muslim god? The Hindu gods? What about the people that believe god lives in the tail of a comet?

Considering the fact that way back in the late 17th century Englishmen fled England to escape the King's religious oppression, using the "God said so" argument is completely unfounded. Why? Because the First Amendment to the Constitution clearly states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." According to the Bill of Rights, Americans are free to worship as they wish; speak as they wish; assemble peaceably; we have a right to a free press and the right to address grievances to the government. So it would be logical to conclude that forcing the entire nation to live in accordance with a specific religious lifestyle is unconstitutional. And with that, any argument using religious values against same-sex marriage is in itself unconstitutional and completely stupid.

There are people that say gays shouldn't be allowed to wed because it would undermine the sanctity of marriage. I suppose a gay marriage would, in a Biblical context, damage the Christians' concept of marriage. I can understand that. But again, the government can't force everyone to live by a specific religious doctrine.

I ask you to consider the possibility that not all weddings are performed in a church, or even have a mention of God. I also ask you to consider that any "traditional" marriage ending in divorce is completely hypocritical - I don't understand how breaking a promise ("to have and to hold until death do us part") to your partner and God somehow preserves the sanctity of marriage. Nor do I understand how getting drunk and being wed by an Elvis Presley impersonator in a Las Vegas drive-thru preserves the "sanctity of marriage," either.

In fact, I think this whole "sanctity of marriage" argument is complete nonsense. Why should the act of marrying someone be preserved for only one group of people? That's just like preserving the right to vote to only rich white males. It's completely ridiculous!

I'm getting sick of George W. Bush trying to force-feed his "compassionate" conservatism down my throat. There is nothing compassionate about telling two people that love each other that they can't enjoy the same privileges as everyone else, and without a good reason. His whole brand of so-called "compassionate" conservatism seems like plain old conservatism to me.

Bush's brand of conservatism is the same kind of conservatism that once made it illegal for inter-racial marriages… because it might piss off God. Bush's brand of conservatism sorta reminds me of that same conservative movement that supported segregating the public school system.

And it isn't bad enough that Bush & Company are the only people complaining about the government being too intrusive, but at the same time they don't mind the government being in a woman's uterus, making your kids pray in school, and telling you who you can and cannot marry. And it doesn't just stop there. These people want to change the rock lyrics you listen to, and the magazines that you read. They pretty much want to control every facet of your life, and they want it tailored to their religion. Why? Why would one group of people want to control everything? I think it's to keep the general population stupid. But that's just my opinion.

I think this whole Constitutional amendment proposition to permanently deny a group of American citizens the same rights and privileges held by everyone else is completely and utterly disgraceful and pretentious, and for the President of the United States to support such an amendment is really embarrassing. The United States should be a model of democracy and progressive thinking for the rest of the civilized world. But instead our conservative leaders would rather live in the 1950s… again. And that's just sad.

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