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Want fries with that economic report?
February 28, 2004 · It causes me great sorrow to see a treasured cultural institution being degraded by people promoting their own perverted agenda. Nah, I'm not talking about the sanctity of marriage. I'm talking about the sanctity of the sandwich. By Rich Lewis

What’s the rush?
February 28, 2004 · America pays attention to a real contest. We should continue to give them one, especially if beating Bush this November is our top priority. By Glenn Rubenstein

A Letter to the Emperor: Thanks, But No Thanks
February 27, 2004 · You've been feeding us patriotism, religion, and above all, fear. A year ago you stampeded your subjects into stripping store shelves of duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal their homes against weapons of mass destruction that have proved as illusory as your compassionate conservatism. You perpetuate our terror by giving us a perpetual war on terror. By Marty Lolich

Trickle-Down Outsourcing: A Brave New World
February 27, 2004 · The premise of Trickle-Down or Supply-Side Economics is to stimulate the economy with large tax cuts for the wealthy. That money hopefully is invested in a way that creates economic growth. That translates into increased productivity, profits and jobs. It sounds good and to some extent, it used to really work. However, something got terribly misunderestimated this time. By Todd Smyth

The Passion of the Bush
February 26, 2004 · Mel Gibson and his defenders have charged that anyone who objects to his Jesus biopic is doing so out of a knee-jerk political agenda and not giving the movie itself a fair chance to be evaluated on its own merits and faults. Wasn’t it three months or so ago when conservatives were going bananas over the TV movie “The Reagans,” eventually crowing with triumph when CBS caved in to their pressure and refused to air it? By Kevin Dawson

Step Away from the Constitution
February 26, 2004 · Though I may disagree with you, you have a right to your feelings about homosexuality and marriage. But, with respect to a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, our feelings are irrelevant. I may not be a constitutional scholar, but this is not a matter for constitutional consideration. By Todd Boehm

The Progressives' Dilemma: K, K or E?
February 25, 2004 · Those of us about to vote in our state primaries -- Super Tuesday a week from now, with more large-state balloting coming right on its heels -- have some important pondering to do. The dilemma is this... By Bernard Weiner

Going Soon, To A Re-Education Camp Near You!
February 25, 2004 · I've been thinking about the hatred and suspicion Republicans have for anyone who does something for reasons other than money, and how this continues to underlie their true attitude towards public education. And today we get to see it underlined again, by Secretary of Education Rod Paige, the Salesman from Houston, when he calls the largest union of teachers in the United States "a terrorist organization." By Kelley S. Willis

Mr. Nader, please back out: My open letter to Ralph Nader
February 24, 2004 · I couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Nader. That is why I cannot support your candidacy for President this year as I did four years ago. That is why I am going to vote for the Democratic nominee, whether it is Kerry, Edwards, Sharpton, Kucinich or the Devil himself. By Jack Rabbit

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves
February 24, 2004 · In 2001, we were told that the Bush Tax Cuts would create two million new jobs. In 2002, the administration projected 2.5 million new jobs and in February 2003, we were told that the Bush Tax Cuts would create 3.6 million jobs. However, the net job loss for 2003 was 53,000, bringing the total number of jobs lost since January 2001 to 2.2 million. By Bridget Gibson

George W. Bush's Bright Shining Lies
February 21, 2004 · The elder Bush's "Thousand Points of Light" is a perfect metaphor for his son George Bush's constellation of bright shining lies. Like stars spangled across an ink-black sky, George Bush's lies seem to come in all magnitudes. By W. M. Tippins

Connections: China, My Grandmother, and Walmart
February 21, 2004 · The relevance of China to me is that my current (and last surviving) customer is in the final stages of firing its engineers, after having closed down most manufacturing and moved the factories to China. All of my other customers have gone bankrupt, or sent their work overseas. To believe Republican rhetoric, I have made the wrong career choice, should have seen this coming, and it’s not the government’s responsibility to see that I am able to find work. By Kerry Calvert

Appointment Determinism
February 20, 2004 · If you are a head of state whose public has such grave concerns about your administration's judgment, competence, credibility or integrity that you have no choice but to establish an independent body to investigate, all is not lost. By picking the right person to head up the inquiry, you can all but guarantee a satisfactory outcome, no matter how deserving of censure you and your aides are. By Dennis Hans

Time for the Buck to Stop
February 20, 2004 · This administration embarked on a course of disaster from the day Cheney selected himself as vice president. Its various factions are incompatible in almost every way - most of them bound together only by a lust for war and power, and a total disregard for human suffering. By Sheila Samples

Frist's Fibs on No Child Left Behind
February 19, 2004 · As a public school teacher I devote a considerable amount of my time to preparing students for a world that can sometimes be brutal and unforgiving. This is a duty I and my co-workers take seriously. Despite the rumors being spread through the media and elsewhere, we do in fact care if a student passes through our classes and leaves without the amount of knowledge we feel they should have acquired. By Gary L. Taft

The Cover-Up That's Worse Than the Crime
February 18, 2004 · Bush's alleged National Guard AWOL happened over thirty years ago - ancient history. But the cover-up is now, and it is ongoing. And time and again, history has taught us that the cover-up is much worse than the offense. By Ernest Partridge

The Three "I"s - Integrity, Intentions and Intelligence
February 17, 2004 · A lot of people don't understand why the last two years have fermented growing distrust and displeasure for George W. Bush. It is because people are reacting to his failure to live up to their expectations about the three "I"s - integrity, intentions and intelligence. By Gerald Plessner

Fort Knox vs. Fort Dix
February 17, 2004 · Currently, in our highest office, there sits a man that has blasphemed our country by his words and deeds. He has obfuscated and hidden the facts from view for far too long. He has led our country into two wars that have produced nothing but more chaos and death for far too many innocent lives. By Bridget Gibson

They Think I'm One of Them
February 17, 2004 · Just because I'm an ordained minister doesn't mean that I am "one of them," yet almost once a week I find a vicious and hateful email in my inbox from some ultra-conservative right-wing Christian fundamentalist group. By Rev. Marie D. Jones

The Left Was Right
February 14, 2004 · The left was right on all counts. As it turns out, Saddam was a paper tiger; there was no imminent threat. Insofar as he was a threat, Saddam was contained; for twelve years since being expelled from Kuwait, all his saber rattling was nothing but bluster. Saddam had no ties to al Qaida, let alone any part in the September 11 attacks. What Islamic fundamentalist terror organization operated in Iraq operated in Kurdish regions beyond Saddam's control. The left said there was no justification for the war, and there was none. The left was right. By Jack Rabbit

Love Your Vote Day: Embracing the Disenfranchised Citizen
February 14, 2004 · On Saturday, February 14, 2004 get out the vote organizations around the country will recognize Love Your Vote Day. VoterVirgin and New Voters Project are proud to reach for a goal of 10,000 new voters registered over a three day celebration across the nation. By Teresa Van Deusen

Letting His Guard Down: What Really Happened to George W. Bush in 1972?
February 13, 2004 · The reason Bush got retirement credit and pay for service in 1972 despite the fact that his superiors on the military bases to which he was assigned never saw him is because he was not training at an Air Force Base but spending time in a community center with underprivileged children. So why was Bush spending time with underprivileged children in 1972? By Raul Groom

Shallow Throat to Dems: "One Chance, Don't Blow It"
February 13, 2004 · I'd been trying to reach "Shallow Throat" for several months, but had never received a response. "I apologize, Bernie, for not answering your coded messages," said ST, as we sat opposite each other in a dimly-lit Virginia tavern, "because you wouldn't believe how scary it is to be inside the Bush Administration these days." By Bernard Weiner

Why Bush Can't Win the Conservative Vote
February 13, 2004 · Will Bush win in November? I can assure you that if he does, it will not be because conservatives supported him. We conservatives have been relegated to voting for Independents, Libertarians or Reform Party members this time around. By Donald (R.J.) Carroll

We Weren't All Wrong
February 12, 2004 · It turns out that Dr. Kay is wrong again, and not just regarding Iraq's WMDs. "All" of us weren't wrong. In fact, most of us got it right. The ones that did get it wrong were the ones named Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair, Wolfowitz, Rice, and Powell. By Alex Young

Word Games: Mr. Bush Meets the Press
February 12, 2004 · Many people throughout the world are convinced that George W. Bush has been less than candid about the war in Iraq. Even before the war, many doubted that Saddam Hussein was the threat that Bush and his people made him out to be. Questions now center on why the Administration made such claims about Saddam's arsenal. By Jack Rabbit

...And God Said
February 11, 2004 · The tele-evangelists who demonstrate miracles on television with a wave of their hand or a touch on the head proclaim to do God's work as they don their six-thousand dollar Armani suits, board their private jets, and flaunt their superiority while they sit upon their golden-gilded chairs in front of the cameras of their church-owned television stations. But their pulpit is used to bully and harass. The notion of love and brotherhood are far removed from their public pronunciations. By Norma Sherry

It's the Intelligence, Stupid
February 10, 2004 · Since David Kay's recent testimony before Congress, many conservative politicians and commentators have sullenly retreated to the position that intelligence failures are to blame for the prosecution of what is clearly an unnecessary invasion and occupation of Iraq. The issue of intelligence failures, however, runs much deeper than the quality of our espionage. By Jeff Rosenzweig

Bush Supports Cohabitation of Unwed Lovers
February 10, 2004 · Conservatives always argue about what gays should not do: they should not be able to marry, adopt, share benefits, visit each other when they are sick, have power of attorney, inheritance rights, joint custody, sex, or any of the multitude of things that constitute a heterosexual marriage. But if conservatives are going to fight against marriage for gay families, they need to offer alternatives. By David Rothschild

G. Walker Bush - Texas Ranger
February 7, 2004 · In the 1980s, America watched a B-movie actor become president. Today, it seems things are reversed: we are watching our president become a B-movie actor. George W. Bush plays a president for the cameras, but acts very different off-stage. And while the made-for-TV "G. Walker Bush, Texas Ranger" might make us feel safe and secure, the real George W. Bush should not. By David Sirota

The Other Caucus - Democrats Abroad
February 6, 2004 · From St. Paul's Within the Walls in Rome, the American Church in Paris, and the Foreign Correspondents' Clubs in Hong Kong and Tokyo, to the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam, the Nueva Posada in Ajijic, Mexico, the Vinotheque in Bangkok, and the more mundane Holiday Inn of London Bloomsbury, overseas Democrats are expected to turn out in record numbers for the worldwide Democratic caucus this weekend. By Jonathan Cover-Messenger

No Soap
February 6, 2004 · In 2000 Bush campaigned as a compassionate conservative and turned out to be anything but. As the 2004 election approaches, the Bush White House is trying to sell the same old bar of soap. But this time it's not selling. And not only is it not selling, the American people are realizing that they were lied to four years ago and they are getting angry. By Gregory Jefferson

A Tale of Two Budgets
February 5, 2004 · Meet the Americans: Mom, Dad, Daughter in high school and schoolboy Son, who budget sensibly and end the year with savings. And meet the Bushes, who are unconcerned about their debt even as it approaches $6,000,000,000,000. By David Michael Rothschild

Controversy vs. Taste
February 5, 2004 · I'm a little confused by the meaning of the word "controversial." Really, anything that incites a discussion or argument can be described as "controversial," right? Let's take this year's Super Bowl as an example. By Sebastian Wren, Ph.D

No Iraq Intelligence Needed - Sources Have Already Spoken
February 4, 2004 · Many reputable intelligence officers and analysts have already stated that the Bush administration was intentionally selective in the intelligence claims it accepted and quickly discarded contradictory information. By Erik P. Sorenson

An Open Letter to Andrew Sullivan
February 4, 2004 · I have often criticized your steadfast devotion to Mr Bush as being both unwarranted in general and in particular, too narrowly focused on his response to the events of That Day. Hearing you admit that your devotion is being sorely tested is more than a little encouraging. By Michael Shannon

What Price Glory?
February 3, 2004 · We have too long turned a deaf ear and a blind eye. Our leaders have betrayed our innocence, our gullibility, our willingness to accept what we're told. We can no longer feign ignorance. Not knowing is no longer an option. It is time that we enacted our citizenship and acted upon it with meaningfulness. By Norma Sherry

And the Loser of Round 1 is... Bush
February 3, 2004 · For the entire month of January President Bush was nothing more than a punching bag in the political ring, with hits coming from all sides. If Bush didn't fall down, he was certainly stumbling and holding dearly to the ropes. Bush didn't just lose this round, he lost big. Not many election years have started so poorly for a President. By Michael Dobbins

Move Over Joe Camel?
February 3, 2004 · We are inundating children with caffeine, phosphoric acid and massive amounts of sugar - the legacy will be the sickest generation of children in modern United States history. Little is known about the health effects of chlorinated sucralose, yet Coca-Cola is marketing it in schools. By John F. Borowski

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