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Fort Knox vs. Fort Dix
February 17, 2004
By Bridget Gibson

The trickling of military documents during the past week has done little to clear up the mysteries that have surrounded the service that George W. Bush so "proudly" gave during the Vietnam War. If anything, it has shown that we needed to know the answers to these questions long ago - long before November 4, 2000.

With 539 Americans dead on the sands of Iraq and more than 110,000 still at risk, with $166,000,000,000 committed and more needed, we should have been told the whole story.

Even though this is late, it is still relevant. It is perhaps more relevant than ever. This man who now calls himself a "War President" must be examined ever more closely than before. The facts must be placed in the sunshine where they should have lived all along. The darkness that has shrouded every movement of this man and his administration has caused losses inestimable to far too many.

George Walker Bush (born on July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut) is the son of Congressman (1967-1971) George Herbert Walker Bush (later our 41st president). His grandfather, Prescott Bush had been a Senator from Connecticut from 1952 through 1963. The Bush family has money, lots of money. Their money was passed down for several generations and more was made from oilfields and banks. There are news articles that state with certainty that the Bush family made a tremendous addition to their wealth from the use of slave labor (from the Auschwitz death camp) at the Silesian coal and steel mines in Poland during Hitler's occupation there.

With family connections like these, I'm sure it was easy to get any favor that was asked.

From 1956 through 1968, 36,152 military personnel had died in the Vietnam War. The total casualties would eventually exceed 58,000.

The records show that the Air Force lost 2,584, the Army lost 38,209, the Coast Guard lost seven, the Marine Corps lost 14,838 and the Navy lost 2,555.

With those odds and branches of services - with even the Coast Guard losing lives - the safest place to be was obvious - the National Guard.

How, on May 28, 1968, did George vault over a waiting list of 500 other eligible candidates with an entry score of 25% (the lowest acceptable rating and with 95% being the acceptable rating for a future officer)? This answer may never be known. What we can know with certainty is that George signed up for six years of service, then decided that his priorities were greater than those of his country, left the jurisdiction of his Texas Air National Guard and moved to Alabama to work on a failed political campaign.

His application to the Texas Air National Guard has been released showing that he had been arrested and had numerous traffic accidents and violations. The rules, at that time, required a waiver for such violations, yet there are no notations for any waivers for his cases.

We know that George Walker Bush did not appear for any guard activities for a lengthy period during 1972 and 1973. We know that he was suspended from flying on August 1, 1972 for failing to appear for an annual medical evaluation. Mr. Bush's aide, Dan Bartlett stated that the reason for not appearing for his medical evaluation in 1972 was that "There was no reason to take a flight exam when he wasn't flying and wasn't going to fly." George Bush decided that he was not going to fly even though we, the taxpayers, spent over $1 million for his training. A condition for his admittance to the Texas Air National Guard required a lifetime commitment to fly.

I am unaware of any case where a National Guard member has had the privilege of choice regarding their service duties. How would our National Guard function if the commanding officers were not in charge? But in this case George W. Bush was allowed to "fulfill" his duties as he saw fit, even choosing to end his commitment almost one year early so that he could attend Harvard University in the fall of 1973.

We may never know if the life that George saved was his own, but we can know that the treatment he received was different.

We have had several representatives that did serve in Vietnam in our Senate and Congress. One that I feel the need to mention at this time is Max Cleland. Former Senator Cleland has been on the receiving end of some very negative Republican campaign ads. Last year he was viciously smeared by his Republican opponent for being "weak on security." Television ads were run comparing Max Cleland with Osama bin Laden. These ads were run while he was presenting to Congress S.B. 929. This Vietnam veteran authored S.B. 929 (The Max Cleland Over the Road Bus Security and Safety Act of 2003), which passed with unanimous consent. These duplicitous ads, discrediting and dishonoring his sacrifices and endeavors, were successful in unseating one of America's heroes. In Vietnam, he lost his right arm and both legs when a grenade exploded.

Currently, in our highest office, there sits a man that has blasphemed our country by his words and deeds. He has obfuscated and hidden the facts from view for far too long. He has led our country into two wars that have produced nothing but more chaos and death for far too many innocent lives. His party has been allowed the moral high ground in ways that should never have been imagined. Our country has been hijacked by radicals and warmongering zealots.

Today, unlike 1968, there are more than 174,000 National Guard members deployed across the globe on active duty assignments. The questions of honor and duty for these young men and women are quite different than those questions of honor and duty for George Walker Bush. If any of them fail to appear for duty and training, the consequences are grave and the personal humiliation is even greater.

It is up to the citizens of this country to become informed in ways that they have not been in the past years. Our government, led by George W. Bush, runs amok with its deadly and wasteful ways. Our Congress is prepared to once again raise the National Debt ceiling an additional $1 trillion. During the past two years, that debt has grown beyond $7 trillion. An additional trillion will allow it to increase above $8 trillion.

Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of our country. Sound the alarm. The dangers that we face through these continued actions, that are passing as governing, will change our nation irrevocably and forever. There is not a moment to waste.

If your congressional representatives are not heeding your words and continue to allow this administration to lead us into debt and destruction, we must speak loudly and with one voice in November.

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