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Not So Gay Times
January 31, 2004 · You might think with all these horrifying, amazing, and stunning goings on in the world that we would be more concerned with really important issues. But nay, our president, in his State of the Union address, deemed athletesí steroid drug use and non-heterosexual marriages two of his top priorities. By Norma Sherry

The Great Divider
January 31, 2004 · When George W. Bush ascended to the Presidency he pledged to unite Americans together regardless of their party affiliations. In the nearly four years of his presidency Bush has done the exact opposite. By Bryan M. Russell

Connecting the Dots to Cheney and Halliburton
January 30, 2004 · Unlike other vice presidents in recent memory, Cheney wasn't tapped from a role in government. In fact, after President Clinton's inauguration, Dick Cheney left his role as secretary of defense and spent most of the next eight years as the chief executive officer at Halliburton. Unfortunately, Halliburton's success was in part dependent on business with Iran, Iraq, and Libya. By Tom Fairlie

The Making of Osama Bin Democrats
January 30, 2004 · If Michael Ledeen of the National Review is any indication this year's presidential campaign will reach lows heretofore unknown in politics, casting the contest as one of either being for Bush or with the terrorists - an idiotic dichotomy supremely suited to the President's intellectual powers, but wholly abominable to anyone with half an ethic to their name. By Terry Sawyer

The Costs of Tough Talk
January 29, 2004 · Americans are all for peace, except when their politicians are in favor of war. The history of the United States in the last hundred years or so is not one of uninterrupted peace, but, rather, has been one of brief periods of uncertain calm punctuated by war and a steady determination to expend significant public funds on weapons and to encourage American businesses to sell war materiel to as many countries as possible. And yet, we have rarely embraced any candidate who actually ran on a platform of avoiding war. By punpirate

Time to Pay the Piper, Mr. President
January 29, 2004 · There is one area of great social and political importance where I find myself in complete agreement with Mr Bush. This is when he calls for more people, both on the private level as well as the governmental, to be held to a higher level of accountability and to take more personal responsibility for their actions. By Michael Shannon

Fairness Doctrine, or Fair and Balanced?
January 29, 2004 · I can't be the only one who has witnessed firsthand the motions of the right-wing media juggernaut as of late. As a long time member of the broadcast world, I have seen the media many come to depend on for news and information change in many ways. By Broadcast Democrat

Robert S. McNamara, Colin Powell & "The Fog of War"
January 28, 2004 · Secretary of State Colin Powell should be forced to view the new Errol Morris "Fog of War" film. You may have heard about it: a documentary interview with former Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara, plus lots of historical film footage and dynamite audiotape recordings of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson talking frankly with McNamara and other advisors about Cuba and Vietnam. By Bernard Weiner

Judicial Halitosis
January 27, 2004 · While I shudder at the thought of up to three hard core right-wing ideologues being appointed in a second Bush term, there is something scarier. Given the current Republican stranglehold, another term for Bush would mean a Supreme Court packed with a strong majority of conservative justices beholden to neo-cons. If this happens, our country runs the real risk of becoming a one-party system. By Dan Gougherty

Ashcroft's Recusal Should Worry Us
January 27, 2004 · Finally, John Ashcroft recused himself from the Plame investigation. Some whooped for joy at the news, thinking that the leaker would soon be brought to justice. But I think it means exactly the opposite: Ashcroft recused himself because he knows that the leaker will never be identified. By bdf

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick
January 27, 2004 · Every tick of the clock means that we are an additional $3,541 further in debt - and that debt is only the debt caused by Bush's war. So far, the Republican debt for just the Iraq war is a staggering $97 billion, or $97,824,333,662 to be exact. By Larry S. Rolirad

Politics, War and Deception
January 24, 2004 · The war in Iraq could have been justified based on the non-compliance of the Gulf War Treaty and the defiance of weapons inspections. But that didnít happen. It would have required the cooperation of the UN and NATO and that would have taken too long. By Todd Smyth

The Bulworth Factor
January 24, 2004 · In real life, there is no Bulworth, but until now, there has never even been anyone Bulworth-like. Now we have Howard Dean, who comes the closest to this ideal that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime, and that is why he is in trouble. By Diane E. Dees

Fly Me to the Moon
January 23, 2004 · With the war in Iraq becoming a bloody stalemate, the search for weapons of mass destruction turning up a bearded Saddam Hussein and not much else, and the economy set for yet another rollercoaster ride this year, President Bush has decided to emphasize a new plan to travel to the moon and Mars. I'm afraid the only conclusion possible is thus: George is back on the smack. By Trevor Seigler

The End of Freedom
January 23, 2004 · The American nation-state led by the Bush Administration, and the transnational rebel group led by Osama Bin Laden, has brought to life the artificially fabricated insanity that Hannah Arendt so dreaded. But the situation is far worse than she could have imagined. By John Stanton

The State of the Union is Straight
January 23, 2004 · We gays and lesbians know something of bullies. Mr. President. Some of us were scared of bullies in school. We felt so bad about ourselves we somehow felt we deserved the second class treatment we were getting. Well no more Mr. President. We will fight you and we will win. By dsc

Bush is Not a Fuck-Up
January 22, 2004 · I can read your mind. Right now, you're listing all the ways you know that Bush has fucked up and are getting ready to fire off some hate mail. Your list probably has three failed companies, failed foreign policy, failed economic policy, disastrous environmental policy, "bring 'em on", and more. But you're wrong. Bush is indeed guilty of all of that, but he is no fuck-up. By bdf

The Strange Super Bowl Iowa Caucus Coincidence
January 22, 2004 · The results of Monday's Iowa Caucuses may have shocked political pundits and observers, but they could have been accurately predicted by watching the weekend's NFL playoff games. By Bob Calhoun

The Gospel According to George W.
January 20, 2004 · Now hear this! There is no reason to vote in the presidential election this November. The race has already been decided. The Reverend Pat Robertson has heard from God Himself, and God told Pat that George W. Bush will win in a landside. By Bill King

Terror Threats, Month Long Vacations, and Consequences
January 20, 2004 · The sequence of events are easy to follow and the facts are indisputable. There are no dots to connect or wild assumptions that need to be made in order to draw a conclusion. The President was allowed to - or decided himself to - be on vacation when a terrorist attack of significant consequence was likely to occur on the united States. By David Soriano

PNAC, You've Come a Long Way, Baby
January 20, 2004 · A timeline of the neo-conservative Project for a New American Century, from inception to "Mission Accomplished." By T. J. Templeton

To mark the beginning of the primary season, the editors of Democratic Underground solicited articles from our members in support of the Democratic presidential primary candidates.

Wesley Clark: Mending our torn country into a nation again
January 19, 2004 · By Jerseycoa

Howard Dean: A fighter who will show us how to win
January 19, 2004 · By dsc

John Edwards: Helping others share in the American dream
January 19, 2004 · By DjTj

Dick Gephardt: The fight for working families is in his bones
January 19, 2004 · By BrewCrew

John Kerry: The singular qualities and experience to be president
January 19, 2004 · By PeteNYC

Dennis Kucinich: He walks the talk
January 19, 2004 · By DiamondSoul, Dover, Dweller, JohnKleeb, Lwolf, Mairead, Rucky, Sweetheart, and Tinoire

Joe Lieberman: Leading with integrity
This link goes to the Joe Lieberman website

Al Sharpton: Fighting for fundamental human rights
This link goes to the Al Sharpton website

MLK Day is More Than A Dream
January 17, 2004 · "I have a dream." The words were not just a vision, but an attitude of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all Americans. But, we had to get there first. By Tommy Ates

Et tu, Maureen?
January 17, 2004 · As a huge fan of Ms. Dowdís, I am disappointed to find out that her views on women and their role in their husbandís career are no different than that of the male establishment. That is, that the wife of a presidential candidate should drop everything and jump to her husbandís side. By Becky Burgwin

Bush: "America Must Probe Uranus"; President Chokes Back Laughter During Space Policy Speech
January 16, 2004 · President George W. Bush called for a return to American manned space flight in a speech before NASA employees and members of Congress. He called for a permanent space base on the Moon and for an eventual manned flight to Mars. Satire by David Albrecht

Why I Support Howard Dean
January 16, 2004 · Howard Dean fit the exact description of what I felt the Democratic Party needed, and he has since proven himself to be an even better candidate than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. By Mike Schiller

Four More Years Would Spell Diaster
January 14, 2004 · A year ago I stopped short of stating that the symbols of our cherished freedoms were being usurped as symbols of a tyranny based upon the well stoked fires of fear. Now I have no doubt. If we allow the Bush administration another four years to complete their grand design, we will not recognize this country. By Doug Snider

The Rise and Fall of Big George
January 13, 2004 · Why do the talking heads remain so convinced that Bush can't be beaten? Your guess is as good as mine. But just as most of the sports reporters at ringside in Zaire in 1974 thought that George Foreman was winning the fight against Muhammad Ali - right up until the moment that he landed on his keister - our intrepid Fourth Estate interprets every one of Bush's wild, desperate haymakers as if it were a picture-perfect left hook. By Raul Groom

Of Near Death Experiences and Other Thoughts
January 13, 2004 · I am covered, probably for life, with a health care service. As an active duty member and soon to be veteran of 20 years of service, I should not have a problem getting health care for myself and my spouse. It may not be the finest, but it'll be something. But what of others? By HawkerHurricane

False God
January 10, 2004 · While religious Conservatives enjoy thinking it is they who control the destiny of the Republican Party, the truth is that GOP leaders are using the religious Right as electoral cannon-fodder. The GOP power structure will pander endlessly for votes of middle-class Conservative Christians even as its policies rob them of their economic and social future. By Andrew Sarchus

They Must Think Americans Are Idiots
January 9, 2004 · Why does our president, our vice-president, our defense secretary and our national security advisor think that they can lie over and over to our faces and get away with it? I'm guessing that it's because they think Americans are really stupid. By Becky Burgwin

The Devil Made Him Say It
January 9, 2004 · What is happening in our world? How much useless chatter must the public endure from US media outlets and maniacal religious pundits such as Pat Robertson before a public outcry demands accurate meaningful reporting and commentary on important issues? By Vincent L. Guarisco

Is it Worth the Risk?
January 9, 2004 · If the Enviros are right about global warming, we need to change, rapidly. If the neo-cons are right, then it was a false alarm, and we can conduct business as usual. But that's the problem: is it worth taking that chance? By Andrew Longworth

A Pat on the Back - Then Into the '04 Trenches
January 8, 2004 · As we don our political armor and head out into the electoral trenches, it might be useful to survey our own strengths. Consider where the liberal/progressive forces were in January of 2003 and where we are today, one year later. By Bernard Weiner

Recall the Recall, and Other Remnants of a Sad Old Year
January 8, 2004 · Odd-numbered years are supposed to be good for champagne, but this last one wasn't good for much else. Was 2003 good for you? By Kevin Dawson

Don't Give Up on the Media
January 7, 2004 · We must not give up on the media - we must not assume that the media's shameless promotion of George Bush is immutable - for if the corporate media continues its present course and repeats its performance of 2000, Bush has a lock on the election. By Ernest Partridge

The Karma of Spin
January 6, 2004 · Religious and philosophical teachings throughout history disparage those who deceive others, and propose, one way or another, that such deceit will rebound eventually to the detriment of those who instigated it. Whether or not one accords with such declarations, be it the Golden Rule or the so-called Laws of Karma, most people understand that all actions are somehow answerable in their results... the greater the moment, the greater the effects. By Rodger Stevens

What Price Security?
January 6, 2004 · Following the news these days, one has to wonder where it will all end. We hear of terror alerts, level orange, "high alert." We hear of armed policemen on all civil airlines. We hear of draconian measures being taken in Washington, D.C., like barricades and walls around our national monuments, Humvees with machine guns pointed at traffic, and the growing prevalence of surveillance cameras in public. The question is, at what point will we feel "safe?" By Frederick H. Winterberg III

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