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Dick Gephardt: The fight for working families is in his bones
January 19, 2004
By BrewCrew

Editor's Note: To mark the beginning of the primary season, the editors of Democratic Underground solicited articles from our members in support of the eight Democratic presidential primary candidates. Publication of these articles does not imply endorsement of any candidate by the editors of Democratic Underground.

Growing up in a mid-sized industrial town, where almost 60% of our city's workforce worked in either 1 of 2 industrial plants, I remember well the debate over NAFTA. During that period, I remember the constant voice of Dick Gephardt warning the American people what would happen if this agreement passed. I remember him warning us about the flood of jobs that would be outsourced and moved to Mexico. The people in my town and especially the local UAW feared for their jobs. Now 10 years later, we see that Dick Gephardt was correct. Not only have the jobs in my town by decimated, but the latest study done by the EPI shows that nearly 870,000 American jobs have been lost due to NAFTA. It's a sad commentary. You see the thing about Dick Gephardt is that when he makes a decision in that oval office, he will in this mind those people who have lost their jobs or are scared of the potential of losing their jobs. the fight for working families is in his bones. It's where he is from and who he is. He will not desert the American worker. FTAA nor CAFTA will be a reality under a Gephardt Administration.

I know the guy has been around awhile and is not the flashiest candidate out there. But at first folks also thought New Coke or Crystal Clear Pepsi were good ideas also. The current President has almost lost more international allies than he has manufacturing jobs. He's a miserable failure and most be replaced. However, the country is in the midst of a war on terrorism and a jobless recovery. We need someone with experience. I think people are looking for that. Gephardt is steady. Plus, he has now combined his 27 years of legislative experience with some pretty bold ideas that I like: A universal health care plan that will cover you for your entire life, so you never have to worry about not having health coverage. He would implement an international minimum wage, so our workers don't have to compete with the 6 cents a hour workers in Sri Lanka make. That is also a moral international issue. Corporations have been exploiting these people for too long and Gephardt will stand up to them. He also has an energy independence plan that will get us off Mid-Eastern oil in 10 years and create 2 million new jobs in the US.

Some say that the guy is a proven loser. But I remind everyone that after the Republican Revolution the Democrats faced huge deficits in the US House. After that, while Gephardt was leader the party gained seats in every single election in the House except 2002. He also was a constant voice during the impeachment and stood up to Newt Gingrich and the whackos running that chamber during the late 90's. The guy is a fighter. Hey workers! It was Gephardt who was able to get a minimum wage increase passed while Newt was Speaker. I'm sure you remember that.

Gephardt is a great candidate. I firmly believe his midwestern roots and working family background would pay huge dividends in November. He is that type of candidate that would reasonate well in the industrial heartland, which is the key battleground in this election. He can beat George Bush in those places! And that is where we need to beat him. Also, I don't forsee Reagan Democrats having much trouble pulling the lever for Dick Gephardt! He fights for the working man, has the experience we need in these traumatic times and has put that all together to offer some bold policy intiatives.

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