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The Devil Made Him Say It
January 9, 2004
By Vincent L. Guarisco, Axis of Logic

Ever listen to Pat Robertson, the neo-conservative, Christian Coalition televangelist? Don't worry, if you haven't, you're not missing much. You might even be blessed...

Recently on his 700 Club broadcasting program, Robertson gushed on the public airways that he believed God has told him that Bush would be re(s)elected as President in a "Blowout" in the upcoming 2004 Elections.

Speaking lovingly of Bush, Robertson adds - "The Lord has just blessed him. I mean, he could make terrible mistakes and comes out of it. It doesn't make any difference what he does, good or bad, God picks him up because he's a man of prayer and God's blessing him. I think Bush is going to win in a walk."

Blessed? I wonder if Pat Robertson believes God will forgive Bush for sending more than 500 soldiers to their unnecessary deaths, and for ordering a military campaign responsible for tens of thousands (and still counting) civilians slaughtered, plus thousands more wounded on both sides in a falsely propagated war that had no justification for being fought?

Blessed? Will God Bless Bush for subjecting 95-percent of America's population who are struggling (many without jobs and health coverage) for carrying an obvious unfair amount of the tax burden while his wealthy corporate campaign-contributing cronies enjoy federal handouts, bailouts, massive tax cuts, swift anti-regulatory measures, scrapping of vast work-safety measures, and the lifting of environmental restrictions that protect the very people and planet that he (God) created?

If so, beam me up Scotty! I'm in like Flynn! I've got flight plans for heaven!

The truth is - George W. Bush is arguably the last person on the face of this planet who deserves to be singled out by God and "blessed" for the destruction he has wrought, both nationally and internationally. Robertson seems to believe that God is "honor-bound" to grant the wishes of those who pray. Those like Bush, that is. Makes you shiver, doesn't it, when you consider others in history who - like our pampered flyboy - "prayed" for power and glory... Adolph Hitler, Attila the Hun, Stalin, Saddam Hussein...

And, when you consider those who were incredibly evil, but remain not only popular, but are national heroes, you could even throw in Vlad (Count) Dracula, a real Romanian prince upon whom Bram Stoker based his 1897 blood-thirsty novel. Dracula "prayed" for divine assistance as he heroically defended Romania against the invading Ottoman Empire and, since they had no way of creating decks of cards back then, had a penchant for impaling his enemies on huge stakes so that he could watch them die as he dined. A real Pat Robertson kind of guy...

What is happening in our world? How much useless chatter must the public endure from US media outlets and maniacal religious pundits such as Pat Robertson before a public outcry demands accurate meaningful reporting and commentary on important issues?

Robertson's statement comes at a time when the international landscape is darkened by plenetary wrongdoing like gloomy clouds of locusts - a horrible flurry that streaks to and fro within US corridors of power and obscures freedom and democracy. This country is overrun with ideological warmongering hawks, sinister cash-hungry corporate robber barons and a shameless, complicit White House-controlled media. Zealots like Robertson work relentlessly to traumatize US citizens with fear - not to secure them, but in order to gain control of the globe's natural resources, including his own diamond mines.

Some of us feel like aliens living on a strange planet - a place unrecognizable, inhabited by dark, leering Pat Robertson creatures who inflict pain and invoke rage.

But - like Bush and Robertson - we also pray. Unlike them, we pray for peace and love and forgiveness. If our prayers are answered, it's possible that Robertson, Bush and the rest of their belicose cadre will ultimately be given the opportunity to battle evil at its very source - for all eternity.

Perhaps they should cancel their flight plans for heaven.

Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City, Arizona, a founding member and contributing writer for Axis of Logic, and a lifetime member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans

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