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Tales from the Primary Trail: Year End Highlights
December 19, 2003 · We are heading into crunch time on the Primary Trail - the final weeks and days before the voters have their say to determine who wins this stage of the Democratic Primary race. So before the candidates make their final, desperate turn for the finish line, it's time to reflect and indulge in that annual journalistic tradition of reporting again what already has happened (aka the year-end wrap up story). By Michael McCord

The Downfall of Tyrants
December 17, 2003 · If Bush steps aside and lets those with the interests of the Iraqi people take charge, this sorry affair might be salvaged in the end. Then and only then will the fall of Saddam become a truly meaningful event. By Jack Rabbit

Time to Out the Administration Leakers
December 17, 2003 · If journalists, supposedly the guardians and watchdogs of the government, let the perpetrators of the Valerie Plame scandal get away with this coverup of a crime, a possible second-term Bush Administration would be unconstrained domestically and internationally, doing untold damage to our national security abroad and to our Constitutional protections and economy at home. By Bernard Weiner

The War on Odor and The War on Terror
December 13, 2003 · Terror's purpose is to cause fear. Thus, a fundamental part of the war on terror must be to destroy fear. Yet, fear is inherent in all man, thus, we must overstate the obvious: we cannot destroy fear. By Alexis E. SantÝ

On Rove, and The Big Bad GOP
December 13, 2003 · In order to beat Rove, you have to understand what's behind the words coming out of his mouth. And by Rove's mouth, I mean the collective mouths of his many, many, many surrogates. Why ignore those words? Because Rove is a spin-master. He is Ari Fliescher on crack. He will do everything in his power to frame the debate. By David Friedman

Why is Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?
December 12, 2003 · Much as I disagree with Rush Limbaugh's political views, I would never wish for him, or for anyone else, the kind of pain he has experienced, both before and after he began using prescription drugs. With his influence, rather than setting up silly, petulant analogies concerning the unfairness of law enforcement officials, he could do a great deal of good by advocating a more humane and sensible drug policy in this country. By Beth Henry

Tales from the Primary Trail: The Unbearable Lightness of Being John Kerry
December 12, 2003 · The vultures may be circling but I heard Kerry rally his supporters on the "Real Deal" express by telling them "I'm a closer" - and he does have history to back him up when it comes to electoral survival. By Michael McCord

New Silent Majority Discovered in Fallon, Nevada
December 12, 2003 · Today, I believe most Americans can now be classified as the New Silent Majority. Specifically, there is a plurality of people who not only oppose the war in Iraq, but the neo-con policies of the Bush administration as well. They are out there and not only do they lack a forum to voice their opposition, they are afraid to do so in public lest they be labeled unpatriotic. By Dan Gougherty

Of Bonfires, Flags, and America the Beautiful
December 11, 2003 · My political and social beliefs have always resided on a bedrock of patriotism, of love of country, of a love for America and its people, its guiding principles, its honor and its traditions of democracy and freedom for all. That bedrock patriotism responded to those burning flags before me, those flags flown by conservatives and liberals, of people who live in my community, of Americans. By Max Black

Who's Afraid of Howard Dean?
December 11, 2003 · It seems practically every one of Karl Rove's favorite newspapers is constantly telling us what a pushover Howard Dean would be in the general election. A lot of na´ve Dems have apparently fallen for all of this hokum. I still hear a lot of moaning from people who ought to know better that "Howard Dean is the next McGovern." Perhaps these people have forgotten the real story of George McGovern and Ed Muskie. By Raul Groom

Why Wesley Clark?
December 10, 2003 · These are the reasons that I came to the conclusion that I had to get involved in this election and support Wes Clark. This is a critical election and other like-minded people need to think long and hard about what's at stake and get involved too. By Mickey Isikoff

Fake Moderate, Fake Economy
December 9, 2003 · For months, we've been hearing from Bush that the economy is turning around, that Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy are creating jobs, that the recession was all the fault of Clinton and then Sept. 11, 2001. But Bush-Rove-Cheney are taking the same page from the same story they did in 2000. Bush is trying to pose as a moderate to steal another presidential election. He is lying about his record, just as he lied about what he did as Texas governor. By Jackson Thoreau

Taking a Crack at So-Called "Bush Hatred"
December 9, 2003 · A lot of what the right calls "Bush Hatred" is really not "hatred" at all. That's a convenient us-or-them attitude for the right to hold because it requires very little thought to do so, but it has little basis in reality. What many on both sides of the political fence feel is a sense of frustration, shame, disappointment, and disillusionment, as though we've been conned into buying a shoddily-made product. By Alan M. Haney

Bad Boys
December 6, 2003 · PNAC needed a candidate whose lust for power and thirst for blood matched their own. When they looked around for an accomplice or, better yet, a puppet, to start the empirical ball rolling, it was only natural to consider the Brothers Bush. By Sheila Samples

Democrats: When will we ever learn?
December 6, 2003 · The 2000 Election turned out to be, in several significant aspects, a re-run of 1988 ľ so too, 2002. The early stages of the 2004 campaign suggest that the Democrats are about to make the same mistakes all over again. In many readily identifiable respects, they already have. By Ernest Partridge

A Country Out of Joint
December 5, 2003 · We provide ourselves with an endless stream of reassurance to buttress our belief that the picture we hold in our minds of the world around us is not fundamentally flawed, despite a possible loose end here or paradox there. We do what we must to maintain our privilege, the ability to survive without having to think. By Raul Groom

My Mission
December 5, 2003 · My personal mission has changed over the two years since 9/11. In August 2001, I was gung-ho for Jesus, and President Bush was the God-appointed man-in-office. Now, I'm a soldier who doesn't believe in much anymore. The Bible didn't stand under the weight of my scrutiny. My Commander-in-Chief has sent my friends off to fight a war so that his friends and family can get rich. By Anonymous

The Throbbing Political Pulse
December 4, 2003 · Whenever traveling around the country, I (surprise!) talk politics with folks I meet; it's often instructive and it serves as a way of taking the social pulse. Last week's trip to the East Coast presented me with both encouraging and dispiriting signs. By Bernard Weiner

Trouble in Paradise
December 4, 2003 · We are going to be directly involved in the political, military and economic affairs of Iraq for a long, long time. Not only did we not go to all this trouble, didn't spend all that money, leave that many arms and legs on the highways and wastelands of Iraq and ship that many of our people home in aluminum boxes to just turn around and give it back, we won't do it because we fear what might happen. By Michael Shannon

The WTO and the US: Goliath Endures his First Stone
December 3, 2003 · Cheap steel imports and the drop of global prices have all but eliminated the industry that historically helped build this nation. In the end the short-term tariffs will have only amounted to a failing life-support system - where the prolonged existence of the sector was doomed to crash under the auspices of the free-market way. So is Bush committing political suicide by alienating the working class and labor communities? Hardly. By Josh Frank

Bush Goes to Babylon
December 2, 2003 · Will this guy ever run out of shameless publicity stunts? Just when we thought his phony (and premature) aircraft carrier "victory" gig was the creme de la creme of gaudy overacting, he pulls this Baghdad stunt. After having consumed my fill of Thanksgiving goodies, I have to see this on TV? That doesn't bode well for healthy digestion. By Desert_Vet

The Issue at Hand
December 2, 2003 · Good evening and welcome to "Talk of the Nation". I'm your vaguely nonpolitical host, to my right is the arch conservative pundit, and to my left is the vaguely liberal yahoo. Tonight we will feature commentaries by paid brown-nosers on both sides of the issue, and debate the merits of the issue at hand. By Trevor Seigler

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