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Sex, Lies, and Videotape in DC and California
October 1, 2003
By Ron C. Coma

Those watching the media circus surrounding Arnold Schwarzenegger's candidacy in California have witnessed an interesting phenomenon. Since the fraudulent Clinton impeachment by the far right in the late 90's, many Americans have assumed that Republicans and the media (one and the same these days) were obsessed with sex (specifically penises, blowjobs, and extramarital affairs) and lies (lies about sex).

In the late 90s, the big debate was, "Was the impeachment about sex?" Republicans said it wasn't, but most Democrats and independents were sure it was. What could have inspired the entire mainstream media to attack President Bill Clinton nonstop for all those years? What could have driven Republicans to pervert the Constitution and undermine the U.S. system of government? Was it their unhealthy obsession with sex? Were they really that upset about someone lying about sex?

The media coverage and Republican response to Arnold's candidacy have proven one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt: it never was about sex. It never was about lies. It was never even about Bill Clinton. It was simply about the fact that there was a big "D" next to Bill Clinton's name.

If the media was obsessed with sex, they would have cared about Arnold's past, which is ten times more sex-filled by his own admission than anything Clinton was ever accused of. They would have cared about the fully nude pictures of Arnold and his penis - available everywhere online, but rarely if ever mentioned by the same mainstream media who couldn't get enough of Clinton's well hidden member. If the media or the right wing really cared about cheating husbands, then surely they would have done a tiny bit of digging into the numerous rumors of Arnold's marital infidelity. Blowjobs? Who cares about blowjobs when Arnold has admitted to interracial gangbangs, group orgies, and who knows what else?

What about lies? Clinton lied about sex, they all said. Arnold admits he lied about sex. He just can't decide if he lied about it recently, when he denied some of his previous statements, or if he lied about it in the past, when he repeatedly bragged about his wild sexploits. Any way you look at it, Arnold's admitted lies about sex surpass the most salacious allegations against Bill Clinton by an Arkansas mile. You wouldn't know it by the media reports, though. After years of front page stories about Clinton's alleged sex and lies, Arnold's admitted sex and lies are nowhere to be found.

We've covered "Sex" and "Lies", that only leaves "Videotape". Remember when Clinton admitted he smoked pot once? The media and the right wing were outraged. How can someone who smoked weed be allowed into a position of power, where our children might look at him as a roll model? It was a scandal and a major affront to the American way of life.

Enter Arnold. Not only does Arnold admit to doing illegal drugs, but there are videotapes of him proudly smoking pot available all over the internet for anyone willing to do a search. Does the mainstream media care? No way. The same media who spent millions of dollars investigating Clinton's every breath, suddenly can't be bothered to do a Google search for "Arnold pot video". Do the right wingers care? No way. He has an "R" next to his name, so what does it matter if he smoked dope? If you find some doper with a "D" by their name, give us a call.

There is a lesson to be learned here, an (im)moral to the story of the circus in California. Republicans and the Republican owned U.S. media don't really care about sex after all. They don't really care about lies either. Videotape? Don't call us, we'll call you. In fact, they only really care about one thing: is there an "R" next to a candidate's name, or a "D"? If there is a "D", then the Republican owned mainstream media will do everything in their power to undermine and destroy the candidate. If there is an "R", the media will do all they can to protect the candidate and help them get elected. If the exact same damaging information is available about two candidates, it will only get covered by the mainstream media if the candidate in question is a Democrat.

Some people initially wondered why a supposedly socially liberal guy like Arnold decided to run as a Republican. The answer is pretty clear now. If Schwarzenegger, with his background and world view, had run as a Democrat, the very same media who is currently supporting and praising him shamelessly would have destroyed him. A Democrat accused of just about any unsaintly behavior, real or imagined, is front page news. However, if you fall in with the "right" crowd, everything can be overlooked.

Into kinky sex and orgies? Get naked a lot, enjoy illegal drugs, and maybe even use a racial slur now and then? Like to lie about it? No problem! Go ahead and videotape the whole thing - as long as you've got the big "R" next to your name, your good friends in the mainstream media will make sure that no one ever finds out.

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