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The CEO President's Performance Review
October 1, 2003
By Sarvis

Performance Review

Incumbent: George W Bush
Position: CEO & President of the United States
Period Covered: January 2001 through August 2003

Specific Performance Areas

Public Relations. Poor. The CEO consistently refuses to provide press conferences or respond to ad hoc questions from analysts and rating agencies. Survey results reflect public perception of the nation declining in all markets.

Staff Morale. Poor. Staff satisfaction and morale measures declining considerably. CEO peer reviews rating dropping precipitously with respect to continued tenure and job competency. Field staff operating in perpetual state of insecurity under ongoing threat by CEO of outsourcing, reductions, and general denigration by senior staff questioning their loyalty and productiveness.

Senior Staff. Mixed. Entire sections have resigned en masse. Others have been terminated for abject failure. Patronage & cronyism seems rampant as clearly unqualified persons are assigned to sensitive positions. Expensive and vast reorganizations have been undertaken with no visible increase in effectiveness or efficiency.

Core Competencies. Unacceptable. CEO and his senior staff have undertaken to remove critical foundational elements of the organizations by-laws and core competencies such as freedom, due process, privacy, and democracy. CEO directives methodically subvert time honored operational principles and organizational mission and values.

Disaster Recovery Plan. Nonexistent. CEO seems obsessed with specific past network intrusions and dormant past threats to the exclusion of a comprehensive overhaul of the underlying network and broader threat vectors. Yet CEO also suffers a short attention span.

Record keeping and Communication. Poor. CEO refuses to cooperate in investigation into massive failures. CEO and senior staff operate in complete secrecy from Board of Directors and shareholders. CEO, COO, Budget Director, and Chief Counsel refuse to cooperate with internal audit functions. Financial projections are incomplete, unreliable, and based on inconsistent assumptions.

Resume. Unacceptable. Serious gaps in prior military service have been uncovered. Undisclosed prior arrests. Undisclosed previous criminal investigations for securities violations, conflicts of interest, and insider trading.

Leadership & Accountability. Poor. Accountability culture is nonexistent. CEO demonstrates poor judgment in questionable "cozy" social and business relationships with vendors and competitors.

Contracting. Poor. CEO provides no-bid and secret contracts for major projects. Conflicts of interest abound within senior management with respect to vendor contracting and competitor interactions. Many prime vendors have been caught in fraudulent billing schemes and providing sub-standard products with no recourse taken and relationships continue. Largest subsidiary has lost nearly $2 billion that cannot be accounted for. Redundant supply lines, wasteful spending, and procurement fraud are rampant at largest subsidiary. Many senior staff retain stakes in entities that work at direct cross-purposes to the organization's interests.

Revenue and Budget. Unacceptable. CEO has overseen a deliberate massive decrease in revenues along with a concurrent substantial increase in expenditures. Organization is functionally bankrupt. Organizational finances have been in a nearly unrestrained free-fall from substantial operating profits just prior to the CEO's tenure. Lenders and rating agencies are threatening to downgrade debt and outlook. After substantial decline, stock has now stagnated for an extended time period. Large portions of the work force remain idle.

Relationships. Inadequate. Abrupt termination of long-term joint operating agreements and marquee partnerships is disturbing. Formation of ad hoc replacement joint ventures with transient small players demonstrates absence of long-term strategic design. Many ad hoc partners are in fact shells financed soley from our own cash flow. Some joint ventures are maintained with partners who secretly and even openly cooperate with our competitors.

Competitors. Unacceptable. Caught completely by surprise by a minor competitor who inflicted serious damage on morale and market share. Consistently underestimates the organizational skills and depth of all competitors. Launched two major market share initiatives that were poorly executed after the initial release, consistently over budget, met stronger than expected resistance, and follow-through to completion is nonexistent. Progress reviews are clouded and indirect. Any sort of long term planning is not apparent. Many major competitors are former partners and joint venture participants who possess substantial amounts of proprietary knowledge and organization assets and who cooperate surreptitiously with other existing partners to undermine our success. Other continued alliances and joint ventures are highly questionable.

New products. Poor. Release of new product lines "Afghan Democracy" and "Iraqi Freedom" are nearly complete flops. Product launch resulted in the publicized death of thousands of potential customers along with a portion of the sales force. Subsequent progress questionable. Leadership and strategic planning not evident. High-level leadership changes troubling. Post-sales and customer support function nonexistent. Experiencing several product boycotts, market fragmentation, and the entry of small innovators to compete. Vulnerable to ongoing guerilla marketing by small competitors. Project is wildly over budget, yet sufficient funds are still not being directed to assure success. Sales force overextended and under-compensated as well as poorly trained for long-range task assignments. Cost overruns rampant. Targeted market niches do not exist. Portions of the initial cost/benefit analysis that was provided to the Board and the shareholders contained fabrications, incomplete disclosures, and unsubstantiated assumptions.

Chief Operating Officer. AWOL. Maintains highly questionable contacts with major vendor.

Chief Counsel. Bizarre. Counsel's actions indicate an unfamiliarity with job requirements, periodic obsession with issues peripheral to organizations main challenges, and hostility to organization's standards of law - all leading us to question his suitability for the position.

Revenue enhancement. Poor. Abandoned a diverse and successful revenue mix to solely concentrate all revenue production from a single low margin product line. High margin product lines in which we have invested considerable infrastructure and brand building have been ignored or abandoned. Continued reliance on price increases from this low margin sector may eventually result in pricing ourselves into bankruptcy. On the asset side, prime company assets are sold off at below-market rates and long-term highly developed operations are being given away to vendors without extracting adequate compensation or performance agreements.

Long term planning. Poor. Company infrastructure is crumbling; workforce training is lagging. Yet the CEO inexplicably continues to lavish money on vendor kickbacks and wasteful contracting.

Vacation and unexplained absences. Unacceptable. CEO was on an extended vacation during the company's worst crisis in decades. CEO did not return to his office on a timely basis even upon learning of the crisis. CEO is repeatedly absent on vacation during critical phases of reconstruction and reorganization. CEO leaves for extended trips using company travel assets - on these trips his sole activity is to begin interviews and preparation for his next job.

Specific Accountabilities

Osama. Still unaddressed.
Saddam. Still unaddressed.
Terrorism. Incomplete.
Economy. Progress barely perceptible and of questionable vigor.
Environment. Utter decline.
Compassion. Abandoned.

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