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Republicans don't trust people
September 20, 2003
By Rob McNelis

For a while now, we've all come to know that on a whole, that Republicans simply don't trust people. The right wing nuts that control the country today, instead prefer to trust the police and big business to do what is right. Conservatives traditionally love to have limited freedoms, and more control over people's lives than liberals would ever allow.

Yet, in the last couple of years, a pattern has definitely emerged. The conservative Republicans trust so little in people, that they no longer approve of democracy! This seems to be in their interest since they haven't won a national election since 1988, but demonstrates that the real unpatriotic and un-American political party is definitely the RNC.

The first instance of Republicans trying to show their dismay at democracy, came with the impeachment of President Clinton. They investigated him for years, and spent millions of dollars, and only found a blue dress for all their efforts. Why did they go to these lengths? They did because they could not accept that they lost the election of 1992, and wanted to over-turn it.

Next came the Election of 2000, and the obvious Florida debacle. The Republicans here argued that it wouldn't be fair for the election officials to count all the ballots. They actually got the Supreme Court to rule to that effect, thereby stopping the very nature of democracy just so that they could annoit their new President. It was more important to win, than to follow traditional principles for these people.

Next came the re-districting scheme of Tom Delay for Texas. In this case, Republicans are behaving like little children, unsatisfied with the laws...they decide to re-write the laws to benefit them. The 2000 Census creates a need to re-draw Congressional lines, and this is a well established process that has run quite smoothly for our country over the last 200 years or so. The lines were re-drawn in 2001 to reflect changes in the population, and both sides had their chances to make arguments for or against the new districts. This draft was then approved by a court, yet now Republicans feel that it isn't fair to them. They want to "fix" the plan to help them elect more Republicans to Congress. Such blatant gerrymandering shows that they have no respect for the process nor the voters that they are trying to play god over.

Now comes the California recall effort. Here, the conservatives are using a law meant only to remove a criminal or completely inept official from office in order to overturn an election. Governor Gray Davis, while not the most popular elected official in California, has done nothing wrong. He inherited a lousy economy, and the problems of energy deregulation given to him by his predecessor Pete Wilson. Davis had just been re-elected in 2002, and the conservatives wasted little time in trying to recall him. They decided not to give him a chance, but simply to try to buy enough signatures so they could give the people of California the crazy circus that is the California Recall. This costly affair does little to help the economy in California, but goes a long way to show that Republicans truly hate democracy.

Several states with Republican legislatures have quietly announced that they won't hold primaries this year in their states. Instead, the delegates are to be chosen by party leaders. Now the official reasoning behind this is that it will save these states much needed money, but the real reason is to subvert democracy. Primaries tend to attract attention, and motivate party members. With no serious Republican Primary expected in 2004, a primary would mainly only help the democrats fire up their base. So, they (conservatives) have deemed it unnecessary for their constituents to have a voice in their party's nominee. How democratic of them!

Lastly, at the local levels all across the country. Republicans tend to be the first to advocate the use of user fees. That is, some public services they decide they no longer want to subsidize. Therefore, they attach a user fee to it. Thereby, people of the community pay each time they use that service or facility. This on the surface seems to make sense, but actually it does not. It is an exclusive device, meant to keep the poor and minorities down where the conservatives believe that they belong. Take after school sports, which typically is a first to incur a user fee. Wouldn't it make sense that the poor inner-city children have a greater need to be in an after school program than rich suburban kids? By keeping these children busy, you keep them away from crime, drugs, and gangs. However the right wing loons don't think that way.

Wake up people, beat the Republicans while you can. Sooner or later, they might just really win...and you won't have a say about it.

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