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One More Bogus Story
September 3, 2003
By Doug Basham

According to an August 28 article in the L.A. Times by Bob Drogin (emphasis mine):

Frustrated at the failure to find Saddam Hussein's suspected stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, U.S. and allied intelligence agencies have launched a major effort to determine if they were victims of bogus Iraqi defectors who planted disinformation to mislead the West before the war. Frustrated at the failure to find Saddam Hussein's suspected stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, U.S. and allied intelligence agencies have launched a major effort to determine if they were victims of bogus Iraqi defectors who planted disinformation to mislead the West before the war."

As evidence, officials say former Iraqi operatives have confirmed since the war that Hussein's regime sent "double agents" disguised as defectors to the West to plant fabricated intelligence. In other cases, Baghdad apparently tricked legitimate defectors into funneling phony tips about weapons production and storage sites.

Now let's forget for a moment the reported pressure this administration (read Dick Cheney) placed on our intelligence agencies to "cook the intelligence books". Let's forget for a moment that the primary defector the administration was taking their cues from was their very own handpicked Saddam successor, Ahmed Chalabi, who the Busheviks even touted as the possible "George Washington of Iraq". (You might recall that Chalabi was convicted in absentia in a Jordanian court for embezzlement and fraud - personally, I don't think it had anything to do with cherry trees). Jordanian MP's are currently seeking Chalabi's extradition.

Chalabi wanted Hussein's job, and eventually, was run out of Iraq on a rail. I think it's safe to say any information Chalabi handed this administration was for brother Ahmed's benefit, not brother Saddam's. I would not be surprised at all if this "bogus Iraqi defectors" story is yet one more bogus Chalabi creation. But let's forget all of that.

I've chosen instead to focus on the motivations Saddam Hussein would've had for planting bogus defectors in the United States to tell this administration what they wanted to hear.

I envision Mr. Hussein sitting down crafting this plot. Perhaps he said:

"Granted, when my bogus defectors tell the Americans I have continued my quest for weapons of mass destruction, including 'nu-cu-lar' weapons, this will only provide them with more justification for attacking my country and my regime. It will undoubtedly lead to my removal as leader of Iraq, along with the destruction of much of my country's infrastructure, history and culture. It might even lead to my death, and/or, the deaths of many of my friends and relatives, including my two beloved warrior sons. It also might lead to me living the life of a fugitive (God, I loved that American television program - David Janssen was the bomb!), with me having to change sleeping locales more often than I did when I was in power… but HEY!… at least the Bush administration will look rather foolish when they discover they were duped."

Now come on. Don't you feel just the slightest bit insulted by this story? The bottom line is real simple folks, and maybe that's why the administration decided to release this gem of a story. Perhaps they know full well that sometimes the obvious can be obscured by the details.

The Bush administration is still clinging to their WMD fantasy so they don't have to admit they flat out lied.

They've gone from "We know the weapons are there," to "We still believe the weapons are there," to "We believe we will find evidence of weapons 'programs'," to now, "We were duped into believing the weapons were there". They're counting on you to keep clinging to their WMD fantasy as well, so you won't focus instead on stories that outline the absolutely shameless level of war profiteering that is currently taking place. Or haven't you heard? According to story by Michael Dobbs in the August 28 Washington Post, Halliburton is going to make even more money than was originally reported. And surprise, Halliburton's not the only one.

The bottom line is simple. The old saying "We get the government we deserve" has never been truer than presently. I contend the Bush administration wouldn't release a whopper like this unless they viewed the American public as a bunch of mindless dolts. And why wouldn't they? Why would they think any differently of a citizenry who refuses to hold their already grammatically challenged leader accountable when he appears on international television and pronounces to the world "We've already found WMD's in Iraq," or "We went to war with Iraq because Saddam Hussein wouldn't allow weapons inspectors back in."

Forget the 16 words. The Niger story took some research and some fact assimilating - two things most Americans who are just trying to keep their heads above the rapidly rising tax cut waters have little time to engage in. The aforementioned two lies were available to anyone who only receives their news from 10-second sound bytes. And still, they let their leader slide. Why? Because the media they misguidedly trust to keep them informed neglected to inform them that their leader was lying on both counts. The media let him slide as well. So much for a "liberal media". This article would do much to inform them, the question is, will the media carry it? We'll see.

Drogin's article also says:

Critics had charged that the Bush administration exaggerated intelligence on Iraq to bolster support for the war. The broader question now is whether some of the actual intelligence was fabricated and U.S. officials failed to detect it.
No it isn't. The broader question is whether or not the American people are going to swallow yet one more gross, insulting lie from this administration. This long held M.O. of conservatives to play the victim is starting to wear mighty thin. It is common knowledge this administration willingly surrounded themselves with people who would tell them exactly what they wanted to hear. They actively sought them out. When our conventional intelligence agencies wouldn't do it, the Pentagon even formed their own intelligence unit that would (OSP - Office of Special Plans).

To play the victim one more time now, and whine pathetically that we were duped, is a ploy that will only work on either a) the weak minded, much like Jedi mind control (can you just imagine Obi Wan proclaiming "Luke, when the force doesn't work, lie your ass off"), or b) those who either won't, or don't pay attention to what their government is doing, which unfortunately, describes the majority of the American public. It doesn't change the overall fact that they lied and our soldiers died as a result. Are family members of fallen ones supposed to feel better because the administration that sent their loved ones to die did so because they were stupid as opposed to liars? I think not.

As much as I despise a tyrannical regime like Saddam Hussein's, I equally despise a regime that will lie its country into war, caring not how many of our finest die as a result. And for them to lie even further and claim they were "duped" by the people they as much as bullied into telling them what they wanted to hear is unconscionable behavior, even for this crowd. And for all the phony patriots who equate criticism of this regime with "hating America," again, your rhetoric is as embarrassing as it is dishonest. I love this country, I just hate a regime that lies the country I love into war. And if you understand the true meaning of patriotism, you will too.

Doug Basham broadcasts every weekday morning on AM 1230 KLAV in Las Vegas. The show is also simulcast on the internet. For more information, or to listen live on the web, visit Doug can be reached at [email protected], or 1-866-DOUG-911.

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