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The California Recall, Part Two: The Replacement Candidates
July 31, 2003 · This is the second of a two part series on the attempt to recall Governor Davis in California. In the previous article, the recall drive against Governor Davis, and the reasons his opponents give for recalling him, was discussed. Today, we will discuss some of the announced and possible candidates attempting to replace Davis. By Jack Rabbit

Grover Gets His Wish
July 31, 2003 · On July 24, 2003, Secretary of State Kevin Shelley announced he had certified enough petition signatures to allow the Recall of Gov. Gray Davis to go forward. It's the culmination of concerted attacks upon California by the Bush Administration that began in January of 2000. Grover Norquist has, essentially, gotten his wish. By Mike Hickerson

The Kingness of Mad George
July 30, 2003 · The Founding Fathers never figured on the Imperial Presidency of George W. Bush, and his court-appointed "Government of the neo-cons, by the neo-cons, and for the neo-cons." A self-righteous minority of ruthless profiteering ideological extremists was never supposed to dominate all three independent branches of the American Democracy. By B. Rehak

What About Joe Lieberman?
July 30, 2003 · It's not hard to imagine why someone would want to vote for Joe. He seems a nice enough guy, and too heartbreakingly earnest in his ridiculousness to be truly corrupt. He's the guy who feels obligated to run, because he knows he's better than Bush but can't quite say why, for fear of offending people. By Raul Groom

The California Recall
July 30, 2003 · This is the first of two parts on the effort to recall Governor Davis. In this article, the reasons for the recall given by those who launched and financed the petition drive will be examined. By Jack Rabbit

Being Condoleezza Rice Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry
July 29, 2003 · George W. Bush's vaunted National Security Advisor was his tutor during his "sobering up for politics years," readying her charge for the White House. She's the most powerful woman in the administration. She's even got an oil tanker named after her. But these days, Rice has gone from head teacher to chief spinmeister. By Joy-Ann Reid

Money Talks... In More Ways Than One
July 29, 2003 · Any historian, not to mention any collector of ancient coins, will tell you that one of the best ways to judge a society is by what they put on their money. Commemoration of great events, beloved leaders, and symbols of what a society considers important are immortalized through the images on coins and bills. By Pab Sungenis

Undeleted Uranium and the "Highest Standard"
July 29, 2003 · The recent uranium flap highlights the administration's different standards of accuracy, depending on the speaker, setting and audience. By Dennis Hans

Welcome to North Korea, Try the #5030, It's Delicious
July 26, 2003 · Hide your daughters, Rummy's at it again. And when Donald Rumsfeld is at it that also means hide your sons and anyone else you know of legal dying age…er…excuse me, military age. He has taken all of the good things that happened in the preemptive strike against Afghanistan and all of the positive things that happened during the preemptive strike against Iraq and made it into the ultimate provocative plan. It is called Plan #5030. By Jeremy B. Cairns

Making a Spectacle of Ourselves
July 26, 2003 · The Bush administration kissed modernity goodbye the moment it set out on this war of conquest. Bush may or may not have known what he was doing when he called the war against terrorism a "crusade," but subsequent events have proved him right. By The Plaid Adder

New Lows in the Blame Game
July 25, 2003 · When the lies won't hold, there is the unending blame. Bush provided the country with false information, but it was only because the CIA goofed. If the CIA didn't goof, then it was because the information came from Britain. Whatever happened, there is one mantra: "It's not Bush's fault." By Lisa Walsh Thomas

"Shallow Throat" Advises Democrats to Bring It On Big-Time
July 25, 2003 · With the Bush Administration in imploding disarray, frantically scrambling for ways out of its WMD scandal, I set the code for alerting "Shallow Throat" that I wanted to talk. I was anxious to learn, from inside the belly of the beast, how bad the situation was for the Bush forces and what we in the opposition could do to make it worse. By Bernard Weiner

Like Father Like Son
July 25, 2003 · A son burdened with the responsibility of ensuring his father's needs grows up obsessed with seeking father's approval. The father dominates by strict rule; he impregnates the son with irrational fear, then "rescues" him and keeps him safe. The Son subjugates his own desires to the will of his father. He views the world and its inhabitants in black and white vision, right and wrong action, good and evil incarnate. By Jack Francis

Speaking Your Mind in the Military
July 24, 2003 · In recent news, an active duty military man made a mistake: he said what he really thought about our political leaders to the press. His mistake is he let his face be seen and his name be known to the hordes of right-wing zealots who will use their connections to ruin his military career and his life. It does not matter that he is right. By Hawker Hurricane

Down the Rabbit Hole
July 23, 2003 · While right-wing commentators fashion Alice's Wonderland into an American reality, significant problems are also developing in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. And while these critics rail against the "liberal" media establishment and the moral decay of our culture, citizens are experiencing a myriad of social troubles here at home. By Wayne Francis

Retire from Congress to Fight in Iraq? Look Away, Look Away...
July 23, 2003 · Jefferson Davis, future president of the Confederacy, was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1845. He left office two years later to fight in the Mexican War. No matter what you think of Jefferson, how many of our hawks in today's Congress have the courage of Davis's convictions? By Tom Marcinko

Queer Eye for the Straight G.I.
July 22, 2003 · Oh, how low can the Bushies go? Mired in plummeting poll numbers, guerilla warfare in Iraq and a record-setting budget deficit, the information machine run by Karl Rove is now going after Canadians. Gay Canadians. Eh? Satire by Phil Lebovits

Surfing a Tidal Wave of Lies
July 22, 2003 · The blossoming deficit, the sordid games with VA benefits and military death benefits, squeezing the 9/11 commission, unfunded mandates for states with no money, the vicious little bouquets thrown to the jingos and bigots... it's unrelenting, it doesn't stop for a moment, behind every lie or meanness is another and maybe even bigger one. By Weldon Berger

History Will Not Forgive Them
July 22, 2003 · By itself, the fact that a sovereign nation is governed by a tyrant, no matter how brutal, is not justification for war. Yet this is the only justification Bush and Blair have left to offer for invading Iraq. That is to say, it is the only justification they have offered other than the lies that have been refuted over and over again. By Jack Rabbit

I Took Bush's Place in Vietnam
July 19, 2003 · Bush is a coward. I am the one who took his place in Vietnam, so I should know. During the Vietnam War, when Bush deserted from the Texas National Guard, the National Security State found itself to be one short on cannon fodder, so they sent me. A member of the peasant class, I was expendable. By Jack Balkwill

The Other 16 Words
July 19, 2003 · On Monday, Mr. Bush provided us with 16 words that may be of even greater significance than the fraudulent ones that found their way into the State of the Union address. The war in Iraq began he said, because, "We gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in." By Mike McArdle

The Most Tenuous of Justifications
July 19, 2003 · People are dying because we went to war. Oppose it or support it, that is the simple fact. No one should commit the United States to such a course on false pretenses. It does not matter if the ends are ends you would support. If you ignore deception of this magnitude on one issue, then you are approving it on any other issue. By Kevin Raybould

Surreality Bites
July 18, 2003 · I don't think I'm the only one who feels this strange sense of unreality that grows with each passing day. There are 16 months until the 2004 election, and I wonder if this grand charade can last that long. How long can the story lines of our government and media fly in the face of plain and obvious facts that are there for all to see? How long before the whole edifice crumbles? By Gregg Gordon

Thousands Threatened as Rumsfeld Resorts to Weapons of Mass Deconstruction
July 18, 2003 · What began as an attempted mass drugging of news media has spread throughout the United States, sources in Washington report. The attacks, originally characterized by news analysts as "innocent attempts to confuse people about the truth" and later upgraded to "intent to hypnotize using a lethal tautology," have escalated in recent days. Satire by Joan McGreevy

No Sense of Decency
July 18, 2003 · Periodically in our nation's history we allow the zeitgeist of intolerance to raise its ugly head up from the ashes as the result of traumatic world events. Whether it be the fear of the new European immigrants during the era of the Know-Nothings, to the first Red Scare following WWI, to McCarthyism itself there is the feeling that we are now living under yet another great climate of intolerance. By Matt Zimmer

The Right's Mendacious March to War
July 17, 2003 · While we endure endless Sunday pundits repeating the administration line that the President considers the matter closed, the truth in the reasons for war is still to be determined. And the truth likely will not be found in the Executive Branch. What no one in the administration wants to admit (or will admit) is that the war was a con job. By punpirate

They Should Resign
July 17, 2003 · Democracy assumes an open society in which the government shares information with the citizens in order for them to make an informed judgment. Even where secrecy is important, the government at the very least should not be deliberately misleading the citizens for any reason. The idea that the government may have been misleading the citizens in order to go to war for the benefit of the wealthy friends of those in power is particularly odious to democratic principles. By Jack Rabbit

Live From An Undislcosed Location Near You
July 16, 2003 · Dick Cheney's name has been conspicuously absent during the orgy of fingerpointing that climaxed in CIA Director George Tenet's peculiar mea culpa regarding the Iraq-Africa-uranium reference in this year's State of the Union speech. Among the possible explanations for this are that 1) no one can find him to ask him about it, or 2) he had nothing to do with it, or 3) he's smarter than everyone else involved. By Weldon Berger

Our President is a Criminal
July 16, 2003 · The criminal enterprise called the Bush administration is (Helen Thomas was right) the worst ever. Their campaign in furtherance of the conspiracy to defraud the public into buying the Iraq war is one of the the most cynical abuses of power in U.S. history. It deserves to be treated as such. By Daniel Patrick Welch

Who Can We Blame? Who Should We Blame?
July 16, 2003 · After pointing the finger at the CIA for the appearance of misleading statements in his State of the Union address, the president has expressed his full confidence in George Tenet, the intelligence agency's director. Not surprising. Wouldn't you have complete confidence in a loyal bootlicker who would be willing to fall on his sword for you? By John J. Malone

Bush's divide: splintering nations, families ­ even the GOP itself
July 15, 2003 · Bush Junior hasn't merely taken the national political division seen in the razor-thin election of 2000 and exacerbated it beyond all reason and civility. He and his foot soldiers in Congress have also made things personal, turning otherwise happy families against one another as the result of a take-no-prisoners partisanship that's unprecedented in its ugliness. By D.G. Bowman

From "The Buck Stops Here" to "I Didn't Do It"
July 15, 2003 · President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read "The Buck Stops Here." But I'm starting to think that the current man sitting in the Oval Office has a different sign on his desk. I think that sign reads something along the lines of "I Didn't Do It." By Ed Hanratty

Why Howard’s not George
July 15, 2003 · The specter of George McGovern is being raised again but now it is Democrats who are raising it because a Presidential candidate from a small state is again making opposition to a war the centerpiece of his campaign. Howard Dean, it is said by some, is pulling the party dangerously to the left and will doom the party to a McGovernesque disaster if he is nominated next year. By Mike McArdle

Rumsfeld Announces Discovery of Spears of Mass Destruction
July 12, 2003 · Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced today at a Pentagon press conference that coalition forces had discovered a huge cache of spears, arrows and similar projectile weapon systems, believed to be of Iraqi origin, buried deep in an archaeological site high on the slopes of Turkey's Mount Ararat. Satire by David Albrecht

If it Looks Like a Guerilla and Walks Like a Guerilla
July 12, 2003 · In spite of reassurances from Rumsfeld and the rest of Team Bush that the US is not currently engaged in a guerilla war in Iraq (the best the President could do when pressed on the subject during a question and answer session in Africa was to admit that "we have got a security issue" in Iraq) the reality is that we are. By Mike Shannon

The Late, Great, American Republic: A Report from Mid-century - 2050
July 12, 2003 · Who could have imagined, at the turn of this century, how quickly and completely the American republic would collapse? At the close of the twentieth century, the United States was at peace and enjoying one of the most sustained and productive periods of prosperity in its history. It was, to put it simply, a great time to be an American. And then, suddenly, it all fell apart. By Nigel Doowrite, as told to Ernest Partridge

Three and a Half Years of Regression
July 11, 2003 · Just three and a half years into the century the United States is greatly weakened, its voice effectively muted and its democracy vastly more vulnerable than it was in 2000. By Joseph Arrieta

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
July 11, 2003 · Five lousy dollars a week and we can raise as much cash as Dubya. We should be ashamed of ourselves! For all our complaints, and the explosion of websites with disaffected Democrats, we cannot found the time to put aside $5 a week to get rid of this thug cabal. By Stewart L. French

Bushies Stole My Con!
July 10, 2003 · A patented third-party ruse used witless Brits to persuade Americans that Iraq was hot for African uranium. By Dennis Hans

Cuba's Struggle is Not Easy
July 10, 2003 · Cuba's struggle for respect and sovereignty is not something born with the Cuban revolution. It dates back to the 19th Century, when men such as Ignacio Agramonte, Calixto Garcia, Maximo Gomez, Antonio Maceo and Jose Marti fought valiantly against the Spanish Empire on behalf of Cuban independence. By Jose Pertierra

Poppy Strikes Gold
July 9, 2003 · In this excerpt from his new bestseller The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Greg Palast details George H.W. Bush's clandestine dealings with Canadian mining company Barrick. By Greg Palast

Unleash the Superheroes!
July 9, 2003 · The Bush White House is run by men made thoroughly malicious by unbridled lust for stupendous corporate profits. Those administration figures - Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, etc., in addition to the two thugs on top - are amazingly like villains from '50s pulp comics, come to life to ruin our lives in reality, here and now. It's time to combat these unprincipled evildoers with populist superpower. By Dennis Rahkonen

What If They Held an Election and the Emerging Democratic Majority Didn't Show Up?
July 8, 2003 · You have to hand it to those right wingers. They never let the nitty-gritty of elections get lost in the fuzz. When they were gathering strength during the 1980s they hijacked existing action instead of splintering into side shows that would have diluted their momentum. In their parallel universe, think tanks, issues, talking points and public policy may be important but no one ever confuses substance with an election's one overarching priority: winning. By Sandra E. Jewell

Karl Rove's War on Satire
July 8, 2003 · While many liberals spin their wheels bemoaning the steady erosion of Constitutional rights and the transformation of the mainstream press from The Fourth Estate into The Fifth Wheel, a far more inimical and far less obvious assault upon an American tradition has been waged and, apparently, won: the War on Satire. By Weldon Berger

A Texas 4th of July Celebration
July 8, 2003 · It should have been a good time, a festive time. Perhaps it's my imagination, or perhaps I was projecting my own liberal leanings, but it seemed as if even out here in the conservative flag-waving east Texas woods people are beginning to feel a little embarrassed about America's actions around the world. By Jim Caddell

Of Mice and (Con) Men
July 7, 2003 · The buildup to the invasion of Iraq revealed most of our national-security bureaucrats and journalists to be mice, no match for the men who marshaled all manner of questionable, false or even forged evidence to make their case. The men led - make that "misled" - and the mice, with few exceptions, cheered them on or cowered in their holes. By Dennis Hans

The Fire This Time: Why Kucinich May Be the Right Guy at the Right Time
July 7, 2003 · Kucinich may be the only guy who can win this election. Sounds far-fetched, right? What the Brits would call Loony Left delusional thinking. The U.S. press would just ignore the whole thing, naturally, until it's no longer possible. Just plain crazy. But is it? By Daniel Patrick Welch

On "Hating America"
July 7, 2003 · Do I "hate America" because I criticize its government? On the contrary, I love America - which is why I hate what the right-wing zealots are doing to my beloved country and to its international reputation. By Ernest Partridge

The Madness of King George
July 5, 2003 · Self-promoting, pat-self-on-the-back, my way or the highway bluster tainted with used car salesman deceptions, and more one-liners than Henny Youngman. Cheer him well America. Whether playing cowboy, combat pilot, championship golfer, high roller or President, he's got his lines down, sort of. By a_random_joel

Sorry, Fresh Out of Weapons... Would You Like Another Vietnam Instead?
July 5, 2003 · The bait and switch method has been used and abused by retailers for years. The idea is to get people through the door - once there you can then use pure salesmanship and personality to "up-sell" to an item with higher profit margins. George W. Bush has taken this to new level. By Brad Odland

Declaring My Independence from the Bush Administration
July 4, 2003 · Mr Bush: I am not, nor have I ever been a big fan of yours. As a matter of fact, I voted with the majority of voters against you when you ran for office in 2000. However, by hook or by crook you are now the sitting Commander in Chief. My tax dollars fund your salary. My tax dollars fund your cronyism. And my tax dollars fund your deployment of my fellow citizens to all corners of the world. By Ed Hanratty

Bring 'Em On
July 4, 2003 · Two pieces on George W. Bush's latest disgraceful comments, Mr. President, How Dare You? by Michael Shannon, and Bringing 'Em On by Mike McArdle.

The Curious Case of the Lost Lemurs
July 3, 2003 · The evidence strongly suggests that the administration is hopelessly incompetent and dishonest. And that's why, until some clever soul invents an unbreakable rhetorical neck brace, we're screwed. Half the public is so engrossed in practicing the mechanics of cranial rotation that the obvious is invisible. By Weldon Berger

Iraq War Heroes
July 3, 2003 · The history students of the future will someday turn their attention to the Iraq War. Squinting at transcripts, perusing thousands of op-eds, reviewing ancient video footage and listening to countless hours of audio, our future historians will learn that the America of the early 21st century was a confused and confusing country. What conclusions will they draw? By Jeff Rosenzweig

Re-Lighting the Torches of America's Soul
July 2, 2003 · Americans are led to wallow in the fright and negativity pushed daily by Bush&Co. and its conglomerate-owned mass media. After months and years of having this negative template laid on top of our society, it's not difficult to have one's energy sapped, to sink into a kind of fatalistic torpor, or even, because the feelings are so intense, to deny that one is having doubts at all. By Bernard Weiner

War Crimes in the Name of Freedom
July 2, 2003 · As Americans prepare to celebrate their Independence Day this July 4, 2003, with a grandiose glorification of ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - and wars from days past - it's worth remembering those millions of civilians and/or non-combatants who have died at the hands of unconstrained and psychopathic American power. By John Stanton

The North Will Rise Again
July 2, 2003 · For generations, Southern voters demanded socially responsible government, especially in the impoverished and less industrial areas. We need to tap into that desire for economic opportunity: school funding, scholarships, and vocation training. We need to talk to them about healthcare, welfare, and other safety nets that the Republicans have been weakening. By David Michael Rothschild

Lily Gilder or Liar? Pundits too quick to give Bush benefit of doubt
July 1, 2003 · Here’s the problem with all the euphemisms mainstream commentators use in their strenuous efforts not to brand President George W. Bush a liar: He’s not entitled to a single one. That’s because he sold himself to the public and the news media throughout Campaign 2000 as the ultimate plain-spoken straight shooter. No tricky wordplay, no distortions, no half-truths. We’d get nothing but the unvarnished truth if we elected him president. By Dennis Hans

Taking the Fight to Bush
July 1, 2003 · I learned a long time ago that the only way out of that sense of being overwhelmed is to take a step. It is not possible to address everything all at once. It's vital to take one step, then another, then another. And that is what is happening right now. By Peter Buckley (PBinOregon)

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