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Unleash the Superheroes!
July 9, 2003
By Dennis Rahkonen

The British media recently reported that the American-led invasion of Iraq was moved up 14 days to allow seizing the Ramallah oil fields intact. It was feared that waiting until the original launch date would permit sabotage of that coveted resource.

U.S. commanders, if you'll recall, complained they weren't fully prepared to safely move when they did. Most of our casualties occurred in that initial period, and the battle was actually stalemated for a time, until reinforcements arrived.

Thus, the real reason for Bush's aggression - grabbing Iraqi oil - played a key role in precipitating needless deaths on our side right from the war's premature beginning.

Flash forward to the present...

U.S. troops are being killed and wounded on an escalating, daily basis, raising alarm and criticism over administration policy.

Bush responded to that growing worry with bluster and bravado, challenging the Iraqis to continue their attacks. "Bring 'em on," he said, inviting objective Iraqi freedom fighters to violently test the mettle of hated American occupiers.

Dubya's words have been sharply criticized by many, myself included. But the thought now springs to mind that perhaps they weren't simply a rash manifestation of the president's foolhardiness.

I believe it's reasonable to postulate that the Bush/Cheney gang, with its obscenely incestuous connection to Big Oil, is callously prepared to sacrifice an interminable number of servicepeople from the United States and allied countries... to try to keep the black gold it acquired via thieving conquest.

The great value of mothers' precious sons and daughters is comparatively small, and expendable, in the minds of those whose eyes widen in avarice over the fabulous profit that retaining Iraq's petroleum reserves would assure them.

The greediest people on earth have the world's richest prize in hand. Nothing except the full-scale social unrest that will surely come with constantly mounting casualties will dissuade them.

The Bush White House is run by men made thoroughly malicious by unbridled lust for stupendous corporate profits. Those administration figures - Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, etc., in addition to the two thugs on top - are amazingly like villains from '50s pulp comics, come to life to ruin our lives in reality, here and now.

It's time to combat these unprincipled evildoers with populist superpower.

Through discerning awareness, unbreakable unity, and a staunch devotion to truth, justice and an American way rooted in goodness and decency, we can triumph over those who would kill (or at least impoverish) us all to keep their stolen booty.

The common people, as a collective entity waking up together from the 9/11 hypnosis, will no longer be fooled.

Those are our loved ones getting shot to pieces in Baghdad, Fallujah, and in spreading locations across Iraq. We can't possibly defeat an entire nation that passionately wants to be rid of us.

Clocks are ticking. The next newscast will tell of more unnecessary American deaths. Much of our populace lives in soul-devouring fear of receiving dreaded word from overseas at any moment.

Our country has no legitimate business being in Iraq.

We're the superheroes who can defeat the villainous crew that's hijacked our political and economic process.

It's time for all of us to shout with one deafening voice: "Support our troops! Bring them home, now!"

Dennis Rahkonen, from Superior, WI, has been writing progressive commentary and verse for various outlets since the 60s. He can be reached at

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