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An Alarm Bell is Going Off in America
June 17, 2003
By Madison

For whom does the alarm bell ring? For the 99 percent of us who are not part of the Bush crowd.

The Bushites envision a country (and, maybe, a world) in which one percent of the population owns 99 percent of everything. The other 99 percent of the population would own the remaining one percent of anything. This is not new. This form of social structure is as old as the hills, and it has always, eventually, led to mayhem, revolution, chaos and anarchy. You see, most people do not take well to being oppressed and, historically, they have eventually risen up to attack the one percent who owned everything. Most of us do not like to lead our lives at the whim of the ruling class, and most people will eventually fight back.

The only stable and healthy societies have been those where the majority of people lead decent lives, which they themselves control. The Bushites, who exhibit all the symptoms of wishing to enslave the world, do not seem to get it. In the end, the people will fight back and take back what is rightfully theirs - namely, the fruits of their own labors.

There was a time, in America at least, when I thought there was a limit on how poorly we could possibly treat the worse-off members of our society. I no longer have that confidence. As a result of the desensitizing television has done in the past few years, I think some current TV watchers would howl with delight watching the Nazis torture children to get parents to confess. I think, based on what is currently popular on TV, Americans are now so lacking in true moral indignation about mistreatment of the vulnerable that the TVmeisters could make a hit show out of throwing unwanted elderly folks off high buildings. Pass the beer and pretzels: there goes another screaming old man!

And, of course, this coarsening of the people plays right into the agenda of the Bushites. Maybe Karl Rove even helps to instigate some of the meaner programs that make us all so indifferent to another's pain and suffering.

Have we, in America, lost our capacity to give a damn about anyone's well-being except our own? It seems so.

And yet we are told there is a religious revival going on in this country. How can that be? Religious belief is supposed to make us behave better. I see no signs of better behavior coming from the very ones who are screaming the loudest about the need to spread religion into governmental places, such as federal offices, public schools, etc.

We have at the helm of our government, right now, men and women who preach their piety to us even as they labor to cut off funding to the ill, the elderly, the needy, and the children of America and the world. Do they have plugs in their ears and scales over their eyes when they strut into their churches? Do they not hear or read anything the Lord has preached to them? I see no evidence these holier-than-thou parishioners have absorbed any of the lessons of their religion. Their God is the god of power and money, not the God of benevolence.

Can Americans slough off the foul lessons they are bombarded with on television and return to their gentler and better natures? Can they revert to their better natures in time to avert the coming catastrophe that is bound to happen if the Bush team gets four more years?

An alarm bell is going off in America; is anyone listening?

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