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Is Everything We Learned a Myth?
April 26, 2003
By Ronald Gerughty

Remember when you were a child and your parents told you that everything happens for the best? It was a way to soothe the hurt of something gone wrong - to ease the pain of a loss of something or someone dear.

Throughout our formative years, we were taught that might does not make right, crime doesn't pay, cheaters never prosper, and the guys in the white hats are always the winners. We were led to believe that justice would prevail, that good conquers evil. Peace and solace were gained by clinging to those beliefs. Our lives became more manageable when we believed in these principles.

However, hovering in the background, out of sight and out of mind, were everyday examples of the myth of those glorious beliefs. Now, today, these beliefs are shattered beyond repair. The Bush administration has stolen not only an election, but also the very essence of our American being. A small group of delusional fanatics has formed a cabal aimed at dominating the minds of the American public and directed toward world domination. They have laid waste to our fundamental beliefs. They purloin many of our hollowed personal freedoms while they desecrate our Constitution. They arrogantly wage war, both foreign and domestic, against the weak, defenseless, poor, and aged. They spread fear and intimidation, while killing indiscriminately as their minions carry out the illegal savaging of the innocent. The world is held hostage, the people impotent, and the carnage continues unabated.

What is happening to our nation? We are slipping quietly and rapidly into the abyss of fascism, yet there is no outrage from the populace. Sitting peaceful beside their television screens, they, like sponges, absorb the drivel served up by the corporate media and consider it gospel. Too stupid or complacent to challenge the sanitized version presented, they think everything is A-okay and George is doing just fine. Dissenters are pinko-commie bastards, anti-American traitors who deserve to be jailed or shot a la Kent State University. They know the score; so don't bother them with the facts. As law-abiding, flag-waving patriots, they have nothing to fear from the Patriot acts and any other blatant infringements on our Bill Of Rights. It's only those lousy rabble-rousers; leftist weirdoes, who are concerned with the loss of personal freedoms. Obviously, they have much to hide.

So, what do we tell our children? What lessons are they to derive from this narcissistic fraud that leads a coalition of the coerced against humanity, against all that is decent, against the poor, the weak, the defenseless? Our children aren't stupid. They know the difference between rhetoric and actions. They see what works and how goals are obtained. After all, the media serves up its daily plate of consumables for all to watch and listen.

May we honestly say that might doesn't make right? No! The arbitrary use of the overwhelming power of the United States military against anyone who dares to disagree or fails to be subservient to the Bush cabal belies that statement, for obviously, might does make right in the eyes of ignorant Americans and some of its allies. So let's be honest, change the books and the sermons to reflect the new world order according to Bush. Tell your children that when you have the power, might makes right. That is a lesson learned from the neoconservative right wing fascist government of the United States of America, so it must be true.

We can also tell little Johnny and Susie that under the circumstances crime does pay, and cheaters do prosper, if you have the right connections. It is all right to lie, cheat, and manipulate, if it serves to obtain your goals. After all, the ends justify the means, so don't be concerned with what you have to do to get there, do anything and everything you can think of to grab your piece of the pie. Obviously, the Bush regime criminals have profited immensely from their illicit activities and plan to continue to do so as they expand their illegal forays into yet to be determined nations. So little ones, lie to your heart's content, cheat on all those exams, but make sure to get what you're after. It's the end that counts, not how you got there. Just emulate your government.

Nothing could be more evil than the Bush regime and the enablers (the media and pundits) who mete out death and destruction in accordance with their hegemonic desires. Killing, like lying and cheating, is just another way of reaching their goals. Life is cheap, especially when it belongs to someone else. Color it anyway you wish, it's racism, pure and simple. It's genocide, survival of the richest. So my children, you can see that handing out death to those who oppose your desires is perfectly acceptable - your government says so and your President practices it routinely with the blessing of Congress and the majority of the American people. It must be the way to go or it wouldn't receive such overwhelming support from the media.

So, where is justice? Does good triumph over evil? Given the climate of fear and intimidation in this country, the answers are obvious: justice does not exist and evil thrives. As long as the American public continues to be duped by the Bush cabal, our children will suffer the maelstrom that passes for democracy in the United States, unless they belong to the privileged class.

Wake up America before it's too late. Find your voices and protest this subversion. Return our country to a nation of laws and protect our children from the soul-consuming hatred spewed by the Bush regime. As Theodore Roosevelt admonished: "To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

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