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MARCH 2003

What Fresh Hell is This?
March 31, 2003 · The Bush administration is more top-heavy in corporate CEOs than any other in living memory, and as we all know, by now, the modern CEO is decisive, imperative, and simply won't stand for anything or anyone sullying the "brand" or the corporate image. In the case of this bunch, the corporate image is one of the Lone Ranger, Superman, Prince Valiant and Terry & the Pirates all rolled into one. By punpirate

The NeoDotCom Bubble
March 31, 2003 · If you think back to the late and unlamented dot com hype, doesn't the whole Rumsfeld/Cheney package sound a bit familiar, in both style and content? It was all very high-concept, networked and data-intensive. In the boardrooms of George W. Bush's self-styled "CEO Presidency," the Uniforms were mocked as blinkered traditionalists, patronized, lectured to on military matters by Rumsfeld and the other Suits, many of them Neocon chickenhawks who had never served. By demosthenes

Discerning Dissent
March 31, 2003 · There's a huge misconception being proliferated in the media about war protestors. I've read that these misguided seekers of peace don't support our service men and women; that they are the fringe of society; misfits that jump on every anti-American bandwagon or cause; that they, themselves are un-American. By Norma Sherry

Bush's Promise of Sacrifice: The Mother of All Bombs
March 29, 2003 · Just before war broke out George Bush spoke to the world and said, "War has no certainty except the certainty of sacrifice." Coming from a man of extraordinary privilege who has never felt the ravages of war, these words rang hollow. The only thing that quieted the ringing of his words was the roar of his subtext. By Carol Norris

A Familiar Odor in the Air: The Vietnam Connection
March 29, 2003 · Is it just me or is there a smell of Vietnam in the desert air? Once again, in its haste to get its war on, the U.S. has gone into a foreign land, ignorant of its culture, believing that its technological might would lead to a swift victory, forgetting the force of nationalism when a people believe themselves to be invaded. By Bernard Weiner

Fenton, French's and Fatalism
March 29, 2003 ·
The left has recently learned the importance of media skills, in part because the right is so good at it, and in part because the media is so much a part of the right that the left has to be more skilled to have any chance at all. By David Swanson

It's Too Damned Easy to Kill
March 28, 2003 · Yesterday, I looked at a picture taken in Iraq of a boy, perhaps twelve, who had been killed in an American attack. His forehead had been ripped open by a shell fragment. A portion of his brain protruded from the wound. He was quite dead. Against my will, because of that photograph, I was forced to remember how I felt at the death of my daughter. By punpirate

Shock and… Awwww, It’s Not Working
March 28, 2003 · A tried and true dictum of war is "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." In fact, it seems U.S. plans were predicated on the assumption that angry and repressed Shiites in the South would rise up against Saddam's regime and greet American liberators with big bowls of tabouli and hummus. By Phil Lebovits

Coalition of the Wilting
March 28, 2003 · One of the most outrageous aspects of this war in Iraq is the administration's distortion of the truth to purposely lead Americans astray. Take the so-called "Coalition of the Willing," for example. Americans have been led to believe that this war is no longer unilateral and it is backed by a large multinational coalition - one larger than that of the first Persian Gulf War, according to Donald Rumsfeld. But Rumsfeld's statement is based on a complete diversion from the truth. By Justin Hill

This News Is 12 Years Old
March 27, 2003 · In order to celebrate the droves of ordinary people who are about to get blown up by smart bombs as they go about their daily lives, I think we ought to review a few of the reasons for why it’s all happening. Again. By Olivier Jarvis

Guilty In Defense
March 27, 2003 · The Iraqi army is not surrendering after all, and has, as our military spokesmen put it, "chosen" to fight back instead. What a surprise. By The Plaid Adder

George W. President Addresses the Nation
March 27, 2003 · Dear Uneasy American, As President during these difficult times, I’d like to offer you some reassurance about some of the military reform we are offering the terrorist government of Iraq. Saddam Hussein must be neutralized for the safety of the citizens of America and others around the world. By Bill Christina

As Bad As You Think
March 26, 2003 · With the benefit of hindsight, Bush & Co.'s early actions seem like a concerted effort to dismantle global safeguards in preparation for something rather large and extraordinary; something that had been planned for some time. By Joseph Randazzo

A Vietnam-era Dad Talks to His Protesting Son
March 26, 2003 · In order to build a more effective, cohesive, broad-based Resistance, we have to be more creative, more focused on being politically effective rather than being emotionally cathartic, more dedicated to the long term fight in front of us rather than the short-term action at the next intersection. By Bernard Weiner

Counting Iraq’s Dead Civilians
March 26, 2003 · U.S. Commander Tommy Franks says they will not tabulate body counts, especially of Iraqis, in this war that is as illegitimate as Bush’s claim to the White House. The bulk of the U.S. media will not report on civilian casualties, unless they are so large that even our corporate-and-Republican-controlled media cannot ignore them. But some of us will. By Jackson Thoreau

War May Not Be the Most Important Story
March 25, 2003 · The only conclusion that one can draw when considering all the aspects of the post-Iraq War world is that, far from securing global peace and stability, this current conflict will only increase the danger of an apocalyptic future. By RB Ham

Mr. Potato Head Goes To War
March 25, 2003 · Remember the Mr. Potato Head toy? Well, it appears that the BBC inadvertently or maybe intentionally, managed to catch our own Mr. Potato Head being created for his most important public appearance. By Mike McArdle

Statement on the War in Iraq
March 21, 2003 · We find it difficult to believe George W. Bush's claim that he has attacked Iraq reluctantly. By the Editors

Open Letter to Bush: You Are Disgracing America - Resign or Be Impeached
March 20, 2003 · Congratulations! With your decision to bomb and invade Iraq, you are about to make yourself both an enemy of the state and an international war-criminal. Everyone has been telling you not to do it, that attacking Iraq - absent an overt provocation, and without domestic and international consensus behind you - is neither in America's best interests, nor in the best interests of world order and the global economy. By Bernard Weiner

When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History
March 20, 2003 · The 70th anniversary wasn't noticed in the United States, and was barely reported in the corporate media. But the Germans remembered well that fateful day seventy years ago - February 27, 1933. They commemorated the anniversary by joining in demonstrations for peace that mobilized citizens all across the world. By Thom Hartmann

Our Most Christian King
March 19, 2003 · The traditional view is that God is a better arbiter of moral clarity than George W. Bush. To those who call George W. Bush "God's president" (this title, incidentally, is never objected to by George W. Bush) this must be a disappointment. By Stephen Sacco

Iraqi and Bullwinkle
March 19, 2003 · Well, here we go: Operation Desert Sequel. Keep your arms inside the car at all times. Do not attempt to exit until the car has come to a full and complete stop. And remember: this is the kind of theme park ride you can't sue over if you happen to get hurt. By Kevin Dawson

Crystal Channel Goes to War
March 19, 2003 · I am a stringer for a large Eastern daily working on a story at a Midwestern radio station, getting a perspective on their view of the coming Iraqi War - which is on the horizon. Here is my story of two interviews with the "stars" of prime daytime talk: follow closely, through the looking glass - darkly. Satire by Marilyn Allen Frith

Bush's Gut is a No-Brainer
March 18, 2003 · Bush appears to have made a conscious decision to disengage his brain and rely on his non-thinking gut. Rather than use his brain to weigh the evidence, he trusts his gut to tell him what's right. And once his gut has spoken, he instructs his aides to provide talking points that buttress his gut and shield him from any and all facts that undercut his gut. By Dennis Hans

Character is Fate
March 18, 2003 · Mr. Bush's character is flawed, as evidenced by his propensity toward lies and his manic pursuit of war for questionable ends. As goes Mr. Bush's fate, so goes ours and our nation's. By punpirate

Waging Peace
March 18, 2003 · A curious thing happened on the way to Baghdad. It seems that somehow during the long dark night on the road to war, many brave people stood before the guns unarmed, with only words as weapons, and waged peace. By punpirate

Let's Pretend
March 14, 2003 · Come on everybody! You know Bush might not be the best president ever, but for the sake of unity, for the sake of the country, and for the sake of the world, let's just pretend that he is. Okay? By Pamela Troy

Point of No Return
March 14, 2003 · George W. Bush will officially become a dictator when he announces the United States of America’s unilateral attack on the sovereign nation of Iraq. Today, we the people stand alone against our government. Not in revolution but in a diametrically opposed fashion. We stand without representation as surely as we did before our country was founded and declared its separation from the rule of King George of England. By Bridget Gibson

It's Not About Oil, It's About Fuel
March 14, 2003 · Bush needs to secure the oil fields in Iraq to feed his war machine. Sure a lot of his cronies that tag along are going benefit enormously, one might be even tempted to say handsomely. If only the whole ruse were not so ugly. By Scaramouche

Fishing Hole Patriotism
March 13, 2003 · Some folks think that patriotism is blind acceptance of whatever crazy policy any U.S. president proposes. I see things a bit differently. I pledge allegiance to my favorite fishing hole, and to this nation's backbone, its underpaid and overworked, wage-earning majority. The former is getting polluted, and the latter is being screwed. By Dennis Rahkonen

New Studies Show Presidency Is Hereditary
March 13, 2003 · Research done by scientists at the University of Cambridge (England), has shown that Presidency, like Haemophilia and HIV, is passed down from parents to children. The subject, referred to as "George" in the paper, showed strong evidence that he had inherited Presidency from his father. This contradicts earlier studies, which suggested that the affliction is contracted from close contact with politics. By Alasdair Bates

The Plea of Abraham
March 13, 2003 · That the United States is entering a new phase in its history has gone blithely ignored by the media. That national policy is being dictated by a Republican ideology enamored of evangelical arm-waving is declared an example of "moral clarity," consequences be damned. By Ari Espinoza

Now Your Vote is the Property of a Private Corporation
March 12, 2003 · In the November 2002 election, when some Florida voters pressed the touch-screen "button" for Bush's Democratic opponent, votes were instead recorded for Bush. When a losing candidate in Palm Beach sued to inspect the software of Florida's computerized voting machines, a local judge denied the petition, citing the privacy rights of the corporation that wrote the programs. By Thom Hartmann

George W. Bush, International Mistress of Mystery
March 12, 2003 · In the greatest achievement of his still-young presidency, George W. Bush has become the "international mistress of mystery" for a string of Arab dictators. A steady stream of news reports have noted that, aside from Kuwait, the Arab governments in the Gulf region that are providing various forms of hospitality and assistance to the U.S. commander-in-chief are doing their best to keep their citizens in the dark about the illicit relationship. By Dennis Hans

Onward Christian Soldiers
March 11, 2003 · I don't know about you, but I'm hearing looney tunes from one end of this administration to the other - and all in the name of Jesus Christ. I want to stand up and shout, "Hey - I know Jesus Christ! Jesus is a friend of mine. And the guy you're hiding behind - the one you're wagging in everybody's face for political gain - is no Jesus Christ." By Sheila Samples

How War Could Be Avoided at the Last Minute: An Address from the Oval Office
March 11, 2003 · If Bush wanted to pull back from the brink of war with Iraq, unlikely as that may seem, just how far might the administration spin it? Satire by Bernard Weiner

Bush Is About as Serene as a Cat With a Can Tied to its Tail
March 11, 2003 · Some report that Bush manages to stay tranquil because he doesn't view attacking Iraq as a decision at all, but as an "historical inevitability," and because he views himself as engaged in a religious battle for "good" and against "evil." Clearly such delusional motivations can lead to real-world damage. By David Swanson

Apocalypse Next Week
March 8, 2003 · In a sure sign that the nation will be going to war with Iraq in the very near future the little man who purports to be America’s leader strode to a podium Thursday night to answer actual questions from actual members of the press. By Mike McArdle

Learning to Be Stupid in the Culture of Cash
March 8, 2003 · The detritus and debris that American education has become is both planned and instrumental. It's why our media succeeds in telling lies. It's why our secretary of state can quote from a graduate-student paper, claiming confidently that the stolen data came from the highest intelligence sources. By Luciana Bohne

Whose United States of America Is This Anyway?
March 8, 2003 · As George W. Bush and his minions work feverishly to deprive us of more and more of our Freedoms and Liberties, they seem to have forgotten who is in charge of the United States government; it is We the People of the United States of America. By Lois Erwin

History and Courage
March 7, 2003 · In the past there have been people who have measured patriotism by a citizen's willingness to walk in lock-step behind those in power, and who have made it their life's work to harass and humiliate those who don't. They have almost always imagined themselves as heroic defenders of their country, but history rarely agrees with that assessment. By Pamela Troy

A Hair's Breadth Away
March 7, 2003 · George W. Bush is a dangerous man. He fails to regard the true threats to our "homeland." We face increased threats of terrorism because of the choices of the Bush administration. We have a diminished capacity to care for our own because of the Bush economic policies. He has plundered the treasury and is leading our military into a quagmire of unrelenting wars with whomever he chooses in his pursuit of global conquest. By Bridget Gibson

This Looming Folly
March 6, 2003 · Is the sensational, constant contention by the White House that Iraq has terrible weapons that pose an "imminent" threat to everyone (including the far-off United States) simply a deception designed to create a frenzied pretext for an aggressive oil grab by the energy interests that Bush, Cheney, Rice, etc., have a long history of dutifully serving? By Dennis Rahkonen

It's My Flag Too!
March 6, 2003 · There has been an upsurge in nationalistic censure the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Joseph McCarthy as this country tumbles, stumbles and bumbles towards war. But to intimidate, threaten, or slander Americans for expressing their opinion on perhaps the single most important issue of the day is the very essence of "Un-American." By a_random_joel

How to Swagger and Bully Your Way to Disaster: Bush's Foreign Adventurism
March 5, 2003 · It has become more and more clear that the folks inhabiting the White House are not good people. Oh, they say publicly that their actions are being taken for all the right reasons - freedom and liberty and the Constitution and to protect America - but their motives in private seem mostly to involve a drive for profits for themselves and their corporate friends, and a seemingly insatiable lust for power and control. By Bernard Weiner

I'm a Celebrity - So What?
March 5, 2003 · It is safe to say that a government that is afraid of artists is a government that is afraid of free expression. Conservative Americans are fond of telling us that we should be thankful we live in the United States - that in other, more repressive countries, free speech, including art, is censored. Yet it is social censoring that these same conservatives are participating in when they deride artists for publicly promulgating anti-war sentiments. By Diane E. Dees

The Disinformation Age
March 4, 2003 · How George W. Bush and Colin Powell are lying America into an unnecessary war - and what honest journalists can do about it. By Dennis Hans

The Truth Ray
March 4, 2003 · I've invented a truth ray. No really, I have. And I just couldn't bring myself to believe that so many peope were actually supportive of George W.'s manic 'Iraq attack' compulsion. So I went to a pro-war rally to find out first hand what people were really thinking - and why. By Kerry Tomasi

With No Regard: Using Political Paradox to Escape from Democratic Constraints
March 4, 2003 · In what seems a major irony of the current situation, W and his advisors truly don't care what anybody thinks about their plans, and yet they go about their cynical political manipulations just as though public opinion still mattered deeply to them. Nor are they troubled in the slightest by this apparent inconsistency, because for them it doesn't exist. By Tom Pain

A Deja Vu of Apocalyptic Proportions
March 4, 2003 · If the Bush Administration gives the go-ahead to attack Iraq any time in March, particularly on or around March 13th (Ashura), it could be used forever as the ultimate anti-American, anti-West, and anti-non-Muslim battle-cry. By Jerome P. Van Wert

A Letter to the Grandkids: How Did We Get to War With Iraq?
March 1, 2003 · Within a few weeks, the world is going to change drastically. A terrible war is about to be unleashed, and it will affect your parents and Gran and me, indeed all of us in this country and around the globe. And, even though you probably won't realize it at first, the unfolding events will affect you as well. By Bernard Weiner

The Crimes of 9/11
March 1, 2003 · The recently-concluded Congressional Joint 9/11 Inquiry confirmed that ranking Bush Administration national security and intelligence officials negligently mishandled counterterrorism operations, misconduct which makes them liable to criminal prosecution and huge civil damages. By Mark G. Levey

Bush's Imperfect Storm
March 1, 2003 · Over the course of the past few weeks a series of developments have taken place that have altered the political climate to the point where what seemed to have been a preordained decision to wage war on Iraq, now must be seen in an entirely different light. By Michael Shannon

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