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Mr. Bush's Colonial War
February 28, 2003 · This war is not about UN resolutions or weapons of mass destruction. It is colonial piracy. This war will not make Americans safer from any external threat. It will do little to protect people in the Middle East from any threat. It will not bring democracy to Iraq. It will not benefit the Iraqi people. The only people who will benefit will be Mr. Bush's cronies. By Jack Rabbit

Life in a Barrel of Oil
February 28, 2003 · The K-8 youngsters that the American Petroleum Institute is currently targeting will never learn that the energy business is a filthy one in which US and European governments - and their militaries - must and will resort to any tactic in any country to get the oil and natural gas companies in a position to extract and deliver product. By John Stanton

First Iraq, Then the World
February 28, 2003 · The war on Iraq is but the first step in the plan. The global hegemony that is sought by the Bush administration is being laid out in steps broad and intricate. Small pieces of news float out at odd moments, laying the groundwork for the desensitization of the American population. By Bridget Gibson

Disarming the Bush Administration
February 27, 2003 · As the 2000 Presidential Campaign drew to a close, the Bush Campaign confidently promised that the grown-ups were going to be back in charge of foreign policy. What we've seen so far is a foreign policy that is stunningly reckless, one which may yet cause the United States, the nominal leader of the free world and sole remaining super power, to become an international pariah. By Jeff Ritchie

It's the Economy, Stupid... Or Is It?
February 27, 2003 · It has long been a goal of right wing Republicans to bankrupt the federal government for the purpose of doing away with it. Their ideology sees the federal government as a gravy train of money for millions of shiftless people too lazy to get off the couch and make a living. And that's why Bush and the Republicans don't want a recovery. By Frederick H. Winterberg III

Who Cares What Millions of People Think?
February 27, 2003 · Contrary to Mr. Bush's mistaken belief, our government and the other democratic governments of the remainder of Western world comprise more than any one single person. They are institutions comprised of many men and women of goodwill, and, as such, they are strong enough to discern and respond to the true needs and concerns of the people which they exist to serve. By Dan DeLisio

Witness to War
February 26, 2003 · It is likely that Bush is not familiar with the historical accounts of the 'Great War' and the horrendous slaughter at Verdun, the Somme and numerous other fields of carnage. It is unlikely that George W. Bush ever read Barbara Tuckman's The Guns of August. Hopefully, Condi Rice or Donald Rumsfeld have. By Christian Dewar

Were the Framers Wrong?
February 26, 2003 · Today, more than at any other time in our history, an administration, with the support of a compliant and thoroughly submissive Congress, has tried to fundamentally change the nature of the Executive Branch and the composition of the Judiciary, and, in the process, the laws of the land. By punpirate

The Bushwald Plan for Conquering Iraq Without Bloodshed
February 26, 2003 · To hear conservatives tell it, US president Ronald Reagan singlehandedly brought down this evil nemisis merely by outspending it on defense. At first glance, this may seem like a simplistic explanation of a complex situation, but after long consideration, I thought, what if the conservatives are right? What if all it takes to bring down evil enemies is to outspend them on defense? By Art Bushwald

Dear Mr. Ridge
February 25, 2003 · I have to tell you, Mr. Ridge, that honestly, from my viewpoint, you're not hitting the bulls-eye. In fact, you're not even on the target. So here, to help you correct your aim a little, is a list of what is, and is not, helpful to me as a citizen trying to protect myself and my household. By Tygrbright

I'm Calling you Out!
February 25, 2003 · Marching orders for journalists, officials and celebrities who believe in "informed consent of the governed" - particularly so when we're on the verge of war. By Dennis Hans

The Only Thing We Have to Fear
February 25, 2003 · For the media at least, Dubbie's a real blow-in-my-ear-and-I'll-follow-you-anywhere kind of guy. There are those of us, however, who remember the mindless, casual cruelty of Dubya's twisted snicker as he mocked a helpless Karla Faye Tucker when, from the grim death row of Texas, she had begged for her life. We remember the obvious enjoyment he got from bullying someone too weak to fight back. By Sheila Samples

Tragic Inequalities
February 22, 2003 · The accidental crashes of five helicopters and a refueling tanker are no different from the accidental explosion of the space shuttle with its seven deaths. The death of combat soldiers is no different nor any less tragic than the death of seven highly-trained astronauts. Yet, our nation doesn't mourn, our Congress doesn't question, and our wars don't cease. By Rosemary and Walter Brasch

Mr. Fisk's American Working-Class Dilemma
February 22, 2003 · It's time to put this plainly. The right in the U.S. isn't interested in alternative views, or facts. While the left wishes to engage in an intellectual pursuit of a definitive logical reason for or against war, and for the current intentions of the present administration, the right, however, wants nothing more than to assert that the conservative view is "the truth." By punpirate

Are They Listening?
February 22, 2003 · Does the Bush administration realize that much of the divisiveness and anti-American sentiment fomenting around the world is the direct result of the administration's headlong pursuit of the bin-Laden-morphed Saddam Hussein? By Gregory Davidson

Bush Knows the Jig is Up: So Let's Hurry on to Baghdad
February 21, 2003 · One can almost sense a palpable shifting of momentum, from an unrestricted Bush war-juggernaut rolling to its bloody unfolding to an administration caught between Iraq and a hard place. By Bernard Weiner

Watching History Unfold
February 21, 2003 · It looks like we're all about to rue those words we spoke so often while we (at least those of my generation, born in the mid 70's) were younger - "Man, I wish that I actually saw some real history unfold." Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true. By Ed Hanratty

Fight Back: Civil Unions
February 21, 2003 · The Democrats simply cannot continue to take heavy hits from homosexual bigotry. There is no choice in the matter - it's time to actively fight for Democratic party principles on every front or face four more years. By Joseph Arrieta

Generation X(XX)
February 20, 2003 · Chances are if you're a member of a generation dubbed Gen X, which I suppose means you're in your late twenties or thirtysomething, at least one person told you that young people in the Sixties were less apathetic than your no-good generation. By Stephen Sacco

A Coming Restoration
February 20, 2003 · On January 20, 2005, a new administration will take power in the United States. It appears increasingly likely that the new presidency, and probably both houses of Congress, will no longer be controlled by Neoconservatives of the Republican Party. By 2005, the neocons will have failed both as managers of the economy and as promoters of a greater American reich. By Andrew Sarchus

Sympathy for the Devil: France
February 19, 2003 · Flip through enough channels right now and you will find somebody making a derogatory comment about France. From the reflexively Euro-phobic Fox News to the completely irrelevant "Regis and Kelly" show, which unfortunately represents the entire spectrum of commentary in America, France-bashing is de rigueur. By Davis Sweet

The Umbrella Man
February 19, 2003 · He's back. Yes, the worm-eaten carcass of Neville Chamberlain has once again been hauled out the grave by those who desperately need an excuse to go to war and can't find one that makes even the remotest amount of sense. By Mike McArdle

Peace in New York City
February 19, 2003 · An eyewitness report on the February 15 peace march in New York City, with photographs. By David Cogswell

Artistic Sign Language: Symbols of the Coming Bush Fall
February 18, 2003 · Symbolic shrouds are placed over art, so that nobody will notice the bad things that are being done in American citizens' names. But art knows. Art sees beyond, often before the general public is aware of what's going on. (Often before the artists themselves are conscious of what they're revealing.) Art points us in new directions that make us think and question. By Bernard Weiner

The Path to Credibility
February 18, 2003 · It is clear that we have a crisis in this nation wherein we are supporting an Iraq war based on misinformation. We are told the secular, egomaniacal Saddam Hussein is connected to the war on terrorism when he clearly is not. By Kurt Kurowski

Getting Serious
February 15, 2003 · Cynicism is a perfectly natural response to the world as we've known it. But if we want to get out of this mess, we are going to have to find our way through cynicism, out the other side, and back to sincerity. We are going to have to start taking Dubya seriously. By the Plaid Adder

How Not to Build a Fire
February 15, 2003 · Mr. Bush has been trying to light the fire on Iraq for almost a year now, and in spite him blowing ‘til his cheeks are sore, pouring buckets of gasoline and throwing one match after another at it, the darn thing just won't stay lit. By Michael Shannon

Did Your Vote Count?
February 15, 2003 · What is it about this fascination with electronic voting? Various states and municipalities think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Technology triumphs, right? Or, maybe, this trend to paperless voting is the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the voting populace in the world's history. By punpirate

Rumsfeld Calls For Preemptive Strike on Louisiana
February 14, 2003 · In a speech that surprised even such high-level Republican confidantes as Bill Frist, Tom Delay and Britt Hume, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld today called on Congress to allow President Bush to proceed with plans for military action against the state of Louisiana. By Diane E. Dees

A Note to Anti-War Protesters
February 13, 2003 · After grinding my teeth one too many times in the wake of another right-wing tirade in the press about peace activists being anti-American or undermining the war against terrorism, I write to make sure the anti-war protestors know that they are appreciated. By Geurino Calemine

The Path to Credibility
February 13, 2003 · It is clear that we have a crisis in this nation wherein we are supporting an Iraq war based on misinformation. By Kurt Kurowski

Lying Us Into War: Exposing Bush and His "Techniques of Deceit"
February 12, 2003 · President George W. Bush and his foreign-policy team have systematically and knowingly deceived the American people in order to gain support for an unprovoked attack on Iraq. By Dennis Hans

Let's Make a Deal
February 12, 2003 · It was only weeks ago that the Secretary of State, Colin Powell, was at best a moderate if not the nearest thing to a pacifist in the Bush cabinet. Almost overnight, however, Powell turned from moderation to all but demanding we invade Iraq by our overwhelming force. By Bob Volpitto

The Diversionary War
February 12, 2003 · I would like to find just one success story from the Bush administration before the end of his term. So far, the only this administration's only accomplishments are instilling fear into Americans and labeling anyone who questions the motives of this executive branch as un-American. By Casper

Are You Anti-American? Take This Quiz and Find Out!
February 11, 2003 · Sadly, we live in a time when being informed is enough to brand you "anti-American." By Maureen Farrell

Mission Impossible?
February 11, 2003 · Despite much press coverage in his favor, Bush is off to a bad start in his attempt to both avenge his father's single term as President, and to secure for himself another term. In plain terms, what Bush wants is "Mission Impossible." By punpirate

Reform the Payroll Tax
February 11, 2003 · As the Republicans continue to push proposals for tax cuts, progressives need to reach consensus on fundamental tax reforms in order to provide a unified counter to the Republican proposals. It is one thing to criticize Republican tax proposals. It is another to offer concrete alternatives. By John Mattar

War for Sale
February 8, 2003 · Everyone hates sitting through a sales pitch. It's practically a modern torture device, reserved for those unfortunate souls destined for the 7th level of hell or out shopping for a mobile phone. How much the worse when the pitch is eight pages long (8-point font! Single spaced!) and supported by a series of audio/visual aids that would make Ross Perot proud! By Johnny_Red

Gassing His Own People?
February 8, 2003 · One still cannot tune into a discussion of Iraq without a neo-con bringing up The Gassing of His Own People as a reason to go to war. Yes, it was a terrible thing - but it happened in 1988. So why didn't the United States react then? By Barbara O'Brien

Trying to Have Iraq Both Ways
February 8, 2003 · If the war goes badly Kerry knows that Bush will get the blame; if it goes well Kerry can claim that he supported the effort, attempt to neutralize the defense issue and try to win on the economy. It's ugly but it's politics and everyone running for President in 2004 has to deal with the war issue. By Mike McArdle

Powell Offers Proof of Saddam-Osama Link
February 7, 2003 · Secretary of State Colin Powell today offered incontrovertible proof of the long-sought-after link between Saddam Hussein's Regime and the al Qaeda Terrorist Network. By Gil Christner

Arrogance: What Is It Good For? Absolute Disasters!
February 7, 2003 · There is a direct connection between the Columbia shuttle disaster, the U.S. reaction to the Twin Towers/Pentagon attacks, and the coming war with Iraq: the arrogance of power. By Bernard Weiner

Bush Pledges $3.4 Billion for Research into Pulley, Inclined Plane
February 6, 2003 · In his State of the Union Address, President Bush issued a call for massively increased federal funding into research on two of the six simple machines first described by the Greek scientist Archimedes and other ancient scholars. By David Albrecht

The Danger of Unilateralism
February 5, 2003 · The importance of allies in every conflict spanning from the Second World War to the Gulf War cannot be understated. More recently, during the war in Afghanistan following September 11, allies played a crucial role in securing early victory. By John D. Briner

Medical Malpractice
February 5, 2003 · Is there no end to the deception and blatant manipulation of the Bush administration? Is there not one issue they will address honestly? Apparently not, as now they have begun their campaign of obfuscation concerning medical malpractice. By Ronald Gerughty

The Un-American Factor
February 4, 2003 · Times of war (even unprovoked, unnecessary war) tend to turn the O’Reillys of the world into the patriotism police. So last week with predictable arrogance O’Reilly turned on Susan Sarandon and others in Hollywood and academia who object to the coming war on Iraq. By Mike McArdle

Bush's Best Friends
February 4, 2003 · A political cartoon. By SoCalDem and Jen6

During Black History Month, Remember the GOP
February 4, 2003 · Trent Lott is forgotten, but not gone. There is a sickness within the Republican Party that profoundly affects all Americans. By Andrew Sarchus

Anatomy of a Lie
February 4, 2003 · Richard Armitage has grossly over-simplified and distorted the facts to suggest that Hussein is a direct supporter of Al-Qaeda. And William Safire of the New York Times has served to enable the administration's view on the matter, sometimes disingenuously. By punpirate

The Box that Bush Made
February 1, 2003 · Of all the lousy reasons to go to war can there possibly be one lousier than to save face? Tragically, we may end up in a war that is totally avoidable for that very reason. By Mike Shannon

Campaign Rhetoric vs. Reality: Bush on War
February 1, 2003 · Bush's current push for war in Iraq looks like a flip flop (conveniently ignored by our ever-vigilant press corps) when compared to what candidate Bush said about going to war in the 2000 debates. By Brad Radcliffe

Digging Our Graves
February 1, 2003 · Have you heard about the latest plan the Pentagon is considering for bodies of American troops killed in combat in Iraq? Because of the possibility of biochemical contamination, those who make the ultimate sacrifice may end up in mass graves, closed with the loving touch of a bulldozer. By Bridget Gibson

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