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The Diversionary War
February 12, 2003
By Casper

If you ask some people what their most recent memory is of a president wagging the dog, they might say Bill Clinton trying to avoid the Monica Lewinsky scandal. They completely ignore the fact that he was trying to prevent genocide. Very few have stopped to realize that we are on the threshold and about to witness the biggest diversionary war in history. Unfortunately, we may see a president that will start genocide. Sure, it would be easy and simply say it's all about oil but it is much more than that. Among the many reasons of his diversionary war against Iraq:

- Dubya's failure to destroy Al Qaeda

- Dubya's failure to prevent the loss of 2 million jobs since he took office

- Dubya's failure of keeping our national surplus and instead nose diving us into deficit

- Dubya's failure to capture bin laden (dead or alive)

- Dubya's failure to strengthen our protection at home against terrorism (believe it or not, there are still firefighters in New York City without hazardous material suits that would protect them from bio/chemical weapons)

- Dubya's failure to deal with bigger threats to our national security such as North Korea.

- Dubya's failure in providing a stable post-war Afghanistan

The question is why Iraq and why now? Even if Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, he would not use them against his neighbors or us. How do we know? The Gulf War proved that Saddam has the smarts not to use them for it would be the end of his regime and life. He knows he can't even use them on his own people in this post 9/11 world.

We keep hearing from our leaders that it's been 12 years of deception and trickery. Isn't it logical to think that he would have used them during the past 12 years if he really intended on using them? To think he would sell them to terrorists is ridiculous and far-fetched. Not only would terrorists use the WMD against Saddam himself, it would be much easier and cheaper for terrorists to send people directly to the States to learn how to create bio/chemical weapons and use them rather than risk the nearly impossible task of transporting WMD overseas.

If the Bush administration was really concerned about rogue nations selling arms and WMD to terrorists, then he should look no further than North Korea where there is evidence and admission of selling arms to terrorist states like Yemen where we had the USS Cole blown up in harbor.

Every reasonable person in the world would like to see Saddam gone from power but all leaders must ask, "Does the costs outweigh the benefits?" Yes, Iraq may benefit in the short-term but if the Bush administration handles the post Iraqi war like the post Afghan war or Gulf War, it would all be in vain.

People tend to forget (or were misinformed) why Al Qaeda, not Iraq, attacked us in the first place. Our leaders say it's because they are jealous and hate democracy. I can't argue with that but that is not the main reason why Bin Laden attacked. He attacked because we still had US soldiers on Saudi Arabia soil after the Gulf War and this is a very important factor that must not be forgotten. Not ONCE have I heard the president of the United States bring this up. I can't say why. Saudi Arabia has already announced that they will want all US troops gone after the war if we invade Iraq. Perhaps that might be in our best interests as well.

We can't predict the future but we can make a pretty good estimation on what might happen if we do invade Iraq. We know terrorist attacks will increase. We know Saddam will use chemical or biological weapons if he has them and if he feels his back is against the wall. This may force us to retaliate with the same methods or worse, The Bomb. We know Saddam might become a martyr, and that could be more dangerous than the position he holds now. We know an aggressive move on our part may lead other countries to justify their own wars, such as China taking back Taiwan.

I would like to find just one success story from the Bush administration before the end of his term. So far, the only this administration's only accomplishments are instilling fear into Americans and labeling anyone who questions the motives of this executive branch as un-American. My only wish is that we will return to the home of the brave, not the home of the cowards.

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