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Shock and Disgust
January 31, 2003 · Does it bother anyone in the Pentagon that our battle plan is organized around the deliberate taking of civilian life? And does it bother anyone that by publicizing this plan in advance, we have ensured that Saddam Hussein will not be in Baghdad when we send in the Cruise missiles to shock and awe it to death? By The Plaid Adder

The Five Fingers of Focus
January 31, 2003 · As we approach the three-month mark following the midterm election, a handful of things have come into focus much more clearly. By Bernard Weiner

What Kind of Pitt is This?
January 31, 2003 · Harvey Pitt, Chairman of the SEC, resigned on election night last year. But Harvey Pitt is still on the job. What kind of Pitt is this? By Bernard Weiner

An Unprecedented President
January 30, 2003 · What is it about this president that he has set war fever above all else? Why is it this era we must face with deep chagrin and dark despair, when there were seemingly so many others we could have suffered through, which contained even more dire threats? By Eddie Ruff

We Are Not George W. Bush
January 30, 2003 · Dubya's state of the union address (no caps necessary) Tuesday night has charted a course of aggression destined to change, for some years to come, life in this United States. First Iraq, then Iran, then North Korea. By punpirate

Speaking Out on Medical "Reforms"
January 29, 2003 · To hear Bushites fret about the burgeoning healthcare mess, rising prices and unaffordable health costs are the fault of those nasty trial lawyers who just coincidentally support the Democratic Party with hefty financial contributions. Naturally the Republicans want to help their wallets by siding with the perpetrators rather than the victims of medical malpractice. By Andrew Sarchus

A Case for Affirmative Action
January 29, 2003 · Recently the University of Michigan has come under scrutiny as it prepares to defend its admissions policy in front of the Supreme Court. The op-ed pages of papers nationwide have been filled with positions supporting and attacking the university's admissions policy. By Eric Munoz

John Edwards - Of the People, For the People
January 29, 2003 · Coming from North Carolina, I can tell you a thing or two about John Edwards from my hometown perspective that might help you in your job of ferreting out the best Democratic candidate to send on to the rest of the country. So why not sit a spell and listen to my story of a man named Edwards. By Carol Love

The Most Dismal State of the Union
January 28, 2003 · Though his role in the address begins when they fire up the teleprompter and ends when it runs out of words, even Bush must realize that the state of the union that he at least theoretically presides over has rarely been more dismal. By Mike McArdle

Rot on the Vine
January 28, 2003 · Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole both agreed that a frontal assault on Social Security should be finally abandoned. They concurred that a better tactic would be to merely watch it "rot on the vine." Just in case anyone thought that that partisan paradigm ended with the millennium, in rides George W. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress. By Ted Westervelt

The Elephant in America's War Room
January 28, 2003 · Our foreign policy is being hijacked by people who believe in a fairy tale. Will Iraq suddenly be transformed into the tap-dancing slave in a Shirley Temple movie? Thanking us for pats on the head and the bobbles and trinkets we generously buy? By Maureen Farrell

Rumsfeld Offers Media Good Advice on How to Protect Viewers From Leaders' Lies
January 25, 2003 · The American people have a desperate need for news media that protect them from a flood of disinformation from an unscrupulous administration. But that administration is not headed by Saddam Hussein. By Dennis Hans

How To Lose Friends and Influence Nobody
January 23, 2003 · This administration barely tries to hide its lust for Iraq's oil and political and military control over the entire region. If one were truly concerned about world peace, proliferation itself is the enemy, coupled with the rapid advance of killing technology embraced by these same warmongers. By Daniel Patrick Welch

Low Ethics
January 23, 2003 · Sen. John Cornyn of Texas is yet another Republican politician who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk when it comes to ethics. By Jackson Thoreau

American Fascism
January 23, 2003 · We must examine what has happened to politics and society in the United States since January 2001 to see just how much our national discourse is drawing parallel to the fascism that gripped Italy, Germany, Spain, and (yes) the Soviet Union during the 1930's. By Andrew Sarchus

Putting the Kids to Work
January 23, 2003 · There's nothing wrong with wanting to get the kids out of the house and gainfully employed. But the Bush administration is parceling out chunks of the republic like they're reading the family will. By Sheila Samples

Democratizing War
January 23, 2003 · War must once again become a equal opportunity operation. Sons and daughters of the powerful and the wealthy must be made to bear their fair share of the suffering. We must no longer abide by the proposition that armed conflict is "a rich man's war and poor man's fight." By Bob Volpitto

A Message from the Powerless to the Powerful from the Anti-War Protests
January 22, 2003 · What's the point of these protests? Bush and the ruling elites have the power to do whatever the hell they want and we are powerless to stop them. Right? By Dwayne Eutsey

Polarizing Plutocrats
January 22, 2003 · Politicians love the middle ground, but the middle ground is pretty far to the right these days because the prostitutes for the plutocrats push an extreme agenda and the first words out of most progressive mouths are a compromise. By David Swanson

Black History Month in Bush's America
January 22, 2003 · Is George W. Bush sincere in his support for minorities or is he merely putting a soft and fuzzy face on the hard-right policy of covert racism? By Christian Dewar

Bush Is Racking Up “Frequent Liar Miles”
January 18, 2003 · Lyndon Johnson is remembered for lying about Vietnam, Richard Nixon for lying about Watergate, Bill Clinton for lying about adultery. George W. Bush is known as a “straight shooter.” What’s wrong with that picture? Bush has, after all, racked up more “frequent liar miles” than any other politician in recent memory. By Dennis Hans

No Evidence is Evidence: Rumsfeld’s Paradigm Shift
January 18, 2003 · Rumsfeld was quoted as saying that “the fact that the inspectors have not yet come up with new evidence of Iraq’s WMD program could be evidence, in and of itself, of Iraq’s noncooperation." The entire world ought to have stood up and shouted a collective: “You’ve got to be kidding!” By Carol Norris

A Message from the Prime Minister of "aUStralia"
January 18, 2003 · With zombie-like loyalty I remain right behind your country in pursuing and punishing "Evil-doers." All I need from the US are words like "National Security" and without question I will leave my own country totally defenseless by deploying any number of my troops wherever I'm told to. By Ozzy Drongo

The Constitution vs. Conservatism
January 17, 2003 · Lately, the administration, in the assertion of its rights, has said that it is simply protecting Presidential authority against encroachment by Congress, that it is protecting administration authority from diminution by Congress. Nothing could be less true. By punpirate

Inside Saddam Hussein's War Diary: Hot Damn! It's Showtime!
January 17, 2003 · Dear Diary: This is a tough one. If I hang in there, I may just survive to carry out my plans. But if I make a wrong move, or misinterpret the wide variety of signals coming my way, I'm vaporized toast. By Bernard Weiner

Saint George
January 17, 2003 · Having convinced gullible Americans that President Bush gained both gravitas and legitimacy following the terrorist attacks in September 2001, the right-wing spin machine is starting to portray him as the "anointed one" as well. By Andrew Sarchus

Bright College Days, Dark White House Years
January 16, 2003 · It is clear the personal style and deep-rooted sensibilities of both GWB and Bill Clinton were made, or at least made plain during their time in college. Because the White House mirrors its occupant and thus magnifies the personal into political, it projects upon our history their every strength and flaw. By demosthenes

The Bush Family Cashes In
January 16, 2003 · William H.T. ("Bucky") Bush, an uncle of George W. Bush, is on the Board of Directors of a company which will benefit substantially from war with Iraq, according to financial analysts. By Margie Burns

Antonin Scalia - Supreme Court Evangelist
January 15, 2003 · Regardless of how you feel about the validity of church/state separation, it should be obvious that one cannot be both a Supreme Court Justice and a proselytizing evangelist. Scalia needs to choose one or the other as a public persona, and hang the other in the closet. By Patrick Ennis

Mutually Assured Honesty
January 15, 2003 · Everyone who votes knows that voting is the cornerstone of our American Democratic way of life. Take away this one right and our Constitution collapses and becomes just another piece of paper we can line our bird cages with. By Judith Foster

Strategies for Underdogs
January 14, 2003 · Before the folly of Bushism leads to catastrophe, the opposition must proceed immediately, with dedication, vigor, and strategic intelligence. And we must amass an alliance of opposition that will become irresistible. By Ernest Partridge

A New Anthem: America the Ugly?
January 14, 2003 · People around the world are enormously suspicious of the US government. Easy to understand, because the US government has treated the rest of the world's population with either suspicion, outright contempt or as a ready market to be exploited. By punpirate

Class Warfare
January 14, 2003 · If it is considered class warfare to point out that George W. Bush's new economic plan would give the top 5% nearly half of this economic "stimulus" package, I wonder what we should call the plan itself. By Eric Munoz

The Reality of the Burning Sand
January 14, 2003 · We've consistently trivialized or demonized others for long decades, and the short truth is that we're soon about to experience some exceedingly painful payback. The hits to our national standing, in global impact, could be staggering. By Dennis Rahkonen

The Poodle and The Puppeteer
January 11, 2003 · The sad difference between Rove, Bush, Powell, Rumsfeld et al and Tony Blair appears to be that Blair knows he has to answer to the members of his party and the opposition and the Bushies thus far have gotten away with sneering at the patriotism of anybody who asks questions. By Mike McArdle

Ellsberg's "Secrets" and Bush's War: An Intersecting History
January 11, 2003 · Five Presidents were tragically wrong with regard to Vietnam; and our current resident in the White House is wrong with regard to his secretive war policies. The lock on secrets must be broken once again, before we become permanently engaged in an imperial foreign policy. By Bernard Weiner

Trent Lott Is Not The Problem
January 11, 2003 · Lott's racism is not the point. The point is that the Republican party has used race from 1964 to this day to divide people and win elections. And that's the shame of the Republican party. By Richard Prasad

From Bad to Unimaginable
January 10, 2003 · By the admission of the intelligence services of the United States, North Korea has most likely already produced one or two nuclear warheads. With the expulsion of UN nuclear inspectors and the restarting of their nuclear plant, this number may double or triple in the very near future. By Mike Shannon

Message to America from the Racist Republican Regime: We Don't Really Care About Improving Race Relations
January 10, 2003 · The subtle and overt racism of the Republican Party is a stench they have to live with, and no amount of history rewriting by Republican apologists can eradicate that smell. To eradicate it, they must admit that racism in their party goes far beyond Lott and make at least as much progress on advancing race relations as the Democratic Party has. By Jackson Thoreau

Turning Up the Heat on Bush
January 9, 2003 · This president has an amazing power to make people feel physically ill by the sheer force of his cynical cruelty. But some people are ill for a less intellectual reason: they have no heat. By David Swanson

Fasting for Dubya
January 9, 2003 · Bob Sjogren's goal is to have 1,000 people fasting for Geedubya every single day of the year. "That will greatly encourage him," Sjogren says, "and keep him accountable when the Evil One seeks to sidetrack him from his commitment to the Lord..." By Sheila Samples

Bush Gets a Shot
January 9, 2003 · Wouldn't you know it? Just when Bush was literally giving his publicity a shot in the arm, Trent Lott had to go open his big yap and sum up (rather eloquently, actually) the right-wing agenda of leading the country forward into yesterday. By Kevin Dawson

Plenty of Patriotism, but Little Citizenship
January 8, 2003 · What does it mean to "love America" and have little or no regard for its land and its inhabitants? Citizenship is a forgotten concept. By Diane E. Dees

New Majority Leader Stops to Help Family by the Road; Kills Their Cat
January 8, 2003 · Alligator Alley, Florida — Tennessee Sen. Dr. Bill Frist, who came to the rescue of the GOP when Trent Lott was in trouble, interrupted his holiday break to aid a family by the side of the road, resulting in the death of their cat. By Gil Christner

Lessons Learned?
January 8, 2003 · As the Democratic hopefuls combat to secure the Party's nomination, there are many important things for them to remember. However, the primary concern should be to take back the Presidency and control of the Congress, but not at all costs. By Ronald Gerughty

Another Stupid Idea From The Bush Administration
January 8, 2003 · The idea that taxes should be cut on dividends is a major part of the economic policies of the Republican administration, seeking to once again give a huge tax break to their major donors at the expense of the American economy and the vast majority of its citizens. By Hochizen

Whose Presidency is This, Anyway?
January 7, 2003 · Dubya literally brandishes "The American People" phrase like a patriotic shield, which not only cloaks what he's doing to the American people on virtually every Constitutional front, but gives him license to do it. By Sheila Samples

Mr. Rangel's Modest Proposal
January 7, 2003 · While I think I understand the underlying motive--to establish some equality in defense of the country, especially with regard to the children of national legislators and administrators, and therefore deter the impulse to war--I doubt that simple conscription will ultimately effect that end. By punpirate

The Administration's Miracle Weapon
January 7, 2003 · The lobbyist for the industrial giant Takeheed-Martin had a giant grin on his face, as he placed his model on the Secretary of Defense's desk. "With this device, America can be secure," said the lobbyist, Jack Tarter. "This identity-tagger will keep the bad guys away from our borders." By Bernard Weiner

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