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We Are Not George W. Bush
January 30, 2003
By punpirate

Dubya's state of the union address (no caps necessary) Tuesday night has charted a course of aggression destined to change, for some years to come, life in this United States. First Iraq, then Iran, then North Korea. His speech was a mighty expansion on his 2002 state of the union address, an explication of what he and his insane advisors intend to do to the world while he's in power.

Right now, the mullahs in Saudi Arabia are passing the hat for terrorists. Tomorrow, or the next day, the Iraqis will throw out the inspectors and begin a frantic series of phone calls to Tehran with the persistent message, "are you going to help us? You're next, you know...."

At the next terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Ashcroft will cream his jeans for the first time in several decades. Bush might almost get a hard-on.

Nothing like war to get yer rocks off, especially if you're basically a non-entity who's gained some notoriety in life by being a complete asshole that the cameras caress.

God, what have we become in these few months since the ascension of Bush 43? That's the rub... the people still connect themselves to the stupidity of this bunch of lunatics that we call an administration. There's little else that can be said for them, except that they are, through and through, crazy as a bunch of loons.

Dubya's speech was no less than a road map to endless war. NPR, no less, says that Dubya's speech is interpreted and supported by the applause of Congress. Huh? Get real, folks.

I can't find words to string together to describe the hypocrisy in Dubya's speech this evening. A week ago, I joked in saying that Bush would present a speech more propagandistic than any Hitler presented at the Berlin Sportpalast. Little did I know that Dubya would exceed even my cynical expectations.

Let's put it in the terms Kurt Vonnegut has decried of not only the Bushies, but of the modern age, as well: "they are PP's. Psychopathic personalities." People who make decisions without any thought of consequences, people who are determined to have their way, no matter the consequences.

It's plain now, plain as maggots on old meat. War is inevitable, and it will be done in our name. Wherever we go, from now on, we, no matter what our personal views, will be branded with the American logo, and will be hated for it. When the next attacks on America come, as surely they will, Bush's minions will find new reason to restrict rights, without ever admitting failure to protect the populace.

On other matters, does anyone wonder about the $15 billion to be spent on AIDS? Why the extraordinary increase in funding? Could it be that Bush intends for the taxpayer to support this effort by paying list price for AIDS drugs in order to further the profits of the drug manufacturers, instead of negotiating best bulk pricing of those drugs? Count on it. This is the same administration which has been steadily and surreptitiously killing funding for common-sense family planning and sexually-transmitted disease education by following right-wing dictates favoring abstention and decrying condom use.

George W. Bush and all his people are insane. They will kill hundreds of thousands for oil and control of the Middle East. He and they have no concern for human suffering. They are horrors greater than any horror perpetrated by Saddam Hussein on his people.

If there were a god, he would, on principle, smite Bush, Cheney, Saddam, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Perle and especially Ari, with the greatest thunderbolt imaginable. Alas, there is no god. None whatsoever. There is not even a silver spaceship and a ten-foot robot to extract Dubya from the White House, to whisk him off for an alien high-colonic and then dump him on the Mall lawn with the admonition to go forth and do no evil.

Nope, there's just him in charge, a lumbering drunk in charge of the biggest arsenal in the world's history, the American bull in the china shop of the world.

I want to say, to Europe, to Asia, to South America: Bush is not us. He is not America. He is crazy. He gained office by subterfuge. He is not us. We owe him and his insane policies no allegiance. We hate him and all he stands for. Any belief otherwise based on a Rush Limbaugh broadcast is to be ignored. We will do our best in 2004 to vote this evil bastard out of office. In the meantime, we are stuck with him and his nasty bunch of self-important pricks determined to use our tax dollars to kill others for the sake of American corporations.

There are many here who hate this evil man, as do the rest of you in the world. We'll do our best to rid you of the problems he will create for you, and for us.

There is evil loose in the world, and you're right - it resides in our house - our White House, as it does elsewhere. Osama bin Laden is Bush's equal in derision. Saddam Hussein is to be despised, as well. But, we, ordinary Americans, know that our leader, determined to kill many innocents in the process of disposing of Saddam Hussein and his evil, reduces us all to Hussein's level. We object to being so classified and reject Bush as our leader.

Many of us plead for peace, and our leader does not listen to us, any more than he listens to the rest of the people of the world. One day, we will prevail, but not before a great suffering comes which we do not wish. To the rest of the world, I ask: remember that the good people of the United States will remain after George W. Bush has been banished from our governance. As in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Colombia and elsewhere, we live under the iron grip of insane, but powerful, people. When we recover from this national insanity of ours, we offer our services to the world in furtherance of human rights and peace.

punpirate is a New Mexico writer watching peace and human rights slipping away in this, the home of the brave, the land of the free

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