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Mutually Assured Honesty
January 15, 2003
By Judith Foster

Everyone who votes knows that voting is the cornerstone of our American Democratic way of life. Take away this one right and our Constitution collapses and becomes just another piece of paper we can line our bird cages with. Voter fraud and tampering are a fundamental crime because the result is the destruction of the foundation of our government, our national ideology, and even our daily way of life.

It is a documented fact that the presidential election of 2000 was stolen through fraud, lying, manipulation of information, denial of voting rights to thousands of blacks (through erroneously adding their names to lists of felons) and through the age old tactic of intimidation, including staged riots threatening those who would count the votes. Two years later the insidious "reform" of electronic voting and the sudden refusal to have even exit polls counted basically put all the power of our votes in the hands of the manufacturers of the electronic voting machines.

Knowing all this doesn't matter to those who never vote and who are too apathetic or cynical to realize the importance of this right. But for those Americans who do vote, and who understand the responsibility of doing so, it behooves us to demand voting reform that is real and sweeping. A reform that we need to start working on right now before all the power is taken away from us.

The way to fix this is not nearly as complicated as most Americans are led to believe, and I'll get to that presently. The Bush Mob have systematically perpetrated a slow motion coup of our government. First they had five Supreme Justices stop the vote recount and anoint George W. as the President. Once that was consolidated, Jeb Bush, the new "President's" own brother, led the various states in announcing that he was starting voting "reform" in the by-now-infamous state of Florida.

Two years later almost every state changed its voting methods. Chads are out. Why? Because it was the chads which were recounted that proved that Al Gore won the Presidency. The unspoken lie the current White House wants to fool Americans into believing is that by getting rid of the chads they are eliminating the root problem of the 2000 election. We are to believe the chads themselves were the culprits of all that confusion. But the truth is that by eliminating the chads or any other way of being able to recount the votes, the Bush Mob are assured of having complete control over "counting" the votes in the first place.

Now with modern touch-screen computers we are expected to believe voting has been reformed so no-one can tamper or steal the election again. If we believe that then we've been had yet again. It's actually easier to tamper with electronic votes than it's ever been in the history of voting. Without any backup system the people in power will always be in power. It's a no-brainer. No printouts, no nothing to make sure our votes say what we really meant them to say. Computer programs are written to do exactly what the programmer wants. It's not even difficult to do, and it takes a lot less work and organization than having to trot out an army of lawyers or mobilize thousands of pseudo-rioters, or send intimidators to minority polls, or make telephone calls to misdirect people into voting three days after election day.

I have a two part suggestion on how to stop this fraud, and both include having two independent sources to count the votes, so each vote is counted twice. This is where each side forces the other to stay honest. I call it voters' détente.

The first part has to do with absentee ballots, and might persuade more people to vote in this way. The ballot should have a carbon copy and two addressed envelopes so when the voter has finished voting he has an original and a copy which he sends to two separate places. The resulting count will have to match.

The second part has to do with the touch screen polls. In the 2002 vote, an officer gave us a card which we inserted into the computer and which supposedly recorded our votes. We then gave this card, the only proof of our votes, back to the officer. There were no printouts, nothing to keep for our records or for any voting officials to have in case of a recount. There was nothing to prove how we had voted and therefore we were forced to accept what they told us the count was. My suggestion is that on top of having our votes recorded on a single card that we get two printouts of our votes. One to give to another voting official - from a separate team - and one for our own records. If the two groups come up with numbers that are too far apart our personal copy can be used as part of a recount.

This way of counting votes may take a little longer than it does now, but the ballots will still be secret. And because there can never be enough counting from unrelated sources, exit polls should be reinstated, because even though the networks suffered much embarrassment for supposedly "jumping the gun" it turns out that the network projections were right all along. This is a fact which has been buried in our national ostrich-head-in-the-sand-syndrome over the White House Emperor's legitimacy.

It's time to stop pretending Emperor W. has any legitimacy. This pretense on the nation's part serves to cover up the creeping coup that he's spearheading right before our eyes. If we don't get the voting system truly reformed before our next election it could be too late.

One thing to remember is that there are allegedly as many Democrats who voted as Republicans. The country, the House and the Senate are still allegedly divided closely down the middle, although after all the lying, cheating and conniving of the Compassionate Conservative faction of the Republican party we can have doubts about that too. The machinery to steal the election was already in place and being practiced before November 2000. So knowing what we know now, anyone can have their doubts about the 50/50 division of the Americans. And we still remember vividly how George W refused in his smirking way to concede that Gore had won Florida. It's not only possible, but highly probable that the fix was already in.

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