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2002 Politics Summed Up for Dumbbells
December 20, 2002 · This past year has been such a tumultuous, confusing one. I needed help in trying to make sense of it all. So back I went again to that publishing franchise for easy-to-understand assistance for dumbbells like me. By Bernard Weiner

Conservative Cannibals?
December 20, 2002 · Given the current political climate, who could blame the Democrats for thinking that paying homage to a segregationist's Presidential candidacy wouldn't have legs? The real story here is that the corporate media ran with this story. By Ted Westervelt

The Republican Code-Talkers
December 19, 2002 · If Trent Lott's now almost inevitable departure as Senate Majority Leader is to have any real value to the Republican Party, this must only be the first stage in releasing the present-day Republican Party leadership from the stranglehold of southern white bigots and segregationists. By Lois Erwin

The Resegregation of America
December 18, 2002 · All the pious hue and cry over Trent Lott's obvious racism obscures the fact that widespread belief in the useful fictions of civil rights and upward mobility facilitates the maintenance of a two-tiered society. By Boyce Brown

The Resegregation of America
December 18, 2002 · All the pious hue and cry over Trent Lott's obvious racism obscures the fact that widespread belief in the useful fictions of civil rights and upward mobility facilitates the maintenance of a two-tiered society. By Boyce Brown

Perhaps Gore Made the Right Decision, After All
December 18, 2002 · I was looking forward to another battle in 2004, when Gore would show Bush who really won last time. But after Gore backed down again this week, I’m thinking maybe he did make the right decision. By Jackson Thoreau

Newspeak Lives
December 18, 2002 · Liberals who are wondering just what hit them in the past twenty years, will find much of the answer in George Orwell's 1984. That classic describes the tactics that debased the once-honorific word, "liberalism," and that misapplied the word "conservative." By Ernest Partridge

Lott's Racism Exposes our Own
December 17, 2002 · In the New York Times, Adam Clymer pointed out that Senator Lott's remarks at Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party were at first treated by the press with "amnesiac calm." This is true, and points to one of the most distressing things about the whole distressing mess. By Jerome Doolittle

What the Media Missed in Lott's Apology
December 17, 2002 · Lott is lying when he says he cannot support discrimination or unfairness for anybody. He has consistently cast votes that fail to protect women on the job, at home, and in their communities. Likewise, he has just as consistently voted to deny protection to gay men and women. By Diane E. Dees

Shifting Taxes from Rich to Poor
December 17, 2002 · Bush the Younger is an enabler of addicts to wealth. Corporations and the top couple of percent of American families are cheering, but the rest of us should be worrying about what the next two years will bring, in economic terms alone. By punpirate

The Heart and Soul of the Republican Party
December 14, 2002 · Try as they might to deny it, the heart and soul of the Republican Party lies in the belief that there a few chosen ones to whom this country has been entrusted, and its up to them to set the standards for morality, economics and foreign policy. The Trent Lott affair shows once again that they practice and believe in exclusion. By Ed Hanratty

Speak Now or Forever Behold the Pieces
December 14, 2002 · Last week saw the release of study findings from a Pew survey on international opinion regarding the U.S. and its policies. One of the most extensive and comprehensive polls ever undertaken, conducted in many countries, it revealed dramatic decline in our nation's standing in global eyes. By Dennis Rahkonen

The Cayman Islands Surrender: Progress on the real war on terrorism? Of course not!
December 14, 2002 · The Bushies ignore this part of the “war” on terrorism: money laundering is more fun to get away with than to explain. The US corporatist “press” also ignores this angle: it’s not flashy and hot, it’s boring and ice cold. Just try making a snazzy news graphic out of a bank disclosure statement. By Susan Sigandres

It's All in the Image
December 13, 2002 · The Democratic Party has effectively alienated and diminished its base. By failing to oppose Bush's policies that they knew were wrong and would harm their constituents, they failed to acknowledge the needs and desires of those within the base, they created a no-win strategy. By Ronald Gerughty

Arming Iraq: How George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan helped Iraq Develop their Weapons of Mass Destruction
December 13, 2002 · The biggest irony aside from the fact that these men who avoided military service are so eager to spill blood is that Dubya would not be going to war in order to destroy Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction if his father had not enthusiastically sold them to Hussein in the first place. By Christian Dewar

A Lott To Be Ashamed Of
December 12, 2002 · Will the news media and most Democrats will now politely drop this little matter, as if it had never happened? If a Democrat had made this gaffe, of course, we'd never hear the end of it. By Barbara O'Brien

"Shallow Throat": Bush&Co. Arrogance Will Lead to Their Undoing
December 12, 2002 · The latest news from "Shallow Throat," the highly-placed GOP mole within the Bush Administration.

Plain Spoken and Folksy? Bushit!
December 11, 2002 · Bush has the support of legions of poorly educated, beer-swilling, shotgun-toting, pickup-driving good ole' boys who have been duped, through the magic of sophisticated and expensive marketing, into believing he's one of them. By Patrick Ennis

Bush Vows War Over Iraqi Pets
December 11, 2002 · WASHINGTON, DC. FEBRUARY 16, 2003 - The long-awaited invasion of Iraq moved closer today with the revelation that Saddam is holding hostage thousands of household pets belonging to the Evil One's top weapons experts. The experts themselves, along with their extended families and especially close friends, defected early this month to the United States, where they entered the witness protection program. By Jerome Doolittle

Help Wanted: U.S. Government Looking For Qualified Applicants
December 10, 2002 · The current administration is looking for qualified applicants to fill positions in its new agencies, departments, task forces, offices, appointments, organizations and bureaus spawned from the war on terror. By Carol Norris

Taking Stock
December 10, 2002 · The political program of George Bush and the GOP is immoral, factually false, and contrary to our shared political traditions. If the public were made aware of this, the House of Bush would collapse. The problem is getting this message past the filter of lies, distortions and distractions of the mainstream media. By Ernest Partridge

Amid Smallpox Outbreaks, Bush Calls for Calm, Shopping
December 7, 2002 · Referring to the smallpox epidemic as "a cowardly attack on America by those who hate our freedoms," the president spent relatively little time discussing countermeasures and quarantines. Instead, in a bid to shore up consumer confidence and slumping financial markets, he urged uninfected Americans to shop, spend and invest. By David Albrecht

Bidding Farewell to Senator Thurmond
December 7, 2002 · Senator Strom Thurmond, the oldest sitting and longest serving Member of the U.S. Senate, turned 100 years old this week. And while many in Washington and his home state of South Carolina have celebrated his milestone birthday, the rest of us are celebrating his departure. By Rodney Jay C. Salinas

Bush copies Nixon model of an Imperial Presidency
December 7, 2002 · His chief advisors, mostly failed old-dogs from bygone GOP Administrations, are still trying these subtle variations of the same time-tested, cynical ploys. The sheer magnitude of this is mind boggling. By Bob Connors

10 Hopeful Cracks in the Bush Facade
December 6, 2002 · Rather than dwell on the glass half-empty scenario, let's search for any hopeful signs that point to a way out of our current morass. In this glass-half-full approach, consider these... By Bernard Weiner

Saddams UnderWar
December 6, 2002 · The UN effort to disarm Saddam Hussein hit another snag today when UN weapons inspectors failed to find any weapons of mass destruction in Mr. Hussein’s underwear drawer. By Mike McArdle

Osama to Head 9/11 Terror Probe
December 5, 2002 · President Bush today named Osama Bin Laden, a polarizing figure who is viewed with suspicion by some in the West but enjoys great credibility in the Arab street, to lead an independent investigation into the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. By Jerome Doolittle

GATS! Are We Stupid, or What?
December 5, 2002 · GATS proposes to force governments around the world to privatize basic services any time a corporation wishes to horn in on those services formerly operated by national and provincial governments. Water, health care, education, electricity and other energy services - all are up for grabs with the latest GATS treaty, as administered by the World Trade Organization. By punpirate

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Henry Kissinger
December 4, 2002 · Just when you thought George W. Bush couldn't get more outrageous, he appoints Henry Kissinger to head the "independent" September 11 investigation. I knew he was not dead or in jail. But to this American, having him back in government is like finding maggots in a sandwich. By Barbara O'Brien

Christofascism and the Sanctity of the "Preborn"
December 4, 2002 · Why are fetuses and embryos more important than non-born again humans outside the womb? Or, what is it that makes the "pre-born" sacred and the "post-born" unworthy of unconditional Christ-like love and caring? By Bob Nichols

A Cause for Alarm?
December 4, 2002 ·
Most of those who have been keeping watch on the developments taking place in our society having been asking "Where is the outrage?" And, I might add, the question is a good one, especially when one takes a look at some of the things this Administration has been doing. By Dennis Kaiser

The Rash Judgement Show
December 3, 2002 · Hi, this is Rash Chadwick and this is the Rash Judgment Program on Powertalker 940 AM! I'm righter than Rush and we do battle every day with the liberals, the media, and those people who run your children's school and are trying to turn them into atheist homosexuals. By Mike McArdle

The "Moron" Incident and the Growing Rift in Canada-U.S. Relations
December 3, 2002 · As long as the Bush administration insists on exporting its ultra-conservative world view, it is not likely that Messrs. Chretien and Bush will be hitting it off in the near future. By John D. Briner

Confusion, Corruption and Chaos
December 3, 2002 · Historians characterize Franklin D. Roosevelt's first eight years of his presidency as divided into three parts: Relief, Recovery and Reform. Contemporary historians will divide George W. Bush's first two years in the Oval Office also into three parts — Confusion, Corruption and Chaos. By Bob Volpitto

New World Odor
December 3, 2002 · I cannot trust the current administration to safeguard our Constitution and am witnessing the savaging of our Bill of Rights. I can only ask that you, my fellow citizens, take heed and bear witness, to speak out through all of our differences and help stop the madness. By Bridget Gibson

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