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A Cause for Alarm?
December 4, 2002
By Dennis Kaiser

Most of those who have been keeping watch on the developments taking place in our society having been asking "Where is the outrage?" And, I might add, the question is a good one, especially when one takes a look at some of the things this Administration has been doing.

For example, there was once the day when those in the White House were held to holding a level of accountability, after all, they are merely representing the people. Aren't they? Or, a better question might be, "Weren't they?"

As recently as the immediate past Administration, for example, as much as $70,000,000 was spent on investigating the supposed mid-deeds of the occupant of the White House in an attempt at exposing the inhabitant of being unaccountable in whatever actions he/she took in the past, and present.

Presently, however, it is apparent that such accountability is not as important, for some unexplained reason. Much has been taking place that indicates investigations should be taking place in order that our Democracy be preserved, yet the media remains silent. Thus, a majority of people are quite unaware of the decimation of the U.S. Constitution and the dismantling of rights once enjoyed, and guaranteed the citizenry through the Bill of Rights, but that is a topic for another article. This one shall deal with the lack of accountability afforded this Administration.

For example, where is the accountability in appointments that have been made, and are being made, by this Administration? In fact, in most cases there has been little or no mention of these in any of the major media sources. A rather incomplete, but noteworthy list, of those appointments are listed below:

- Appointed John Negroponte, an un-indicted high-level Iran/Contra figure, to the post of United Nations Ambassador.

- Appointed Otto Reich, an un-indicted high-level Iran/Contra figure, to Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs.

- Appointed John Poindexter, who escaped jail on a technicality for lying to Congress in connection with illegally arming CIA terrorists in the Iran-Gate acts of terror, appointed to head up the development of a system called "Total Information Awareness!" This scheme is intended to keep track of everyone's everyday transactions - credit card, telephone, internet, electronic too booths, etc.

- Nominated David Lauriski, an ex-mining company executive, to post of Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health.

- Will no longer seek guidance from The American Bar Association in recommendations for the federal judiciary appointments.

- Appointed recycling foe Lynn Scarlett as Undersecretary of the Interior.

- Appointed Diana Roth to the Council of Economic Advisers, who does not believe there is a pay gender gap.

- Appointed Kay Cole James, an opponent of affirmative action, to direct the Office of Personnel Management.

- Appointed John Bolton, who opposes nonproliferation treaties and the UN, to Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.

- Nominated Linda Fisher, an executive with Monsanto, for the number two job at the Environmental Protection Agency.

- Nominated Michael McConnell, leading critic of the separation of church and state, to a federal judgeship.

- Nominated Terrence Boyle, an ardent opponent of civil rights, to a federal judgeship.

- Nominated Harvey Pitt, a lawyer for a teen sex video distributor, to head the SEC. This has already proved to be a disaster - or was it?

- Nominated John Walters, a strong opponent of prison drug treatment programs, to be Drug Tsar.

- Nominated J. Steven Giles, an oil and coal lobbyist, for Deputy Secretary of the Interior.

- Nominated Bennett Raley, who advocates repealing the Endangered Species Act, for Assistant Secretary for Water and Science.

- Nominated Ted Olson, who has repeatedly lied about his involvement with the Scaife-funded "Arkansas Project" to bring down Bill Clinton, for Solicitor General.

- Forced out Forest Service chief, Mike Dombeck, and appointed a timber industry lobbyist.

- Fails to clearly define "war on terrorism," abandoning campaign promises to always have an exit strategy and not get the military involved in nation building.

- Bush and Cheney both contact Daschle requesting a limited and secretive investigation of 9/11. Appoints Henry Kissinger to head up the investigation. Henry Kissinger is unable to travel freely throughout the World for fear of being imprisoned for war crimes, has knowingly distorted and withheld information, has directed destructive acts against governments and peoples of other countries (who knows what he ordered against our own?), and has lied to our own government on many occasions.

- Cheney refuses to comply with requests to turn over documents on energy policy to Congress. He was just ordered to turn over these documents as he lost his appeal to the courts. Don't hold your breath until they are, in fact turned over. Also, want to bet on how much you be informed of this by the media?

- Bush signs executive order against the release of previous administrations' documents.

- Proposed use of nuclear weapons in war.

- Proposed "strike first" policy for conducting "war on terrorism" without Congressional approval.

- Restricts civil liberties by passage of the Patriot Act. Ramrods this through Congress much on the order of the way Hitler pushed through the Enabling Act.

- Allows Ashcroft to expand FBI power to investigate American citizens.

- Waits eight months to acknowledge a warning received about 9/11 attacks.

- Restricts media coverage of "war on terrorism."

- Restricts administration criticism by labeling questioners as unpatriotic or traitors.

- Admits that terrorist attack warnings are sometimes used to reduce political criticism.

- Rammed through the Homeland Security Bill which gives anything but security to the citizens of the United States.

This list, while far from being complete, represents a very clear picture of what the Bush administration and Republican agenda is all about. It is about helping the oil industry, large conglomerates, and the wealthy. It is about a never-ending war against terrorism. It is about showing contempt for the American citizens. It is about developing a dictatorship, in much the same manner as that used by Adolf Hitler, through propaganda and fear.

I certainly support ending terrorism, but I believe terrorism is simply being used by this Administration in much the same manner as Hitler used it to gain control and maintain a hold on the people of Germany. He was able to accomplish what he did through keeping the people fearful with the assistance of propaganda. He actually made it possible for people to posses radios that were limited as to what stations they could receive. The truth about terrorism is that it will be around forever, much like the war on drugs.

The secretive Bush administration has accomplished the great feat of avoiding accountability, which leads one to question their motives. It is entirely possible that their motives truly are genuine efforts to stop terrorism before American citizens suffer further attacks. However, it is also entirely possible that there are political and financial motivations behind some of their actions. The difficulty in uncovering the truth is compounded by their obsession with secrecy and the assistance of the mainstream media in making this appear as all quite natural. In fact, the mainstream media lashes out at anyone who dares question the motives of this Administration. Lest we not forget Cynthia McKinney, Paul Wellstone, Tom Daschle, even Barbara Streisand, Martha Stewart, and of course Bill and Hillary Clinton, to just name a few who have dared to have different views than that of the Conservative agenda.

And this degrading of persons is not limited to Americans. Remember the Canadian ex-aide who in a conversation simply referred to Bush as a "moron." The individual was so ridiculed and tormented that resignation was the only way out. For simply calling Bush a moron! Now, it is true he is not. However, on the scale of intelligence he is far closer to that of "moron" than he is of "genius". The main point is that it shows the protectionism given to Bush by the media, and the power the media has over society. In fact, after this episode the media went out of its way to try to picture Bush as being "crafty".

The question remaining to be answered is what long-term effects the Bush administration actions will have on America. There is little doubt that they are not having a positive effect, since they are clouded in secrecy and they are widening the divide between the haves and the have-nots.

Bush continues to have rather high approval ratings, as reported by the media. Is this an indictment of the American people's lack of political knowledge and their blind support of the fight against terrorism? Or is this another example of being controlled by the mainstream media? Polls appear to be a graphic "yardstick" of the networks to gain peoples' acceptance for what they want them to accept, yet how many people actually even know someone who has been asked to participate in a survey? Or does it show how instilling fear into the people is being successful, much as it was for the Nazis in Germany?

It is rather funny how two main things have "hit a vein" with this Administration; a comparison of Bush to Hitler, and a reference to Bush as being a "moron." My experience has been that people tend to let criticism roll off their back, unless they feel that criticism hits close to home. Now, why would those two things threaten the Bushies?

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