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December 3, 2002
By Mike McArdle

Hi, this is Rash Chadwick and this is the Rash Judgment Program on Powertalker 940 AM! I'm righter than Rush and we do battle every day with the liberals, the media, and those people who run your children's school and are trying to turn them into atheist homosexuals.

We've got a lot to talk about today but first and foremost is America's War on Terror. Who's helping and who should just get the hell out of the way ?

It is becoming more and more obvious that there are significant groups of Americans who are simply not doing their part to help win the War on Terror. In fact we might even say that some of them are helping the enemy!

Who am I talking about? Well to start with let's take a look at our federal employees.

Hundreds of thousands of Federal workers got an early Christmas present from the Bush administration last week. They were approved for a 3.1 % pay raise. The raise , of course, is going to be a bit smaller than they were anticipating. The reason, as if any explanation was required and as our President explained in his letter to Congress, (and I'm quoting) is that we have an ongoing "national emergency" and "such cost increases would threaten our efforts against terrorism". The scheduled increase would have too expensive and as a result "inappropriate" when we're engaged in the current struggle against terror.

Now this seems perfectly reasonable to me but would you believe it these workers are unhappy about the raise and they're already complaining. The President of the Government Employees Union, a Mr. Harnage, is calling this a "slap at federal employees." Well, maybe they need to be slapped, Mr. Harnage.

I think it's pretty damn obvious that we would have caught Bin Laden and Mullah Omar and gotten rid of Al Qaeda if we just hadn't had to hand out all those exorbitant paychecks every two weeks. How can you possibly run a decent war against the evildoers if you have to keep paying all those greedy employees? Christmas is coming up and I suppose the damn ingrates will be wanting that whole day off.

Well, when the Sears Tower comes down I'll bet they'll be damn pleased with themselves. Instead of doing their part for America they've chosen to think only of their paychecks. How about asking your people to donate their services a couple of weeks a year, Mr. Harnage. Half of them don't do any work anyway, but I guess you'd rather give aid and comfort to Osama.

But federal workers are hardly the only group of people to hamper the administrations effort to defeat terror. How about all those freeloaders on Medicare? The Bush Administration has had no choice but to impose very necessary cuts on Medicare payments because the elderly have simply unpatriotically refused to stop getting sick. We've got evildoers running all over Africa and Indonesia and they're blowing up nightclubs and resort hotels and they're even shooting missiles at airplanes and nothing can be done about it because we've got to foot the bill for Granny's X-rays.

And now the same group of old it's-all-about-me geezers is looking for the prescription drug coverage that they were promised in the 2000 campaign. Well, Granny, when you get some turban-headed shoe bomber sitting next to you on the bus I'll bet you're going be singing a different tune. Get with the program, Grandma, or just get out of the way if you know what I mean.

And you war veterans, don't even get me started on you guys. Hey, look, you did a good job once but now you're just a drag on the system. I mean last year the Bush administration had to stop informing the veterans that services were available because the old guys kept bellying up to the trough. Running up that French beach into those German bullets was a pretty patriotic thing in its time but what exactly have these people done for us lately? Normandy, Guadalcanal? That stuff is just so over if you ask me.

And now they still want to fill up the Veterans Hospitals and get their wounds and amputations and traumas taken care of. And all the while we've got an Axis of Evil to fight. Fortunately, now the adults are in charge and are telling them to take their silly problems elsewhere. You had your day, vets, but now you're either with us or you're with the evildoers. Greatest Generation. Yeah, right.

And as bad as they are the Vietnam guys are even worse. Half of them live in refrigerator boxes and let's face it they didn't even win their war and they have the nerve to have their hands out. In the words of our great Vice President, Dick Cheneym - fellas, it's time to get some other priorities.

I'll be back on the other side of the break to take your calls.

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